Savoy Family

The Savoy Family

Family Sigil


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  • Species: Hybrid (Dog, Wolf)
  • Family Origin:
  • Surname: Savoy, kingdom in France
  • Archetype (Group): Outlaws, traders, explorers
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Pirates, loyalists, dreamers, tricksters
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  1.   1.  Family Members
    1.   1.1  Ancestral Roots
    2.   1.2  Recent Generations
  2.   2.  Divergent Bloodlines
  3.   3.  Physical Attributes
    1.   3.1  Eyes
    2.   3.2  Fur
  4.   4.  Mental Attributes
  5.   5.  Influences
    1.   5.1  Families
    2.   5.2  Groups

The Savoy family is a small one whose existence was largely unknown until 2014 when Mara Savoy began to explore Nova Scotia, eventually settling down (insofar as a member of the Savoy family can settle down) within Cour des Miracles. She eventually rose to the rank of Baroness, and embarked on an affair with the pack’s king, Silvano Sadira, leading to a pair of children between the two.

Much of the so-called 'family business' takes place off-board in locations such as Barbados, Caracas, and Tortuga, but spans into Lisbon and Rome. Though they largely refer to themselves as traders or merchants, much of their trade goods have been procured violently or dishonestly via piracy, bribery, or murder.

The family has in their possession two ships: The Artigo, an oft-repaired sailing vessel and The Golden Hind, which was moderately damaged during a winter storm in 2018 and following significant repairs in Portland, disappeared without a trace.

1.  Family Members

Naming Conventions
  • The Savoy family does not follow the usual patrilineal surname conventions; typically, girls inherit their mother's family name and boys inherit their father's family name.
    • This can of course be changed later if the child (or player) chooses to do so.

1.1  Ancestral Roots

First Generation
  • Grímnir Savoy and Jacqueline Saighere — 1 November 2012

1.2  Recent Generations

Second Generation
Third Generation
Fourth Generation
  • Helah Savoy and First Last — 0 Month 0000

2.  Divergent Bloodlines

Mara's Bloodline
  • Wanderers through-and-through, there isn't a continent they haven't at some point visited. Due to this, Mara and her descendants tend to be more open-minded and inclusive.
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Emmeline's Bloodline
  • With her father and sister off gallivanting around the world, it was Emmeline who remained behind; in addition to a certain amount of bitterness, Emmeline and those of her blood tend to be more xenophobic and suspicious of outsiders.
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3.  Physical Attributes

3.1  Eyes

Conforming Color Variations
  • Viking (#1E90FF) is the predominant eye color within the Savoy family.
    • Variants of grey, such as Cotton Seed (#bfbab5) and Cloudy (#b2b1af) were introduced by Jacqueline Saighere.
    • Shades of gold, like Supernova (#ffc90a) were brought into the bloodline via Mara Savoy's children with Agrippa de le Poer and Sandrine's children with Ander.











3.2  Fur

Conforming Color Variations
  • Members of the Savoy family tend to be very richly and warmly colored, with colors ranging to soft beige tones to bright reds and rich browns.
    • Many members — though certainly not all — feature face masks and saddle markings to varying degrees.
    • Banding and/or brindle markings are possible in a specific line: Persis, Sumaria, and Rahab carry this gene.











4.  Mental Attributes

Mental Illness
Faith and Religion
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5.  Influences

5.1  Families

  • Amaranthe:
    • While children born of a relationship and/or union between a Savoy and Amaranthe has yet to occur, a longstanding positive relationship exists between the two, most notably the friendship between Mara Savoy and Semini Amaranthe, and later their daughters, Rahab de le Poer and Tiamat Amaranthe.
  • de le Poer:
  • Sadira:
    • Silvano Sadira and Mara Savoy had two children together, born of an extramarital affair during a period of time where Mara effectively served as his spymaster; the discovery of her pregnancy led to her abandonment of the pack, as she desired to avoid publicly humiliating him and his existing family.
  • Tanaka?:
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5.2  Groups

Loner Groups
  • The Troupe: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.