Cavil Family

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Cavil Family Statistics

Total Members—10
Surviving Members—10
Active Members—0

Cavil Family Foundation

First Member Location—Inferni
First Member Date—2006
First Member Name—Voltaire Cavil
First Birth Location—Clouded Tears
Founding Parents—Iskata Sadira & Voltaire Cavil
Founding Birth Children—DaVinci 'Daite Nasphrite
Founding Birth Date—October 31, 2006

1.  Influence and Influences

1.1  Families

  • Sadira — Voltaire and Iskata Sadira had one child, DaVinci, who continued the line.
  • Massacre — Voltaire Cavil and Bittersweet Massacre had Annei Cavil.
  • de le Poer — DaVinci and Ryan's children.

1.2  Packs

  • Phoenix Valley — DaVinci was a member and sub-leader of Phoenix Valley.
  • Inferni — Saiobhan was a member of Inferni, where Ezekiel de le Poer brought him. DaVinci also stirred up a lot of trouble with Inferni, but later joined with his children briefly.

The parent that contributes the Cavil genes is bolded.

1.3  First Generation

1.4  Second Generation

1.5  Third Generation

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