Warren de la Croix

Warren de la Croix




Art by Rat

Warren was born in Portland, where he grew up, learning to care for horses once he was old enough. He eventually met his mate, Corinth ?. Their first litter only had one surviving puppy, Tessa de la Croix. Conditions were better during Corinth's second pregnancy, and there were five surviving puppies. They were overwhelmed at first, but thanks to help from their family, the pups all grew up strong. He taught them as much about taking care of horses as they wanted to learn.

Eventually Tessa wanted to leave Portland, and so Warren went on a trip with her, where they stopped at several packs before ending up in Cour des Miracles. When it was time to leave, Tessa refused to come back home, and Warren ended up leaving her there to join the pack while he returned to Portland.

Warren is a very responsible canine. He cares deeply about his mate and his offspring, even if their eldest daughter tests his seemingly endless patience. Warren looks mostly like his Toller heritage, although he gets some extra bulk and height from the malamute.

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