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  • Species: Wolfdog hybrid
  • Family Origin: Quartz Shoreline
  • Surname: Manx, "Son of Paayl"
  • Archetype (Group): tricksters, thieves, rogues
  • Archetypes (Individuals): TBD
  • Status: Inactive, Small
  • Statistics: 10 total (0 dead; 0 active)
    Updated Dec 2015
  • 'Souls: LN
  • Worldwide: Portland, Freetown, The Great Tribe
  • First Member: --
  • First Birth: --
    • Parents: --
    • Children: --
  • Languages: Manx, English
  • Icon: --

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    2.   1.2  Second Generation
  2.   2.  Defining Features
    1.   2.1  Physical Features
  3.   3.  History
    1.   3.1  Influence and Influences
  4.   4.  Culture and Homeland
    1.   4.1  Skills, abilities, and professions

The Quayle family is a wolf dog family with Manx roots. Some of their members were involved in the attack against AniWaya in early 2015 after AniWaya moved to Quartz Shoreline, where Illiam Quayle and Bo Quayle lived. Following their failed mission against the tribe, Illiam cast Bo out of his group of loners. Bo Quayle then joined The Great Tribe.

Many members of the Quayle family now live in Freetown and some live in the Kennedy Lakes area of New Brunswick.

1.  Family Members

1.1  First Generation

  • Margaid Mylchreest x Pherick Quayle I — March 2, 2006
    • Ean Quayle (M) — Former Mercenary
    • Pherick Quayle II (M) — Pack member, Kennedy Lakes

1.2  Second Generation

  • Ealisaid Shimmin x Pherick Quayle II — April 20, 2008
    • Illiam Quayle (M) — Leader
    • Calibrid Quayle (F) — Tracker
    • Moirrey Quayle (F) — Thief
    • Pherick Quayle III (M) — Brawler
  • Aideen Faragher x Ean Quayle — February 26, 2011
    • Alby Quayle (M) — Mercenary henchman
    • Bo Quayle (M) — Loner with DanaĆ« Aston
    • Keane Quayle (M) — Mercenary henchman
    • Paaie Quayle (F) — Mercenary leader

2.  Defining Features

Mixed wolf dog appearances. The dog heritage is more present with the litter between Ean and Aideen Quayle, as Aideen is a full dog, whereas Ean and Pherick have only one grandparent that was a dog.

2.1  Physical Features

  • Dog heritage: Pherick I descends from a line of dogs and wolfdogs of primarily English origins. He is most closely-related to Flat-Coated Retrievers and English Foxhounds. Margaid descends from family dominated by wolves, although she is 25% dog: Catahoula Cur. Ean's mate, Aideen, is an Australian Cattle Dog. Merle patterning is therefore occasionally seen in Ean's offspring.
  • Wolf heritage: Ean and Pherick are both dominant Eastern Timber Wolf genes. As a result, Quayle offspring tend toward pale grey and light brown coat colours.


  • Brown eyes are the most common, seen in Bo, Aideen, Keane with Cosmic (#703945) eyes, as well as Illiam, Pherick II, and Ean with Shingle Fawn (#714D3A) eyes
  • Golden eyes are the second-most common, seen in Ealisaid and Moirrey with Old Gold (#D7B63C) eyes and Pherick III with Harvest Gold eyes


  • Agouti patterning: Pherick II's offspring all bear wolf-dominant coat colours, tending toward the agouti patterning seen in most wolves. Since the wolf genes dominate the dog genes, they all bear strong wolf coat colours. Alby, Keane, and Paaie all have agouti coat colours as well.
  • Merle patterning: Pherick I, Aideen, Bo, all have merle coats. Bo, unlike the other two, has vitilgo, which gives his colouration a very dramatic effect, cutting it off in a straight horizontal line across his muzzle. Pherick I and Bo both have merle coats, while Aideen has a red merle coat.
  • Light coat colours: all members of the Quayle family tend toward lighter coat colours with the exception of Pherick I, Aideen, and Bo, who all have merle coat colours.

3.  History

The Quayle family hails from New Brunswick, but many members grew up in the Quartz Shoreline region. The family moved to the Quartz Shoreline shortly after Phoenix Valley disbanded. The family was prone to upsets and violence and in Illiam Quayle's youth, he drove his three brothers out of their small family unit in a desire to seize the leadership position, but was beaten down by his father. When he turned two years old, he was able to force his father out and claim the role of leadership. However, upon his father's defeat, his mother decided to follow him to find a new home and Illiam was left with a small group of wolves and coyotes as his followers.

Illiam proved to be a poor and hotheaded leader and a mutiny usurped him. In a fit of rage, he punished those who rebelled against him and attacked them, but not until they were able to knock him unconscious and pay a trader to take him to Freetown. When he returned in March 2014 to exact his revenge against his disloyal followers, he was shocked to see that they were no more and that AniWaya had claimed their once-home.

While Illiam was off playing leader, much of the family moved to Freetown, thereby avoiding the potential conflict with AniWaya.

3.1  Influence and Influences


Off-Board Packs and Areas

  • The Great Tribe: After the failure of Illiam's mission against AniWaya, Illiam threw Bo out of his group. He spent months wandering in search of a new home and, as luck would have it, ended up joining The Great Tribe.
  • Kennedy Lakes pack: Pherick II and his mate, Ealisaid, moved to the Kennedy Lakes region of New Brunswick and ended up joining a pack there.
  • Freetown: Aideen Faragher and Ean Quayle and their children, Alby, Keane, and Paaie all live in Freetown. Ealisaid Shim and Pherick II's children, Moirrey and Calibrid Quayle also live in Freetown.
  • Portland: Following the destruction of Freetown, Aideen, Ean, Alby, Keane, and Paaie all moved to Portland to re-establish themselves. Moirrey and Calibrid decided to strike it out on their own and find a new home.
  • Loner: Illiam leads a band of loners in the area. Pherick III hangs around Halifax.

4.  Culture and Homeland

  • Originally descend from New Brunswick and Quartz Shoreline but members spend a great deal of time in Freetown as traders, mercenaries, thieves, and trackers.

4.1  Skills, abilities, and professions

  • Mercenaries: Aideen and Ean established themselves as mercenaries for hire after they moved from Quartz Shoreline to Freetown. They typically dealt with small scale problems and would often work for horse traders looking to keep their workers in line. They trained their children in the business with the intention of having their eldest, Alby, take over. However, Paaie proved the most adept and ended up moving the business to Freetown, emplyogin Alby and Keane in her wake and taking her parents with her to continue the family business.
  • Trackers: Calibrid Quayle has established herself as a tracker in Freetown with excellent scouting abilities. She has been hired on many occasions to track down luperci who owed others money.
  • Thieves: Moirrey followed her cousins to Freetown and honed her skills as a pickpocket and thief. Paaie ended up employing her for some of her jobs until Paaie decided to strike out on her own and took her business freelance.
  • Brawlers: Pherick III stuck around in Quartz Shoreline after Paaie moved on with her cousins and generally got into trouble. He tried his hand at being a mercenary, but was pretty awful at following directions. Illiam didn't like his flighty and unreliable nature, so he hangs around Halifax trying to pick fights.
  • Leaders: Although Illiam is perhaps most well-known for leading his group of loners against AniWaya, he inherited his sense of leadership -- and sense of entitlement -- from his father, Pherick II.
  • Other: Pherick II's profession and skills are TBD
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