April Fools Jokes

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It's an absolute travesty that this page wasn't created earlier to document my history of great genius. -- Kiri

1.  2008

While there were probably small jokes in years prior, 2008 was the first major April Fools incident. Following months of low activity and intermittent drama, it was announced on April 1st that the board was closing. This was a big lie! But we did burn everything to the ground. :') Who doesn't love a good bait 'n switch?

2.  2012

In 2012, major changes to the game were announced -- the Luperci virus had mutated a parallel strain, the Equestri virus, which affected species in the genus Equus. A timeline for the changes was included, with Equestri characters to become fully playable in June. The skin header was also updated to include My Little Pony silhouettes hidden in the background and the traditional Luperci/Non-Luperci icons were changed to horseshoe icons.

As spring arrives in Eastern Canada, the Luperci virus begins to mutate and change. It becomes an potent airborne virus, no longer limited to transfer by exchange of bodily fluids, and spreads more quickly than ever. However, instead of affecting animals of the genus Canis in any notable way, the virus seems to now be affecting animals of the genus Equus. Horses, mules, donkeys, and ponies that have been in frequent contact with Luperci canines all pick up on the new strain of viral mutagen -- dubbed Equestri.
Affected animals of the Equestri virus process a variety of changes over the first several weeks of infection, though they are rather dissimilar to the changes Luperci go through. For most Equestri, changes include significant intellectual gains and unique and vibrant changes to fur colors and patterns, as well as some proportional changes to physique. For about 33% of the infected, additional limbs begin to sprout from the shoulders, covered in downy feathers. Over several more weeks, these limbs become full-fledged wings and the animal's bones hollow out and lighten, accommodating viable flight. For another 33% of the infected, a single horn begins to protrude from the forehead area, growing to about a foot in length over several weeks.
Two months after the initial infection of the Equestri virus, affected animals are fully transformed. With equal intelligence to their Luperci masters now, former beasts of burden may or may not choose to continue serving. Quick to pick up Luperci high speech and still well versed in equine low speech, Equestri have a linguistic advantage over canines, not to mention a size and brute strength advantage, despite being prey animals. If they decide to, herds of Equestri could conceivably overthrow the canine dominance of the Nova Scotia area...

This joke occurred at the height of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic hype and an impressive number of people fell for it. Kiri is still very proud.

3.  2016

Operation Meteor was announced on April 1st, 2016. Leaders were given prior notice to the meteor plot, wherein a meteor would strike off the coast of Nova Scotia, causing earthquakes and other disruptions. However, they weren't told about the parasitic alien invasion that would arrive with the meteor. Because that part was a joke. ;)

The bright red star that appeared in the sky with the spring equinox grew steadily larger in days following before disappearing as suddenly as it appeared.
A dark shadow appears over the western coast of Nova Scotia the next day, like a heavy storm cloud hanging low in the sky. A large, round silver thing hangs impossibly in the sky, and then, without warning, red light fires down in two straight and narrow beams. The ground splits open upon impact and burns. More arrows of red light rain down from the sky -- trees catch fire, smoke rises in thick pillars, the whole world shakes and trembles violently as flame and steam rises from the earth.
The shining metal ship wrecks havoc over the west for long hours. The sea sends forth massive waves as huge fissures appear in the shuddering ground and the coast starts to break apart into separate pieces -- small islands shaking free from the peninsula.
Eventually, the red light ceases, and a smaller silver shape descends from the belly of its mother, which rises back into the clouds and disappears. The remaining ship is slim and pointed, curved like a blade. It lands on the edge of the shattered western coast, on the edge of the ethereal eclipse. A pack of Luperci emerge.

4.  2017

Mel rickrolled everyone in the board announcements. ;)

5.  2018

Everyone assumed the Secret Seed Icon Hunt was a lead-up to some elaborate April Fool's joke, but the jokes on you it's a real plot!!