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  • Species: Dog-heavy hybrids
  • Family Origin: Washington DC
  • Surname: English, "1. a false show or pretense 2. the wearing of disguise. 3. A masked ball"
  • Archetype (Group): Fighters, lawful, enforcers
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Rebels, scholars,

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  1.   1.  Family Members
    1.   1.1  First Generation
    2.   1.2  Second Generation
    3.   1.3  Third Generation
    4.   1.4  Fourth Generation
  2.   2.  Other Masquerades
    1.   2.1  Ancestors
    2.   2.2  Non-Blood "Family"
  3.   3.  Defining Features
    1.   3.1  Physical Features
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Influence and Influences
  5.   5.  Culture and Homeland

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1.  Family Members

1.1  First Generation

  • Liberty Purge x Ryker Masquerade
    • Harker Masquerade
    • Artemis Masquerade
    • Rebel Purge

1.2  Second Generation

  • Artemis Masquerade x Conrad Venom
    • Diana Venom
    • Jackson Masquerade
    • Unknown
  • Laurella x Harker Masquerade
    • Fletcher Masquerade

1.3  Third Generation

  • Unknown x Fletcher Masquerade
    • Sijarem Masquerade
    • Alexander Masquerade

1.4  Fourth Generation

2.  Other Masquerades

2.1  Ancestors

Write something about their ancestry here, if you want!

2.2  Non-Blood "Family"



  • Characters thought they were a Family member, but turned out not to be!
  • Characters lied and said they were a Family member.
  • Characters was given the surname for honorary purposes.


3.  Defining Features

3.1  Physical Features


  • Mask marking are the marking of a Masquerade. A pup must be born with the marking to be given the surname
  • Brindled pelts are common, especially with Sijarem's children.

4.  History

In Washinton D.C., the Masquerades took up the job of enforcing the laws and making sure that they were followed.

4.1  Influence and Influences

  • Purge: These families are linked by a union between the then martiarch of the Purge family, Liberty Purge and the the patriarch of the Masquerade family, Ryker Masquerade.
  • Venom: These families are linked by a union between Artemis Masquerade and Conrad Venom
  • Panthera: These families are linked by the birth of Bonereaper Masquerade.
  • Marauder: These families are linked by the birth of Spencer Masquerade and Garrett Masquerade

5.  Culture and Homeland

  • Does your family come from a certain place in the world?
  • Maybe they have a specific religion?
  • Maybe there's a certain way all members of the family are raised?
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