The Greyfire Family    



Statistics & Foundation

Family Tree

  • Species: Wolf/Wolfdog
  • Family Origin: ‘Souls, Nova Scotia
  • Surname: English
  • Archetype (Group):questionably lawful or neutral, loyal
  • Archetypes (Individuals):warriors, scholars

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  1.   1.  First Generation
  2.   2.  Second Generation
    1.   2.1  About
  3.   3.  Culture
  4.   4.  Influence and Influences
    1.   4.1  Defining Features
  5.   5.  Appearance
  6.   6.  Psychology
    1.   6.1  History
  7.   7.  Founders and Conception
  8.   8.  First Born Generation
  9.   9.  Second Born Generation

The parent that contributes the Greyfire genes is bolded.
Strikethrough indicates that a character is dead.

1.  First Generation

2.  Second Generation

2.1  About

The Greyfire family name began when it's founder, Lukos Greyfire, renounced his given name and adopted one of his own to pass on to his children. Each Greyfire child of the 2nd generation has received a bird companion by the time of their coming of age, raised and trained with the help of their parents.

3.  Culture

The culture of the Greyfires was heavily steeped within the culture of AT, and since it's downfall, they have largely been relying on their own skills and knowledge for survival.


While not every Greyfire will pursue a life of conflict and violence, each puppy born to the family thus far is instructed in how to handle themselves in a fight for in the very least self-defense purposes.


Originating from a pack rich in the Wiccan culture, Greyfires are not limited to any certain religion, as each family member is free to believe in what they will.

4.  Influence and Influences


Adopted Families


4.1  Defining Features

5.  Appearance

Fur Pattern

  • All Greyfires have some grey/silver tones to their fur patterns except in certain exceptional cases.
  • Greyfire children's coat patterns and colors have been largely attributed to the wolf, Siberian husky, and border collie blood that they carry.

Possible Traits

  • Piebaldism, partial albinism, having mostly white fur/light nose and pads, with spots of darker colors, typically around the eyes, ears, and tail.
  • Heterochromia, having two different colored eyes. Most Greyfire's will have either yellow, or purple/blue eyes.

6.  Psychology


  • Both Nyx Greyfire and Lukos Greyfire have certain psychological disorders, Nyx with reoccurring anxiety and depression, and Lukos with Dissociative Identity Disorder.
  • Some Greyfire children might be prone to certain psychological disorders because of genetics.

Character alignment

  • Greyfire's predominantly range between Chaotic Neutral, and Lawful Good, individuals sometimes sliding between them.

6.1  History

7.  Founders and Conception


  • Backstory

8.  First Born Generation

First Litter

  • Twins story
  • Song

Second Litter

  • Nomos and Seira

Third Litter

  • Stillborns
  • Johanna

9.  Second Born Generation

First Litter

  • etc