Humans in the 'Soulsverse


This was a non-canon LASKY event/contest, similar to Madness Manifest and Matchmaker! Players paired up to roleplay out threads on the theme, then voted for the best threads in several categories.

As per game rules, humans cannot be referenced in active roleplay or the direct histories of active characters, nor can they be created as characters -- but they do exist in 'Souls canon, barricaded in strongholds in cities like NYC and Tokyo. Many players have expressed interest in the human side of things over the years, so this was their chance to explore these outposts!


  • Most Realistic
  • Most Uplifting
  • Most Depressing
  • Borderline Ridiculous But Maybe It Could Actually Happen??


Winners from each category received an icon on their profile with the hovertext "extinction didn't kill us."


Category: Contests