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  1.   1.  Available Adoptables
  2.   2.  History
    1.   2.1  Influence and Influences
  3.   3.  Family Members
    1.   3.1  First Generation
    2.   3.2  Second Generation
    3.   3.3  Third Generation
    4.   3.4  Fourth Generation
  4.   4.  Other De Gamas
    1.   4.1  Ancestors
    2.   4.2  Non-Blood "Family"
  5.   5.  Defining Features
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  7.   7.  Other Trivia!

Family Statistics



Largely wolf dog hybrids


Eastern Timber Wolf
Scottish Deerhound
King Shepherd
Shikoku (dog)
California Valley Coyote


Germany, Japan


Portugal, "fallow deer doe"


Statistics updated oct 2013.









First Member


Diedrich De Gama




~ 2010

First Birth




01 Dec 2011



Family Tree

1.  Available Adoptables


2.  History

Some history about the family goes here!

2.1  Influence and Influences

  • Orochi: These Families are linked by the birth of Orochi Kenshin. It was again, another accidental birth that happened while Orochi Kanshinjou Kenji got slightly too comfortable with Mushi Tomoe; Diedrich and Raiden's mate in the small samurai clan that the De Gamas reign over.

3.  Family Members

3.1  First Generation

  • Irenixa Melanthus x Ryuzaki Van De Gama(Yahzu)
    • Rafaello De Gama
  • Irenixa Melanthus x Ryuzaki Van De Gama(Yahzu)
  • Sundassasda Blysmus x Ryuzaki Van De Gama(Yahzu)
    • Fai "Schrei" de Gama
  • Sundassasda Blysmus x Ryuzaki Van De Gama(Yahzu)
    • Automatisch de Gama
    • Allein De Gama

3.2  Second Generation

3.3  Third Generation

3.4  Fourth Generation

4.  Other De Gamas

4.1  Ancestors

The mixture of the De Gama and Yahzu clan involves a young pup by the name of Ryuzaki van Yahzu and an Alpha by the name of Vasco de Gama. Vasco ended up finding Ryuzaki and taking the young, half-blind pup and raised the child as his own. Ryuzaki was a proclaimed prince of his pack and often was reminded of this as he grew up. When Ryuzaki was older his home was destroyed by an avalanche and he was barely lucky to make it out alive. He ran away from that place. Ryuzaki ends up in Japan at some point and he spends two or three years there. He bares Diedrich, Raiden, Mara, Rafaello, and Fai while in Japan. He leaves there and goes back home to Germany, where his adopted family lived. He brings his sons with him while he leaves Mara behind in Japan. In Germany, years later, Diedrich kills Ryuzaki and claims his rightful place as the head of the De Gama-Yahzu family.

4.2  Non-Blood "Family"


  • Characters was given the surname for honorary purposes.


  • Ryuzaki De Gama was adopted by Vasco De Gama, which is how the Yahzu clan mixed with the De Gama clan.

5.  Defining Features

Most typical of the mostly King Shepherd family would be the noticeable slope that their Lupus and Secui forms clearly show while their Optime form shows it only when they are on all fours. They have long, full fur, and some of them are known to have wavy or curly hair. Their ears are almost always pricked high up on their heads, and sometimes they have curly tails. They commonly have long, fluffy tails. The males tend to have goatees.

5.1  Physical Features

The Yahzu-De Gamas tend to be very heavyset, with the few rarities that are slimmer in their bulk. There are no short or small Yahzu-De Gamas seeing as they are either killed at a young age, or they are born dead. Some of them have an arch in their muzzles, because of the Scottish Deerhound blood that influences this. The thinner, and leaner of the Yahzu-De Gamas are also known to have the Scottish Deerhound blood in them. Many of the Yahzu-De Gamas look like full king shepherds/German Shepherd dogs, while almost none take on the subtle influence of Shikoku (dog), andCalifornia Valley Coyote.


True de Gamas do not have the same eyes as this small branch of Yahzu-de Gamas have. The Yahzu-de Gamas' are known to have eyes that are often devoid of color, or split between two or more colors. They almost never have solid color eyes. Common colors of the Yahzu-de Gamas would be Silver(#c7c7c7), Cinnabar(#e63929), Malachite(#04b825), Bitter Lemon(#c8db0d) and Golden bell(#e08316).

  • Recessive genes regarding eyes would be eyes with one solid pigment, uveitis, albinism.


The true De Gamas are nothing like the fake, Yahzu-de Gamas. Part of how you can tell the difference is the thickness of the fur between the true De Gamas and the Yahzu ones. Yahzu-de Gamas have thick, sleek, or unruly fur while true De Gamas have shorter fur that is often bright shades of Apache(#deb46a), Pirate Gold(#c18d05), and Old Gold(#d3a03f). The Fake, Yahzu-De Gamas are often the darker shades of Cod Gray(#272120), Woodsmoke(#0e0e0f), Eternity(#27190f), and Tundora(#4c4b4b) or the lighter shades of Satin Linen(#e6e4d9), and Aluminium(#A9ACB6).

  • Recessive genes in this family regarding pelt would be short wiry pelts, thin tails, semi-erect/floppy ears, short stature, curly tail, albinism.

6.  Important Symbols


Here is where J will put the reason that the De Gamas like money.


Here's another spot where J will mention the importance of the de gamas and mushrooms


Here's another spot where J will mention the importance of the De Gamas and bandages


Here's another spot where J will mention the importance of the De Gamas and Headbands!

7.  Other Trivia!

  • Does your family come from a certain place in the world?
  • Maybe they have a specific religion?
  • Maybe there's a certain way all members of the family are raised?
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