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1.  About

That is all.

2.  History

Basically, Sie won an icon in the WhatAFace contest. It was left on the Ezboard and reclaimed in like, 2010. Eventually, Sie decided Kaena had too many damn icons, and decided instead to take the scribble icon and pass it onto unsuspecting newcomers and random folks of 'Souls to confuse them and hopefully prompt them into posting a topic or commenting about it. For some reason, this amuses the ever-loving shit out of Sie. No one really knows why. 8|

2.1  The Legend of the Lost Scribble

Sie promises she was only slightly baked when this tale was penned.

In the times of yore, long ago, prior to the Great Board Exchange of 2008, there was yon scribble, located on the title of one KaenaLykoi, whose owner was always sad that she hadn't the foresight to register an account with a space in it like a normal person. This scribble was unknown to even those who had adorned that account with said scribble -- the icon's hover text was lost to the ages, leaving only "I."

"I what? What did I do?!" cried Sie, ever sorrowful that the scribble and its legend had been lost to the ages. Thankfully, a knight of the times, one Anna, plucked the scribble from the account on the lost board and transferred it to the new realm, where all the inhabitants had henceforth settled. Overjoyed at the return of the mysterious scribble, Sie rejoiced and there was much revelry and feasting. The fact that the scribble's lore had been lost to history was irrelevant -- the scribble had been returned, with joyous new hover text of "Sie smells."

The mystery continued, until eventually, Sie tired of the scribble, and decided instead to pass its mystery and beauty along to the next unsuspecting victim, allowing the boon of the scribble to fall where it may. Many were highly confused and agitated at its appearance on their title, accompanied with the ever-helpful hover text of "WTF IS THIS SCRIBBLE IN MY TITLE." Topics were posted, questions were answered, and eventually -- the legend of the scribble was uncovered.

A denizen of the realm, Sir Mary F. Poppinz, revealed to all the story of the scribble: it was, apparently, won during the great and legendary What a Face contest, in which participants were obliged to doodle silly shit all over their usual avatars and make them as silly, artistic, or awesome as possible. How this tale had become lost to the ages is unknown, but we are assuming it simply fell into one of the many black swamp holes in Sie's brain.

As the icon moved from account to account, though these tales remained fresh in the minds of all, one day, the scribble was not there where Sie had last placed it. Frantically, she searched every corner of the kingdom, going so far as to cry in the town square about how she had lost her poor scribble. From then henceforth, the scribble has been searched for, high and low, with great bounties promised to the one truest of them who might find the legendary lost scribble...


  • 'Souls Assemblage account, because this causes lols for Sie
  • All OOC Player accounts now have it, HAHAHAHAHAHA -- Kiri

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