Illiam Quayle

Illiam Quayle is the son of Ealisaid and Pherick Quayle. He was born in Quartz Shoreline in 2006. He is a Loner living in Quartz Shoreline, sandwiched between AniWaya and Anathema.

Illiam Quayle


None (NPC)


Date of Birth

20 April 2006




Birth place

Quartz Shoreline


Nova Scotian Canadian


Wolfdog hybrid

62.5% Canis lupus lycaon
37.5% Canis lupus familiaris


62.5% Eastern Timber Wolf
37.5% Dog




Pack Loner
Rank None

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1.  Appearance

Illiam tends toward a more wolfish appearance, but his dog influence is apparent in his wavy fur, shorter and less assuming build, and shorter legs.

1.1  Coloration

Illiam displays dominantly wolf genes in the traditional agouti patterning.

  • Eyes: Shingle Fawn (#714D3A).
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Eagle (#B7B7AC).
    • Lighter Bison Hide (#C6BAA6) highlights and Pearl Bush (#EDE5DB) legs, underbelly, and muzzle
    • Darker Tobacco Brown (#7B6144) on tail tip, ears, and top of the muzzle

2.  Personality

Illiam has a fiery temper and an indomitable spirit. He is fiercely competitive, perhaps a consequence of being born alongside two brothers.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Relations

  • Behram Demir: his second-in-command and friend from Freetown
  • Anahid Cermak: his third-in-command and mate to Behram, Anahid is highly valued for her weapons crafting skills; though Illiam questions her Astrology hobbies
  • Kalju Lepp: a loyal friend looking for adventure in Nova Scotia
  • Dart Tasin: valued member of his team, friend
  • Stois: fellow warrior, comrade, brother in arms
  • Seven Cermak: bothersome no-good kid
  • Bo Quayle: annoying lard of familial obligation

3.2  Immediate Family

  • Mother: Ealisaid Quayle
  • Father: Pherick Quayle
  • Siblings: Calibrid (F), Moirrey (F), and Pherick II (M)
  • Cousin: Bo Quayle (through Pherick's brother)

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: What does your character sound like?
  • Scent: the faint scent of alcohol, though, he never seems drunk

4.1  NPCs


  • Species: Horse, of some unknown breed(s)
  • Sex: Female
  • Age and DOB: 4 years (22 Mar 2010)
  • Description: A dark bay horse Illiam traded in Freetown
  • Personality: Calm, sturdy horse. Used primarily for travel.

4.2  Abilities


  • Unarmed combat (Journeyman): Illiam scoffs at armed combat, preferring his four-legged form for this purpose. He improved his skills throughout his life by getting into scruffs and fights, mostly as a result of his temper or stubborn nature. He has since developed a brutal, attack-heavy style.
  • Intrepid: he is daring and adventurous and is not afraid of discovering new lands to find his fortune
  • Opportunistic: he knows a big score when he sees one and he isn't afraid to capitalize on a new idea -- if it supports his way of thinking. When this comes into conflict with his traditional views, he will struggle to justify his actions.


  • Poor defense in combat: he tends to hit heavy and slowly and does little to protect himself during fights. As a result, he has a few lasting injuries.
  • Contemptuous: Illiam tends to view others poorly and holds himself and his friend Behram in the highest regard. He idolizes Behram's sense of principles
  • Impulsive: Illiam tends to act first and ask questions or question his own actions later
  • Discordant: although Illiam might not realize this, he enjoys getting a rise out of others and likes to see the fallout that he causes during a rift between others
  • Traditional: Illiam believes that things are a certain way for a very strong reason and that disturbing this balance is not only haughty but something to be attacked

5.  History

Illiam Quayle was born in Quartz Shoreline in 2006 to Ealisaid and Pherick Quayle. In his youth, he drove his three brothers out of their small family unit in a desire to seize the leadership position, but was beaten down by his father. When he turned two years old, he was able to force his father out and claim the role of leadership. However, upon his father's defeat, his mother decided to follow him to find a new home and Illiam was left with a small group of wolves and coyotes as his followers.

Illiam proved to be a poor and hotheaded leader and a mutiny usurped him. In a fit of rage, he punished those who rebelled against him and attacked them, but not until they were able to knock him unconscious and pay a trader to take him to Freetown. When he returned in March 2014 to exact his revenge against his disloyal followers, he was shocked to see that they were no more and that AniWaya claimed their once-home.

5.1  Threads

  1. Demands (Apr) (NPC)
    After hearing the reports, Illiam and Stois venture to AniWaya to investigate. Things get heated when Illiam begins making demands that the AniWayans return the territory to him. Ocèane and Ulilohi Ehn argue with them.
  2. the wrong sons in the father's eyes (June)
    Illiam and Behram call for an audience with the AniWaya leadership. Claudius and Olivia respond.
  3. Thread name (month) (NPC)