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  • Species: Wolf, wolf-dog
  • Family Origin: Sobiratsya, Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia
  • Surname: Russian, "Russian/red/a great hero"
  • Leader: Malenkij Russo
  • Archetype (Group): Seafarers and wanderlusters; mild Slavic religious influences
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Hard workers; strong men and stronger women

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  1.   1.  Russo Compound
  2.   2.  Sobirat'sya-Based Family
    1.   2.1  Ancestral Family Tree
  3.   3.  Other Family
    1.   3.1  Amsterdam
    2.   3.2  Moscow
    3.   3.3  Whereabouts Unknown
  4.   4.  History
    1.   4.1  Former Leadership
    2.   4.2  Dead Russo Family Members
    3.   4.3  First Generation
    4.   4.4  Early History
    5.   4.5  Middle History
    6.   4.6  Recent History

This page provides information about the Russian wolf family the Russos and their lifestyle in their homeland of Sobirat'sya.

1.  Russo Compound

In Sobirat'sya, Russo family members live in the "Russo compound." The compound is essentially a few blocks of buildings along the docks where a bunch of these crazy Russians live. There are numerous shared areas; smaller nuclear family groups have their own residences, however. Shared areas include a large dining hall, several rooms dedicated to the fishing and trading of the family, and guesting areas.

2.  Sobirat'sya-Based Family

2.1  Ancestral Family Tree

As none of these characters are currently alive and were never active at 'Souls, they have been moved here. This generation proceeds the first generation listed on the main Russo page.

Ancestral Family

First Generation

  • Unknown x Vasiliy Russo
    • Vasil Russo

Second Generation

  • Zinoviya Miloslav x Vasil Russo
    • Vik Russo
    • Robjik Russo
  • Verochka Nadezdha x Yulian Chezov
    • Krasavitsa Chezov-Lebedev
    • Taheau Chezov-Russo

Sobirat'sya Russo Family

Malenkij Russo (Patriarch)

  • Malenkij took over the duties of manning the Russo family's trade following Vik's retirement in 2010. Malenkij is also the Korolyeva's captain.
  • He is generally mild-mannered and has little of his father Vik's austerity. Malenkij is perhaps one of the few reasons the Russo family and perhaps Sobirat'sya itself did not dissolve following the string of bad luck for the years 2010 and 2011. At eleven years old, he is nearing senority. Nonetheless, he is still spry and athletic; Malenkij is certainly capable of perfoming all the duties required of him.

Ivan Russo

Ivan captains the Dvina. He is generally dissatisfied with the lifestyle his family cultivates, but he is too unambitious to change his situation or seek his fortunes elsewhere. He has very little desire in general.

  • Ivan's first mate, Pulcheria Alexandrovna, was a Siberian traveler. She and Ivan met and quickly became mates. Pulcheria bore two children -- Avdotya and Raskolnikov -- and died birthing a second stillborn litter.

Maruska Russo

Maruska departed Sobirat'sya when young; she pursued her elder brothers across the seas, and even found them for a brief while. Wanderlust was strong within Maruska, however; her travels took her to the far north of Canada, into Mexico, and to the Californian coast. In the end, Maruska returned to Sobirat'sya. Wandering the North American continent for seven years gave Maruska a number of stories to share with the other canines of Sobirat'sya -- and an impeccable grasp on the English language.

Fayina Russo

Fayina is as charming and darling as they come. Soft-spoken and sweet, she tends toward shyness. She possesses little boldness and less courage. She bore a son, Spyridon Russo, to a traveler, Cloudstorm. Though her parents disapproved, their disapproval was mild compared to what they might have shown to other children; Fayina retained her status as the family's darling. She helps in preparing fish and trade goods for shipment south.

Avdotya Russo

Avdotya, daughter of Ivan Russo, is a sweet and agreeable girl. She wants nothing more than what is best for her family. Avdotya works as a secretary of sorts for the Russo fishing operations.

Lazarus Russo

Lazarus is a huge canine, even for a Russo. Despite his hulking size and slow movements, Lazarus is a sweetheart. There is little meanness or stubbornness within Lazarus. He is dedicated to his family and works hard to provide for them.

Kirill Russo

Kirill is a small, wiry example of Russo canine -- he appears even smaller beside his far taller, broader brother. Kirill is sweet and soft-spoken like Lazarus, but he has far more spine and stubbornness than his larger brother.

Roulette Russo-Molotov

An illegitimate daughter of Malenkij, Roulette lives among the Russos, but still feels an outsider. She contemplates following her siblings someday, but remains rooted to Sobirat'sya all the same. She is a quiet woman, though hard-working and physically strong.

