The Rask Family

    The Rask Family    



Statistics & Foundation

Family Tree


  • Creator: Titmouse
  • Species: Dog, Wolf
    • Shepherds
    • Spitzes
    • Scandinavian Breeds
  • Family Origin:
  • Surname: Danish, "Energetic, Speedy"
  • Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic
  • Head of Family: ???


Spread far and wide, the Rask name doesn't have much its own land to attach it to so much as a reputation. The majority of the family is restricted to the Nordic Countries, with some existing outside of those areas. Trading and blacksmithing is the hallmark of the family, in which nearly every single family member has taken part in, as an effort to preserve the craft and boost family unity. Though the traditions aren't patriarchal, the practice of patronymics is common due to the wide spread of the name and the lack of marriages.

The Family

* Denotes Unmarried

Italics denote deceased members

First Generation

  • Agmundr Rask x Hildur Rask
    • Gier Rask
    • Fritjof Rask
    • Hrafn Rask
  • Erlingr Rask x Þórunn Magnúsdóttir *
    • Hákon Rask
    • Ivor Rask
    • Gunnar Rask

Second Generation

  • Hákon Rask x Dagný Falk *
  • Ivor Rask x Gylla Rask
  • Gunnar Rask x Halla Rask
  • Hrafn Rask x Hel Dahl *
    • Björg Rask
    • Ása Rask
  • Gier Rask x Astrid Hjort *
    • Brynja Rask
    • Arnór Rask

Third Generation

Fourth Generation (Souls Only)

Background and Bloodlines


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Non-Blood "Family"


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Related Bloodlines (Souls Only)

  • Silevue: The Silevue family is connected by the birth of Urho and Hyacinth's children.

Defining Features

Physical Appearances


Warm colors appear very frequently, from yellows to reds, usually full of color and not extremely dark, though dark eyes can appear. Cold colors, such as green or purple, are rather rare and do not appear very often. Blue eyes are the rarest and hasn't been seen in the line through several generations.

  • COMMON: Turmeric (#C0BC49), Buddha Gold (#C1A004), Tussock (#C79754), Amber (#FFBF00), Desert (#AD521C) , Spice (#6A442E), Masala (#433E3C)
  • UNCOMMON: Redwood (#60270E), Zeus (#31281E)
  • RARE: Goblin (#347941), Deep Sea Green (#095859), Affair (#7E4382), Wisteria (#A276B4)
  • EXTREMELY RARE: Persian Blue (#2436BD), Havelock Blue (##599ED9)

Slender eyes are common, though round eyes appear in certain branches of the family.


Men: Think "strongmen" in body type. Very thick and fat, though it can very to some degree in certain individuals. Some of the males choose to wear less armor, as an attest to either their skills or their confidence. What armor they do wear is often simple but efficient, though some have made elaborate armors over their careers and lives.

Women: Though they aren't as bulky as the men, they retain strongman characteristics and still look like they have a bit more weight and fat than normal. Very often, they look between masculine and feminine, but some members make an effort to appear more feminine. Others don't entirely care.


Browns, tans, greys, and reds.

The fur is usually very thick and heavy, perfect for harsh winter climates but dreadful in the warmer ones. Patterns tend to take a lupine appearance

  • COMMON: Sorrell Brown (#CAB087), Almond Frost (#937D6B), Tobacco Brown (#6B513F), Old Copper (#724C2D), Squirrel (#8A8176), Storm Grey (#78798A), Mako (#444852), Tuatara (#393837), Kabul (#5C453B), Iroko (#483120) , Gondola (#1E1111), Scorpion (#5E5D5E2)

Culture and Homeland


All (known) members of the Rask family use patronymics to keep track of where they fall on the family tree, often used as a middle name rather than a surname. Though usually applied with the father, the Rasks will use whoever is the contributing Rask parent as the basis for the patronymic (or matronymic). The current members under certain patro/matronymics are below.

  • Hákonsson
    • Søren
  • Sørensson
    • Urho (sp. Sørenssen)
  • Björgsson
    • Bård
  • Arnórsson
    • Seija (Arnórsdóttir)
  • Urhosson (Urhossen)
    • Kjell
    • Taika
    • Symre
    • Seppo


While there's no "official" religion of the Rask family, some of the members have taken to nearly taking the concept of the forge into its own spirituality. Some look into the fire as a method of premonition, others burn the bodies of those passed in reverence, others use brands as a method of tattooing. Fire, ash, and steel are common motifs they use either in identification or reverence in every day life, and as such use the colors of such objects in their own clothing as well.


While they try as often as possible to remain a neutral party, there are some families that have a distaste for the mercantile empire the Rasks have attempted to build. Either as competition or just plain contempt, the family has gathered a small group of those who either see the Rasks as treacherous or straight up rivals. Some of these people are other merchants, but some are people of power who see the trade as a threat.


As a general overarching quality of the family, social skills are key to the family business. The ability to barter, make conversation, and convince people to buy things they might not need are skills that the Patriarchs of the Rask family figured they needed to pass down if their business was to thrive. Some are better at intimidating others and strongarming, some are more adept at the more subtle types of charismatic charm. Either way, they both are different paths towards the same goals.


Stories of Agmundr and Erlinger, twin brothers who took an equal interest in smithing and weaponry, swirled over the years into the equivalent of sagas, these legendary heroes of the Rask bloodline who were hailed nearly as demi-gods borne from a god of fire who gifted the rest of the line with the knowledge of the forge to pass on. Nearly worshiping the forge itself, their descendants have passed their stories by mouth every generation after them. In reality, they were both obsessed with their craft and their offspring didn't see enough of them to find a tangible story to pass besides one of teaching and practice, and so grew with their mothers' regaling of their accomplishments.

Most of the historically accurate stories of family members come from those who still live, of other members who live abroad or of their own accomplishments.

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