Allers de la Croix

Allers de la Croix




Allers was born in Portland, and from an early age, he liked talking to everyone around him. He especially liked hearing about their travels, and so when he was old enough, he began traveling, too, with one of his aunts. During his travels, he met Grail, who later became his mate. They had a litter of puppies, who seemed to enjoy the travel as well. After a while, they decided it was time to settle and made a home in Portland.

Always friendly, Allers can talk about anyone and seemingly anything. It serves him well building rapport as a trader. He's often relaxed and easily amused, which is good since his mate likes to play jokes on him.

A dog through and through, Allers gets his larger stature from his Akita and Malamute genetics, including a brindle pattern. There is no expression of Toller in him, except that he especially likes to scare up birds.

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