Killswitch Russo-Molotov

A second illegitimate child of Malenkij, Killswitch is far from feeling an outsider. He cavorts with cousins and other distant relatives and is always seeking adventure. He tends to avoid his sister, finding her attitude disheartening. Killswitch is extremely competitive and tries to best everyone at everything, no matter what -- he absolutely cannot handle coming in second place. Though somewhat immature, he is extremely hard-working and a valued member of the Korolyeva crew.

Zaets Russo

Captain of the ship Zymá More, Zaets operates many local fishing operations, along with seal and walrus hunting. Quiet and hard-working, Zaets has ensured the success of the Zymá for some time now. Zaets and his crew, consisting of his eldest sons Ruslan Russo and Nikolai Russo, and his younger sons, are some of the best of the Sobirat'syan fishermen.

Marika Russo

Marika works on the land and essentially acts as a nurse and medic, caring for all of the crews. She does this not only when canines are injured, but provides general check-ups and often insists on a special addition to a Sobirat'syan's diet (often much to the moaning of the diagnosed).

Tsvetko Russo

Tsvetko is a natural-born leader with a bold, outgoing air. He greatly resembles his father Zaets in appearance, though his eyes are a pale lilac color. He helps run the operations of the Zymá More, and counts on it becoming his own when Zaets retires. He has no desire to stray from Sobirat'sya and will gladly live out his days as a fisherman here.

Sasha Russo

Sasha is the peanut butter to Tsvetko's jelly. They are inseparable, though Sasha tends to step back and allow his brother take the lead. White-haired and yellow-eyed, he resembles their mother most in appearance.

Retired and Non-Working Russos

Katja Molotov

Katja is the mate of Malenkij. She is seven years younger than Malenkij; their mateship was a cause of some mild distresses amongst Sobirat'sya canines. It is rumored Malenkij only relented to Katja's desires of mateship when he realized his family was in danger of extinction. Katja is very beautiful, but Malenkij seems to take no notice of her beauty. Much of Katja's time is dedicated to raising her children and tending to the needs of her husband. She is very unhappy, but she would not jeopardize her good position.

Valerii Molotov

Ivan has taken Valerii Molotov as his mate; she is older (by several years) half-sister to Katja Molotov. She lacks her sister's stunning beauty, but she isn't ugly, either. Valerii is very much in love with Ivan and wants to be the best wife possible; Ivan is primarily smitten with her looks and ability to please him than anything else she has to offer.

Krasnyj Russo

Krasnyj oversaw the landward canines in service to the Russo family trade (e.g., canines who salted, smoked, or otherwise prepared catches). Upon her eleventh birthday, she retired from service. Now she lives alone in the Russo compound; though sharp of tongue and detail-oriented at her work, Kras is otherwise very lonely and isolated. Though she desired children and a mate, she tried all her life to no avail. She feels it is now too late.

Rurik Russo

Since 2011, Rurik has been essentially a lump within Sobirat'sya. He is sullen and sour, and seems to be in pain much of the time. Only the company of his mate Kiska soothes his foul moods. See his Wiki page for more.

3.  Other Family

These guys do not live in Sobirat'sya. Some of their whereabouts are unknown -- a small sect of Russo has cropped up in Amsterdam as well with Zharky and her children. Any other Russos (e.g., Vladimir and his siblings or Endymion have not lived in Sobirat'sya.

3.1  Amsterdam

  • Zharky Russo (fka Zharkyj): Zharky is one of the few Russos that left the original Arkhangel'sk area to live. She has two children, son Arkadiy and daughter Makariy, they live in Amsterdam together. Trips & communication with the family in Sobirat'sya, and Rurik, Silas, and Liliya visited these guys on their way to Lisbon port. Zharky dropped the "j" from her name to fit in better, though "on paper" she still is known as Zharkyj. Runs a bar and bud shop in Amsterdam, two children are helping more and more as they grow up.
  • Arkadiy Russo: Boisterous, friendly, happy-go-lucky. He picks on his sister a lot, but when it comes down to it, he'd totally kill someone for her.
  • Makariy Russo: Grumpy, a lot less playful than her brother, more serious. Very prissy and girly, and rather squeamish -- pretty much exclusively eats cooked meat, and goes @_@ at really bloody stuff.

3.2  Moscow

  • Lukya Russo: Lukya is prissy and uptight. Once devoted to her parents; when both died, and her brother was killed as a traitor, Lukya became withdrawn and sullen. She rarely ventured outside of the Russo compound, though she does not lack friends and good company within it. She refused to contribute to the well-being of the Russo family; Malenkij tolerated this from his cousin until 2013. After dealing with her poor attitude far too long, Malenkij ships Lukya off to Moscow with the Domitrovich family, hoping to arrange a mateship that would facilitate future trading.

3.3  Whereabouts Unknown

  • Thorn Russo: Rurik's favorite brother, came over to 'Souls with the original Syemv. Disappeared not long after; was seen again in 2013 in the Vinatta pack.

