Agony Acidic

Agony Acidic

Agony, by James
Date of Birth25 November 2010
Age<1 year
Subspecies50% Canis lupus
50% Canis lupus familiaris (Australian Shepard)
Birth placeNew Brunswick
Current packAnathema
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Current Pack


Joining date12 Feburary 2011
Joining RankKinshou Yokai
Most Recent RankZepar

Agony Acidic was brought to Anathema by her father, Ravesque Acidic, from the cult pack in New Brunswick, shortly after her mother was killed.

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1.  History

Agony was born to Cinder and Ravesque Acidic in a cult pack in New Brunswick, the same pack that the D’Angelo family fled from. She was born alongside two siblings. Her mother Cinder was accused of being the one to poison the Tribunal, the governing body in that pack, and she was executed before the entire pack. She left before her brother and sister—with their father—in a show of personal strength despite their mother's death. Upon arrival she joined (along with her father, Ravesque) Anathema.

Immediately after joining the underground pack of misfits, she withdrew within herself. Instead of mingling and trying to make friends, as is traditional of most her age, she collected small things like castaway beads, coins that were dropped or forgotten, and decorated her bedroom in such a way that it remains functional and impersonal. Though she remains closest with her family, there is still a feeling of neglect, though not from them. She typically hid away from them, preferring her own company to that of others. Only after the ceremony in which she was pronounced an adult by Naniko did she begin to venture out and meet others.

2.  Personality

Agony Acidic is a rather apathetic pup. She isn’t often concerned with the goings-on of her siblings and finds them to be a nuisance for the most part, especially Jackson. She is the unspoken leader of the group of pups and has a commanding air about her. She isn’t talkative but isn’t quiet either; it depends on the situation. She will often speak to adults but doesn’t connect much to puppies her own age. Due to certain things in her as-of-yet short history, she seeks absolute control over herself, which includes but is not limited to absolute cleanliness, and near-perfection in all that she does. To say that she has patience is an understatement of great magnitude, though she's very sharp and demanding most of the time.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

4.  Appearance

Agony is the only pup in her litter that has fully wolf-like features. She is a gray and cream color throughout and has short fur like her father. She has large paws and long legs, her eyes a striking red-orange. The area around her eyes is quite a bit darker than the rest of her fur, outlined in black much like eyeliner, and she has two small black lines that extend upward from her eyes as well, a unique feature. As she matures and grows, she'll grow into a blatantly feminine figure, tall and lithe.