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  1.   1.  Family Members
    1.   1.1  First Generation
    2.   1.2  Second Generation
    3.   1.3  Third Generation
    4.   1.4  Fourth Generation
  2.   2.  Other Trombettas
    1.   2.1  Ancestors
    2.   2.2  Non-Blood "Family"
  3.   3.  Defining Features
    1.   3.1  Physical Appearances
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Influence and Influences
  5.   5.  Culture and Homeland
  6.   6.  Important Symbols
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  7.   7.  Trivia

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Notes: The parent that contributes the Trombetta genes is bolded. Strikethrough indicates that a character is dead. Italics are adopted characters. Disowned Characters have three asterisks next to their names, but may be listed because they are technically part of the family, or hold family blood.

1.  Family Members

1.1  First Generation

  • Character Name x Character Name
    • Tony Trombetta
    • Brother
    • Sister
    • Sister

1.2  Second Generation

  • Tony Trombetta x Dice Feur de Lance
  • Tony Trombetta x Viollca Trombetta
    • Rink Trombetta

1.3  Third Generation

1.4  Fourth Generation

2.  Other Trombettas

2.1  Ancestors

Write something about their ancestry here, if you want!

2.2  Non-Blood "Family"

The Trombettas are such cool kids, others want to be like us. ;D


  • Beorc DCLXVI was "adopted" into the Behr and Trombetta families after buying his life and then branding him with an arrowhead branding iron. He is the family servant, and bound to the families to generations to come.
  • Lillith Trombetta-Behr is disowned after attempting to hex her mother's mate, Aeron Ganesa and fleeing Anathema. Lillith drops her hyphenated last name of Trombetta-Behr because of this, but unlawfully keeps the Trombetta name. Lillith then unlawfully hands down the Trombetta named to her children, Neith Trombetta and Elektra Trombetta, both of whom are unrecognized as true Behrs or Trombettas for this reason. Neither of these children are allowed to pass down either Trombetta or Behr names
  • Lelouch Amarok was born "Lelouch Artemisio Trombetta" but was disowned when it was found out that he was not of actual Trombetta blood, and then was given back to his true father.
  • Characters was given the surname for honorary purposes.


3.  Defining Features

This small clan is one of Mystics. All Trombettas tend to have strong spiritual beliefs and are typically very involved in their culture.

They are particular about odd things, with some of them having obsessions about their looks, and other small odd things like that. They tend to be somewhat of a loud bunch with the odd silent one here and there.

Every Trombetta has a spirit animal, and they often tend to be species of snakes.

3.1  Physical Appearances

Men: The main physical features of the Trombetta clan is (on males) that there is scarring above both eyes, as this is a tradition that is carried by all Trombettas, and those who do not have this marking are not considered to be "true" Trombettas. Another physical feature would be the Trombettas noticeable overbite that causes their fangs to poke out on each side of their mouths. Males are typically tall and muscular, but never heavy in weight, and often lanky. Male Trombettas have a high tendency to produce Y chromosomes and therefore throw more male offspring then female. They tend to have a more domesticated doggish look to them even though they are full wolf. They have long tails, large pointed ears and sharpened claws.
Women: Females tend to be stout and curvy, but strangely enough can also be lanky and long legged like the males in rare cases. Females also are known to have some sort of reddish fur on them, even though this is actually a recessive gene. All Trombettas have longer fur, and often shave themselves if they live in a hot place. They tend to have a more domesticated doggish look to them even though they are full wolf. They have long tails, large pointed ears and sharpened claws. Females also are typically born with one ear that is floppy while the other can/will stand up on their head.



Dingley (#738944)
Mule Fawn (#95612f)

Accents/Cat's Eyes Colors

Rustic Red (#9e9f4d)
Indian Tan (#501702)

Hazel eyes are typical though most, if not all Trombettas have what they call a "cat's eye". This is an occurrence where there is an odd spot of another color in one or both eyes.

  • Recessive genes regarding eyes is blindness, blue(silver and brown) eyes, solid color eyes, and very light colored hazel eyes.
Dallas (#ffe6af)
Merlin (#35322b)
Mongoose (#BFA278)
Bronze (#3e2708)

Recessive Gene Coat Colors

Fiery Orange (#b53f16)

They often have complex coat patterns that heavily rely on ticking, saddling, and patching of fur. Some Trombetta's have highlighted fur which causes colors to blend and also be rather difficult to see in the wrong light. Their pelts tend to be shiny because of this.

  • Recessive genes in this family that are thrown are extra fluffy fur(including tail fur), extra ligaments in tail(resulting in longer tails), spotted noses, and Fiery Orange (#b53f16) fur color as shown in Lillith.

4.  History

Some history about the family goes here!

4.1  Influence and Influences

5.  Culture and Homeland

  • Most Trombettas come from Italy. Some are found in Chicago and New Jersey.
  • Tombettas are normally taught Italian when they are very little, and they typically take to this tongue when frustrated or when talking amongst other family members.

6.  Important Symbols


Many of the Trombetta's have been known to practice the magickal art of witchcraft that translates into an older Wiccan traditions. Some of the Trombettas are also of the Christian faith though even as Christians they tend to practice Christian safe rituals and traditions. They are very much mystics and tend to stick to the familial tradition of being able to see and feel energy as well as the belief in reincarnation rather than heaven and hell. The Trombettas have had familial affairs because of the differences in the religions, which ties to their small size and the reasons that many of the Trombettas now follow the Wiccan religion.

Trombettas have traditional Wiccan Holidays, and rituals and often are naturally born Aura Readers which causes them to adapt to situations rather quickly. They adhere mostly to the Wiccan Rede but some Trombettas have chosen to look to the dark magick to get the kind of reactions they would favor. Some Trombettas have the Triple goddess moon tattooed on their bodies. Another common tattoo in "La Famiglia Trombetta" is a Pentacle.


A tradition brought into the family by the Behr Familie. Typically, once one is born, they are given a simple necklace with one charm on it. The norm would be an old silver arrowhead that is charmed with Elder futhark runes that make the arrowhead stand for strength and the charm is supposed to emulate that and help the wearer have strength or whatever other spell is cast upon the arrowhead. Other times, it has been documented that the charms are pentacles, or skull and bone made necklaces. Other times, it has been documented that the charms are pentacles, or skull and bone made necklaces. The idea was derived from Behr family's tradition to wear Triads for different personality traits and ritualistic reasons.


The mystics of the Trombetta family often connect with animals of the serpent nature. They are often taught in the tongue of the snakes, and since they learn these skills at such a young age, it is not rare for them to even forget the whispering of the snake tongue. It almost seems as if the Trombetta's ears are tuned for the awkward hissing and slithering of the serpent tongue. It's almost as if it was as natural as their Italian native tongue.

7.  Trivia

  • Trombettas descending from Venom Trombetta have middle names that begin with the letter "A". Viper tries to also do this, but ends up naming one of his children after his father.
  • Floridian Trombettas are waning in population, with a mere 5 of them still residing there to this day.
  • Italian Trombettas are often disconnected from their American cousins, and most of them don't even know of their cousins.
  • Canadian Trombettas are seemingly all tattooed with an arrowhead, but some also have male symbols tattooed on them.
  • All Trombettas have eye scars, given to them in various "coming of age" ceremonies.
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