Santos Family

Santos Family Statistics

Total Members—63
Surviving Members—55
Active Members—1
Location—Dahlia de Mai
San Solace, Mexico?

Santos Family Foundation

First Member Location—Cercatori d'Arte
First Member Date—2011
First Member Name—Krystalle Horzana
First Birth Location—Dahlia de Mai
Founding Parents—Krystalle Horzana & Mars Russo
Founding Birth Children—Paz Russo, Amon Russo, Unnamed Russo
Founding Birth Date—May 31st, 2011

Santos Family Tree

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Influence and Influences
  2.   2.  Family Members
    1.   2.1  First Generation
    2.   2.2  Second Generation
    3.   2.3  Third Generation
  3.   3.  Defining Features
    1.   3.1  Physical Features
    2.   3.2  Mental & Emotional Features

1.  History

1.1  Influence and Influences

  • Vasco de Muertos — Though housed in Nakzhi, the Vasco de Muertos families have made an appearance twice in the Santos lines, with the children of Constanza Santos and Efraín Vasco de Muertos as well as the children of Jacinta Santos and Severiano Vasco de Muertos.
  • Horzana — Two litters were born between the Santos family and Horzana family before Maribel returned to San Solace, taking none of her children with her.

2.  Family Members

Though this goes back to Maribel's parents, the Second Generation is the first Generation to make it to `Souls.

2.1  First Generation

  • Charo x Novio Santos
    • Desideria Santos
    • Sancha Santos
    • Iñigo Santos
    • Unnamed x2
  • Charo x Novio Santos (2)
    • Narciso Santos
    • Maribel Santos
    • Constanza Santos
    • Porfirio Santos
    • Unnamed x2
  • Charo x Novio Santos
    • Adarí Santos
    • Cristobal Santos
    • Elena Santos
    • Jacinta Santos
    • Unnamed x2

2.2  Second Generation

  • Yazmin Arturo x Iñigo Santos
    • Trinidad Arturo
    • Sofía Santos
    • Nicodemio Arturo
    • Sabas Arturo
    • Unnamed
  • Desideria Santos x Tadeo Nieve
    • Cecilio Santos
    • Dolores Nieve
    • Zarita Santos
    • Unnamed
  • Ximena Santos x Narciso Santos
    • Cruz Santos
    • Virgilio Santos
    • Unnamed x3
  • Sancha Santos x Iñigo Santos
    • Valentia Santos
    • Unnamed x3
  • Maribel Santos x Anchjo Horzana
  • Ariadna Santos x Narciso Santos
    • Basilia Santos
    • Pastora Santos
    • Núria Santos
    • Unnamed
  • Constanza Santos x Efraín Vasco de Muertos
    • Vincnç Vasco de Muertos
    • Zacarías Santos
    • Raul Santos
  • Constanza Santos x Valentín Essua
    • Yazmin Vasco de Muertos
    • Ulises Santos
  • Carmen Santos x Narciso Santos
    • Celestina Santos
    • Rafaela Santos
    • Fiera Santos
  • Maribel Santos x Anchjo Horzana (2)
    • Miela Horzana Δ
    • Dezirinda Horzana
    • Dimas Santos
    • Ximen Santos
    • Unnamed
  • Jacinta Santos x Severiano Vasco de Muertos
    • Sandalio Vasco de Muertos
    • Elvira Vasco de Muertos
    • Nohemi Santos
    • Unnamed
  • Emperatriz Rocío x Porfirio Santos
    • Espiridon Rocío
    • Débora Rocío
    • Therasia Rocío
    • Nieve Rocío
    • Aina Rocío
  • Maribel Santos x Regulo Hito
    • Caridad Hito
    • Iago Santos

2.3  Third Generation

  • Pipra Mielo x Anbessa Santos
    • Venka Santos
    • Fidelia Santos
    • Sofronio Mielo
    • Unnamed x2
  • Dezirinda Horzana x Agapito Morales
    • Alejandro Horzana
    • Fonsie Morales
    • Carmelita Horzana
    • Unnamed
  • Miela Horzana x Agapito Morales
    • Gaspar Horzana
    • Vincente Horzana
    • Unnamed x3
  • Krystalle Horzana x Mars Bartholomew Russo

3.  Defining Features

3.1  Physical Features

  • Honey-green eyes make a prominent feature in the majority of the Santos children, typical of most domesticated dogs.
    • Pale pink eyes can be found in fewer members, but it's still a common occurance, seen in Krystalle Horzana as well as many of her siblings.
    • Cream eyes are an uncommon, but not unheard of, mutation in the Santos blood. This is most notably seen in Trinidad Arturo and Alejandro Horzana.
  • Most members are smaller than the wolf-based Luperci around them, due to their entirely dog-based blood.
    • Novio Santos was much larger due to a birth mutation, and this can be seen in several of his male grandchildren, such as Koralo Santos.
  • Appearances generally stick to typical pelt patterns of Australian shepherds, the foundation breed of the Santos family.
    • Bi-color coats feature predominantly in the younger years of the Santos family rather than the older generations.
    • Red merle is a common color found in many of Charo and Novio's children and grandchildren.
    • Blue merle and tri-color coats are uncommon, but not unheard of, seen in the children of Novio Santos.

3.2  Mental & Emotional Features

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