First introduced in October 2020 and following in a similar vein to the Word of the Day contest, Wordtober challenges participants to incorporate one super spooky daily word into a post every day of the month. To be extra challenging, plurals and variations on a root word are NOT accepted -- so you can't use "superstitious" instead of "superstition." >:)


Participants who managed to use the daily word in a post each day and won a cute little icon and a snazzy custom title!

Consolation Corner

Those who didn't use a word on its given day, but still used all 31 words within 31 posts throughout the month, were given a consolation prize of a snazzy custom title! Plurals and word variants are allowed in consolation corner. :)

2020 Spooky Word List

  1. terrifying
  2. grotesque
  3. bloodcurdling
  4. nightmarish
  5. apprehensive
  6. cobweb
  7. skeletal
  8. vanish
  9. repulsive
  10. cemetery
  11. unsettling
  12. occult
  13. apparition
  14. scream
  15. palpitations
  16. haunt
  17. macabre
  18. howling
  19. decomposing
  20. orange
  21. sorcery
  22. fangs
  23. ghoulish
  24. blood
  25. superstition
  26. mysterious
  27. wraith
  28. monster
  29. skull
  30. moonlit
  31. devilish


  • Can posts be written or posted ahead of time? What if you know you'll be away from the computer for a few days?
    Posts need to be posted day-of to count.
    You can draft and save posts ahead of time using the board's draft feature and just hit post on the appropriate day (via phone, if needed), but be courteous to your RP partners. (Writing in advance and then withholding the post for a long time isn't great!)
  • Do LASKY posts count?

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