Bo Quayle

Bo Quayle is the cousin Illiam Quayle, and traveled in his group of loners. Bo participated in the attack against AniWaya in April 2015, but Illiam later chased Bo out of his group. Eventually, Bo made his way to Minnesota, where he joined The Great Tribe.

Bo Quayle


None (NPC)

Created by



Date of Birth

26 Feb 2011




Birth place

Quartz Shoreline


Nova Scotian Canadian Manx



75% Dog
25% Eastern Timber Wolf

Dog species

50% Australian Cattle Dog
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
18.75% Flat-Coated Retrieved and English Foxhound
6.25% Catahoula Cur




Mate None
Pack The Great Tribe
Rank Tsula Agateno
Rank Meaning Beginner-level hunter (lit: "Rabbit hunter")

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1.  Appearance

Bo has a unique appearance: his mother was a full-blooded Australian Cattle Dog and he inherited her patterning, but appears to have vitiligo.

As he has some wolf heritage, he is a little larger, with thicker fur and a much more imposing secui form than his full-blooded dog mother.

1.1  Coloration

  • Cosmic (#703945) brown eyes
  • Base fur colour of Whiskey (#CE9E79)
  • Muddy Waters (#C19B76) on his neck, feet, and above his eyes as little 'brows'
  • Merle patterning of Hint of Yellow (#FDFDE4) and darker Fedora (#7A6B75). The Hint of Yellow (#FDFDE4) bisects his face in an almost completely horizontal line cutting across a line underneath his eyes and connecting to the merle patterning, which extends to the bottom of his ears.
  • His ears are Black (#000000) and the insides are Sandrift (#B38C7E)

2.  Personality

Bo Quayle seems to just be someone who was born on the wrong side of the bed. He was born the youngest out of his three siblings and always felt like he had something to prove. As more dog than wolf, he was always comparing himself to his more wolfish cousins, particularly Illiam.

During his time in Freetown, Bo came to realize that what he really desired was power, fame, and prestige. He wanted others to acknowledge him for who he was and what he could do, but he was terribly upset that his main skill, scouting, was really nothing to be proud of. He was quite good at concealing who he was and moving quickly and quietly -- and unfortunately, this was not becoming for fame.

  • Quirks: tends to walk quietly
  • Hobbies: superstitious

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family Relations: Quayle

  • Parents: Aideen and Ean Quayle
  • Siblings: Alby (M), Keane (M), and Paaie (F)
  • Cousin: Illiam Quayle and his siblings

3.2  Key Relations

  • Illiam Quayle: leader of the group & also his cousin. Illiam was his idol, and kept this fact a secret from Illiam (though not very well from anyone perceptive enough to notice it). Since Illiam chased Bo out of his band of loners, Bo's opinion of Illiam has become more tarnished, but still holds his cousin in high regard. Bo just wishes he knew what he did wrong and hopes one day to get back into Illiam's good books.
  • Danaë Aston: his best friend in The Great Tribe. When Bo realized he had participated in an attack against the tribe's sister pack, he was overwhelmed with guilt. He told Danaë what he did and she forgave him. From then on, he realized he was in love with her, but was too afraid to speak up about it.

3.3  Positive Relations

  • Laurentin Aston: thought Laur was an okay dude, never really talked to him much.
  • Behram Demir: considered him somewhat of a rival, socially. He's okay, but also made Bo look bad, so...
  • Anahid Cermak: former acquaintance, travel companion
  • Stois: former acquaintance, travel companion
  • Kalju Lepp: Bo had a secret crush on Kalju, and admired his healing skills
  • Dart Tasin: former acquaintance, travel companion
  • Seven Cermak: best friend, and often partner in 'crime'. Former secret crush.

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: tends to drawl when he talks, draws out his vowels, has trouble pronouncing his 'r's - they often come it as 'awws'
  • Scent: smells like nothing in particular -- whatever location he's visited last. He's not particularly memorable!

5.  NPCs

5.1  Unnamed horse

  • Species: American Paint Horse
  • Sex: Male
  • Age and DOB: 3 years (10 Apr 2011)
  • Description: Tobiano horse with white socks from the knees down, chestnut brown, with splashes of white throughout the body and a small stripe of white down his nose
  • Personality: Flighty, energetic, but eager to please Bo and always in the mood for apples and alfalfa

5.2  Abilities


  • Scouting and patrolling (Journeyman): this tends to come quite naturally to Bo -- he is quick, light on his feet, and sure-footed.
  • Eye for detail: Bo can easily and quickly pick up on abnormalities and has an inquisitive mind
  • Silver-tongued: Bo really has a way with words and can smooth talk himself out of just about any hairy situation
  • Masking his appearance: Bo is quite skillful at hiding who he really is


  • As much as Bo puts out a strong, tough exterior, he's rather insecure
  • Bo is pig-headed to an annoying degree -- he refuses to take others' advice and scorns constructive criticism, out of a fear of looking bad
  • Fear of failure: Bo loathes for anyone to know he has done something wrong, so he is quick to blame others for his mistakes and will do his best to pass the problem on to someone else
  • Physically weak: as much as Bo talks the talk, he's not a warrior and it's pretty plain to see

6.  History

Bo was born the youngest son of four siblings in a group that comprised his parents and their children and his uncle's mate and their children. Between them, they made a strong unit. They lived in Quartz Shoreline and although they did not belong to a pack, they were able to live rather comfortably.

Bo was born one year after Illiam and was only a few months old when Illiam drove his brothers away and challenged his father for the position as the leader of the group. Bo could tell that Illiam had grander ideas than just staying in the Quartz Shoreline his entire life, so he wasn't particularly surprised when Bo tried to overthrow the leader of their group, Pherick.

While Bo supported Illiam out of a youthful naïveté, Bo's father Ean was outraged. How could his brother's son think he could replace him like that? Nonetheless, one year later, in 2008, Illiam successfully took control, but no one would stand for him. Bo's entire family moved. Bo, still too cowardly to say what he really felt, followed his family, but parted ways with them once they reached Freetown.

In 2013, when he crossed paths with Illiam, much had changed, but Bo knew that what he had always wanted to do was be great and powerful alongside Illiam.

After the disastrous results of the attack on AniWaya, Bo stayed with Illiam, faithful until the very end -- until Illiam no longer needed him. Iliam chased Bo, claiming it was because Bo was no longer useful to his mission. However, in reality, Illiam wanted to carry out a new mission, but didn't want his family catching wind of it.

With little purpose left in life, Bo wandered west and eventually found his way to The Great Tribe. Intrigued by their ways, Bo lingered near the borders and eventually joined. At first, he didn't realize that the Great Tribe and AniWaya were connected, but once he did, he felt overwhelmingly ashamed of what he had done. He confessed to his best friend, Danaë Aston, who forgave him for "being a moronic idiot." Though, since he had seen AniWaya, she pestered him for information at any chance she could get and soon, he began to love the tribe.

6.1  Threads

  1. Throw Water on this Fire, Liar (Apr 21) (NPC)
    Seven Cermak is found wandering around the borders, clearly bored, and not really trying to get into trouble... but somehow manages it nonetheless. Bo hides off in the distance, observing. Genova Mal and Domovoi intercept Seven.