Ganesa Family

The Ganesa family is a coyote-dominant family based primarily in Anathema and Inferni, with connections in Salsola as well. They originate from a matriarchal society, where only females can hold rank.


Available: Latch Key, & Nemesis Lykoi

Ganesa Family Statistics

OriginNova Scotia, Canada


Statistics updated January 13, 2013.

Total Members—44
Surviving Members—38
Active Members—5
Location(s)—Loners, The Order, Mistfell Vale

Ganesa Family Foundation

First Member Location—Inferni
First Member Name—Aeron Ganesa
First Birth Location—Inferni
Founding Parents—Aeron Ganesa & Hybrid Holocaust
Founding Birth Children—Wraith Creed & Lucilla Key
Founding Birth Date—May 21, 2011

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1.  Members

Note that all of the first-generation Ganesa members share the same father. The parent that contributes the Ganesa genes is bolded.
Strikethrough indicates that a character is dead.

1.1  First Generation

1.2  Second Generation

1.3  Third Generation

1.4  Fourth Generation

2.  About

2.1  Influence and Influences



Loner Groups

  • The Order — Following the disbandment of Anathema, many went on to found The Order. They now reside in Moonstone Lakes.


  • The first generation of the Ganesa family is coyote dominant, although they freely bear hybrid offspring.
  • Golden eyes are the most recognizable color trait in their family.
  • Ganesa members are rarely taller than 6'0" in their Luperci form, male or female. They also share standard coyote influences such as leanness and large ears.
  • Gold, tawny, copper, auburn, and silver are common fur colors for Ganesa relatives. They often have blended coats in the warm spectrum that lack distinct markings.

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