The Kartal Family

The Kartal Family



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  • Status: Active, Small
  • Statistics: 10 total (3 dead; 3 active)
  • 'Souls: CdA, SP, CdC
  • Worldwide: Beirut
  • First Member: Levent Kartal, LN, ~2012
  • First Birth: CdA, 3 August 2012
  • Languages: Turkish, English, Arabic, Greek

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The Kartal family originated in Eurasia -- most notably Istanbul, Turkey. It spread to other parts of Eurasia, with its founding member Levent Kartal fathering children in Greece, before he came overseas. The Kartal family returned to its roots with Levent's return to Eurasia, with the family growing in Beirut.

1.  Members

The parent that contributes the Kartal genes is bolded.

1.1  First Generation

1.2  Second Generation

2.  Influence and Influences


  • Kido: Levent fathered a litter with Hotaru, but the puppies did not survive; this connection is lost.


3.  Characteristics


  • The make-up of most Kartals consists heavily of Eurasian wolf heritage. Levent was half Common Gray Wolf and half Iranian Wolf, so these species carry on through the bloodline. Small, lean individuals with desert traits gain these features from the Iranian blood, while bulkier wolves with thick fur and a square facial structure resemble the Common Gray wolf.
  • Levent's children by Agape and Aleida have a significant amount of Dog blood: specifically, hardy spitz and other landrace breeds that lead to individuals with wolfish-husky traits and more variety in coloration.
  • Daniyah bint Khairan's litter introduced more desert blood: Arabian Wolf in addition to Iranian. Jackal genes (specifically Syrian and Palestine Golden Jackal) are also present in this line.


  • Browns are the most common coloration, from rich browns to reddish-browns or very dark browns as to be near-black. It is unlikely for a Kartal to have a significant amount of grey on them.
    • Wolfdog Kartals are likely to have more variation in color -- the Greek Kartals have significant amounts of white due to husky-type blood, while Benjamin is yellow-tan.
  • The most common eye color is light blue or blue-grey, but other possible colors include dark blue, brown, and amber.
  • Muzzle ticks (as sometimes seen on foxes) are common markings, seen most distinctly in Levent and Benjamin. Dark saddles are also common markings.
    • The Beiruti Kartals, thanks to their jackal blood, have lighter overlying markings on their saddles or sides.
  • The gene for albinism seems to be present in Kartal blood, as Levent fathered an albino daughter.

Coat Variation

Eye Variation


  • Polyglotism: Bilingualism is a trait found (to some degree) in every Kartal; they usually speak at least English in addition to their mother tongue. Many Kartals have a talent for picking up new languages.
    • This was a distinct trait of Levent Kartal, who is fluent in a few languages (Turkish, English, Arabic) and has some proficiency in several others.
    • Atalanta and Achilles speak Greek and English; Atalanta additionally has knowledge of Arabic, Mediterranean trader pidgins, and a little French.
    • The Beiruti siblings all speak Arabic and Turkish with at least some degree of English knowledge. They might have some knowledge of other languages as well (e.g., Naila is likely semi-fluent in various traders' pidgins, as a trader).
    • Benjamin's language ability rivals Levent; he is fluent in Dutch in addition to his family's languages, with a smattering of knowledge in other Eurasian tongues, and has a great talent for picking up others.
    • Additionally, several Kartals are proficient in one or more Low Speech dialects -- most notably, Levent is fluent in feline.
  • Others:
    • Religions based upon the Abrahamic God are prevalent in the Kartal culture; Levent's mother identified as Christian, and his father as Muslim. Atalanta and Achilles, as their names may suggest, worshiped the Greek pantheon instead.
    • Levent suffers from alcohol addiction, while his Beiruti children (because of Levent's example and their faith) completely abstain from alcohol. Benjamin, always in pursuit of pleasure, may possibly have an addictive personality.
    • A love for animals is instilled in most Kartals. Levent was most fond of cats, as demonstrated by his life-long bond with Wilson, and many Kartals show a gift for Low Speech among their languages. Levent and his Beiruti children have all had occupations relating to animals, and many Kartals have animal companions.
    • Levent, Atalanta, and Benjamin are rather flighty characters. Levent was never quite capable of committing to a pack or relationship, and his children have had similar issues with commitment in the past.