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Acidic Family Statistics

Total Members —48
Surviving Members —25~
Active Members —4
Location —Salsola, & Mortimer

Acidic Family Foundation

First Member Location —Jaded Shadows
First Member Date —~
First Member Name —Ravesque Acidic
First Birth Location —Jaded Shadows
Founding Parents —Fatin Kali & Ravesque Acidic
Founding Birth Children —Legacy Kali, Merit Acidic, Miriad Kali, Amaury Acidic
Founding Birth Date —July 7th, 2007

Acidic Family Tree

1.  About

1.1  Influence and Influences

  • Kali — Possibly the only actual mateship that Ravesque has ever been a part of, Fatin Kali and he had a litter of four; this link to the Kali family is completely deceased.
  • D'Angelo — The Acidic and D'Angelo families were originally tied together by one single child: Scorpius D'Angelo, the son of Ravesque and Naniko. the D'Angelo family re-infiltrated this family in the later generations with the birth of Zelda and Zansa, whom were born of Zuri & Baelish.
  • TrombettaEsmeralda Acidic and Pythius Absinthe Trombetta link these two families together with three daughters; Lotus Acidic-Trombetta, Zuri Acidic-Trombetta, & Morana Trombetta.
  • Takekuro — In his waning winter years, Ravesque came upon Titania Moonsong – still enamored with white fur, and long missing Naniko, he's remained in the amnesiac's company. The two have three children.
  • Lykoi — Till and Helena procreated to contribute to this family.
  • Ulrich — Till and Helena procreated to contribute to this family.
  • Winthrop — Andrew and Helena procreated to contribute to this family.
  • Vahn? — Ezra and Helena procreated to contribute to this family.

2.  Members

The parent that contributes the Acidic genes is bolded.

2.1  First Generation

2.2  Second Generation

2.3  Third Generation

2.4  Fourth Generation

2.5  Fifth Generation

3.  Defining Features

Common Eye Colors

Common Fur Colors

Bright Red (#a80000)

Uncommon Eye Colors

Thunderbird (#D22E19)
Pigeon Post (#a3c2db)

Red eyes are a VERY commonplace with this family. Once paired with a black pelt, it is the most characteristic part of this family. It is not until the later generations that show a favoritism to the Outsider's genes.

  • Recessive genes: Albinism w/ blue eyes, stuff.
Cod Gray (#181414)
Mine shaft (#333333)

Uncommon Coat Colors

Satin Linen (#e4e2cf)
Leather (#97785c)

While many of the core Acidic family has solid colored fur, there are some markings that are commonplace. Most of these are markings that are common to wolves, being darker saddles, and darker upper bodies with lighter colored undersides. It has also been noted that this family has quite the number of members that have dark undersides that can range from lighter grays to the darkest blacks.

  • Recessive genes in this family that are thrown are Albinoism(the most common), stuff and other stuffs.