Logan Venom

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by Kitty

Logan Venom was a member of Casa di Cavalieri.

Logan is the adopted brother to Bonereaper Masquerade, Garrett Masquerade, Loki Masquerade, and Spencer Masquerade. Born in South Washington DC, he was adopted by Sijarem Marauder after his parents, Megan and Connor Venom were killed.


Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: 14 January 2015
    • Age: 7 years
    • Human Age: 49 years
  • Birthplace: South Washington DC
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species:
    • 33.33% Dog
    • 33.33% Coyote
    • 25% Wolf
    • 8.34% Jackal
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Physical Description


  • Lupus: - in (- cm) ↔ - lbs (- kg)
  • Secui: - in (- cm) ↔ - lbs (- kg)
  • Optime: - ft - in (- in / - cm) ↔ - lbs (- kg) (Preferred)

A hybrid of many species. Coyote and dog plays heavily into his design with his long legs and coyote-like ears. He has a bushy tail that could be from his dog or jackal heritage. Wolf blood gives him a narrow chest.

Reference Image

by Kitty

Coloration Palette


Pearl Bush (#EAE2D7)
Dawn Pink (#F1EBE2)
Spring Wood (#F2EDE6)
Mercury (#E7E7E7)
Cararra (#E9E7E4)
Sisal (#DBD0C3)
Soft Amber (#CCBEB1)
Nomad (#B6AA9D)


Fruit Salad (#4E9A71)


Del Rio (#AB9895)

Skills & Hobbies

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  • Fur Dyeing (Expert):
  • Deception, Lying (Skilled):
  • Negotiation (Skilled):
  • Feral Combat (Skilled):
  • Fishing (Skilled):
  • Animal-handling (Skilled):
  • Botany (Expert):
  • Toxicology (Competent):



Italics indicates an unknown relationship
* indicates adopted


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  • Name:

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