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The Fir-Chlis Family, of Menel



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  • Old Caledonia and the Menel clan and its god were created by Amanda
  • Species: Dog-dominant hybrid (Dog, wolf, coyote)
  • Family Origin: Old Caledonia?
  • Surname: Scottish Gaelic, "Northern Lights"
  • Archetype (Group): something, something
  • Archetypes (Individuals): something, something



The Fir-Chlis family are mostly herding type dogs with some other heritage mixed in. Most of them lived in Old Caledonia?, known to them simply as Caledonia, until it was destroyed in 2019. They are from the Menel clan, and over time they came to be in charge of taking care of the clan's livestock.

When Old Caledonia was destroyed in early 2019, many of the family members died. Some escaped, and a few were already out of the area and survived simply from being absent. Arran Fir-Chlis found some other refugees and was a founding member of the Loner Band named New Caledonia.

As members of the Menel clan, the Fir-Chlis family worships their two-headed god, Valleui and Valleuar. The strength of the belief varies from canine to canine. The majority of the family has stuck to their herding roots, choosing occupations that involve caring for livestock, however, they do not discourage members from choosing other professions.

Overall, they're an easy-going family with a lot of energy to spend herding sheep around. They are often not monogamous, though some may also choose to be; either way they are generally faithful to the relationships they define. They respect and accept all genders and all consensual relationships with the exception of incest.

Family Members

First Generation

  • Rhavan Fir-Chlis x Huorn — 18 June, 2012
    • Lacho Fir-Chlis, Malthen Fir-Chlis, Laew Fir-Chlis
  • Rhavan Fir-Chlis x Naur — 18 June, 2012
    • Lind Fir-Chlis, Pathu Fir-Chlis

Second Generation

  • Lind Fir-Chlis x Las * — 18 June, 2014
    • Valin Fir-Chlis *, Meril Fir-Chlis *
  • Lind Fir-Chlis x Edhel * — 18 June, 2014
    • Gannel Fir-Chlis *

Third Generation

Fourth Generation

 * Died during the destruction of Old Caledonia

Defining Features

Physical Characteristics

The Fir-Chlis family members strongly resemble their herding dog heritage, largely appearing like border collies, rough collies, and australian shepherds. They also have some other breeds whose patterns appear, such as catahoula leopard dogs. Some Fir-Chlis have wolf or coyote heritage as well.


Blue and brown eyes are often seen, along with some green. Various forms of heterochromia are common.


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