The de la Croix Family

The de la Croix Family



Statistics & Foundation

Family Tree


  • Species: Dog-dominant hybrid (Dog, wolf, coyote)
  • Family Origin: Somewhere
  • Surname: French, "of the cross" (a cross symbol or crossroads)
  • Archetype (Group): something, something
  • Archetypes (Individuals): something, something

The de la Croix are a medium-sized family of predominantly dog mixes, with some wolf and coyote heritage as well, especially in more recent generations. They are mainly located in Portland, where they have lived since very soon after the outbreak of the Luperci virus. They are distantly related to the Delacoix family, and a longstanding feud between them makes for often unfriendly interactions.

Family Members

First Generation

  • Bluet x Father de la Croix — 17 July 2014
    • Orchid de la Croix, Dewberry de la Croix
  • Sage x Absolon de la Croix — 26 August 2014
  • Adelina de la Croix x Heath — 13 December 2014

Second Generation

Other de la Croixes

  • Trumpet Creeper de la Croix: No one is sure if he's actually a de la Croix because he's really old, but he claims he is and no one is brave enough to tell him otherwise.

Defining Features

Physical Characteristics

Because of the varying canine heritage, landrace appearances are common. However, other colors and patterns are not unheard of. Siblings may look similar to or completely different from each other due to how many different dog breeds have gone into them.

Overall, they tend to be dog dominant, but wolves and coyotes are common as well. There are not many jackal relatives due to geography.


There are no specific eye colors that are more common than others.


Reds, tans, and creams are the dominant colors, but browns, greys, and other colors can be seen, too, especially in those who have wolf or coyote heritage. Fur texture and length vary a lot from canine to canine, as do coat patterns.


The de la Croix family arrived in Portland very soon after the virus struck and mixed with the dogs that were already there, so most family members are now also descended from the dogs who originally lived with humans there. They are distantly related to the Delaxroixes. A long standing feud between the families creates animonsity between them, even though the de la Croixes of Portland can no longer remember what the feud was about now, although there are many stories that may have hints of the truth in them. How seriously this is taken varies by family member, ranging from "I hate 'em all!" to "This is dumb. We don't even remember what happened anymore."

Before the Freetown residents arrived, the de la Croix family was fairly prominent in Portland, with some small nuclear family groups leaving to find other places to live. They worked their way up in society through trade and time, re-building various structures and gaining land for livestock. Trade relationships allowed them to give canines goods for work, rather than doing all of it themselves.

The influx of Freetown canines generally upset the de la Croix family and they as a whole felt that they needed expand their trading businesses and other skills to bolster their family's status and security.

Influence and Influences


  • Delacroix: the de la Croix family of Portland have a long-standing feud with this distant branch of the family, and many react negatively if they come across a Delacroix while traveling.


  • Krokar: after the Red Star fell, Tybalt Cormier of Krokar stayed with the de la Croix family while his burns were healed by Salome de la Croix. During his stay with her, he met some other family members and discussed some possible future trade agreements.

Culture and Skills


The overall culture in the de la Croix family is that status is gained by being able to pay (through supplies) other canines to do the harder work for them. This includes making repairs to houses and small boats, and caring for livestock. Some family members do these tasks as well, but they are looked down upon. Those with large homes in good condition are seen in a better light, especially if they did not make the repairs themselves.

There are no overall spiritual beliefs for the family, although individuals can be influenced by the religions of other canines. Some practice voodoo, others follow more Christian beliefs, and some have no beliefs at all, and generally religion is secondary to other interests. They also hold celebrations throughout the year in conjunction with the rest of the Portland canines.


Skills vary by individual nuclear family, and there is no real 'niche' skill that everyone has. Some options include:

  • Sailing
  • Trading
  • Farming
  • Livestock handling
  • Weaponsmithing
  • Tailoring
  • Medicine
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