4.  History

  • If you are picking up a Russo, you do not need to know all of this shit, seriously. It's just to help you reference who your character might have known if they were in Sobirat'sya at a certain time. Only major incidents are included on this timeline, not all deaths/births/etc. Only Sobirat'syan incidents are counted here, as well.

4.1  Former Leadership

  • 2000–2004: Yulian Chezov
  • 2004–2005: Zinoviya Miloslav
  • 2005–2010: Vik Russo
  • 2010–Present: Malenkij Russo

4.2  Dead Russo Family Members

First Ancestral Generation

  • Zinoviya Russo: Zinoviya Russo was the Matriarch of the Russo family for many years, though she passed the honors along to her son Vik in name. Despite her retirement, she retained power over the Russo household and was still respected by most as the head of the family until her death in 2013. She was the epitome of an outspoken and bold Russo woman; stories of Zinoviya are still fondly repeated through the Russo family.
  • Vasil Russo: Vasil was always overshadowed by his wife. Vasil was a fisherman; he worked with Yulian for a decade before retiring at the age of 15. Vasil loved to drink red wine in life; he was very proper (didn't curse in front of Rurik) and well-mannered, a contrast to Yulian.
  • Yulian Chezov: Yulian was a "rough seafarer" type with a healthy streak of pirate. Yulian had a massive and badass pirate tattoo on his back. Many of his stories of fishing and sailing the White Sea are still traded amongst Russo campfires.
  • Verochka Nadezhda: Verochka was a doting, typical grandmother. She went senile and was remembered by her mate Yulian and daughters, Taheau and Krasavitsa, more than anyone. Now that they are dead, memories of Verochka are fading from Russo memory.

4.3  First Generation

  • Vik Russo: Zinoviya's only surviving son, Vik was an overbearing and hard-driving man who worked hard to support the Russo family through his lifetime. He fished the white sea, captaining the largest of the Russo fleet. After the boating accident in 2010, Vik abruptly retired, leaving the Russo family with some question as to his successor. Robjik eventually named his nephew, Malenkij to the duty. A stoic canine, Vik is not generally well-remembered; his mother overshadowed him through much of his life, and his final days as Patriarch of the Russo family cast him in a poor light. Vik became reclusive, spending most of his time with his mother and remaining children.
  • Taheau Chezov-Russo: Taheau, mother to Rurik and mate to Vik, was extremely devoted to her family. She loved small children and grandchildren, though her love for all the Russo family was quite apparent. She became a darling of Zinoviya, and spent much of her time with the old woman.
  • Krasavitsa Chezov-Lebedev (aka Krasa): Krasa is not a Russo by blood, but she lived with the Russo family for the entirety of her life. This is primarily thanks to the ties between Taheau, Krasa's sister, and Vik, Taheau's mate. Krasa, her sister, and her parents Yulian and Verochka were members of the Chezov family adopted into the Russo family as a result of this mateship. Though outspoken and driven, Krasa did not do much with her life other than produce a litter of children for her mate.
  • Pavel Lebedev: Pavel was the mate of Krasavitsa. He died in a boating accident in late 2010. Pavel is not well-remembered.
  • Milena Ivanov-Russo: Milena became Robjik's mate at a young age. Throughout her life, she was an ill woman. She rarely ventured outside of the Russo compound, and only her mate and daughters knew her well; she is not well-remembered.
  • Robjik Russo: Son of Zinoviya and Vasil. Robjik was an extremely smart and well-educated canine, acting as the brains of the Russo fishery operation for many years. Robjik was far more laid-back and easy-going than Vik, but also far less social. He is well-remembered amongst the Russos, but he was considered stuffy; the Russos thought he did not know how to have fun.

Second Generation

  • Schastlivyj Russo (aka Schast): Schast died in a 2010 boating accident. Much like his younger brothers Skrom and Stra, was their third partner-in-crime prior to his untimely death. Schats's siblings made sure their children grew up with stories of him.
  • Skromnyj (aka Skrom or Rom): Outspoken, rowdy, one-dimensional;. Strannik's twin. Died trying to save Stra in the 2010 boating accident.
  • Strannik (aka Nik or Niki): Outspoken, rowdy, and a total womanizer. Skromnyj's twin. Seems determined to stay a bachelor, and thinks his brother Rom is destined for the same. Died in 2010 boating accident.
  • Isidor Chezov: Quiet in life and is not well-remembered. Died in 2010 boating accident.
  • Saveli Russo: Saveli is the black sheep of the family; he was disliked universally even prior to his crimes. Rurik Russo killed him in 2011. Stories of Saveli's treachery are still traded amongst the Russo canines.

4.4  Early History

4.5  Middle History

4.6  Recent History

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