Icon Hunts

1.  Premise

Usually themed around a holiday, Icon Hunts involve the SA hiding a number of little icons all over the place. Unless specifically excluded, just about everywhere is fair game, including all publicly available topics on the forum (even those in Dead Topics!), the RP Guide, and all the pack websites. The first person to locate all of the hidden icons, or whoever has the most icons by the deadline, gets one of the icons as a prize for their title. Icon Hunts encourage members to look around in places on the board, etc, that they may not visit normally.

2.  The Hunts

2.1  Easter Bunny Hunt 2003/2004 (?)

The first Icon Hunt debuted during Easter of either 2003 or 2004. There were about 20 little bunny icons that were supposedly hidden around the EZBoard. Unfortunately, the SA was retarded and forgot to hide the last bunny so we had a lot of poor people running around for a long time trying to find the last icon that totally didn't exist. >_> Two winners were elected in the end; Libri and some other person! After this first infamous incident, the Icon Hunt disappeared for a few years.

2.2  Thanksgiving Food Hunt 2007

The Icon Hunt finally returned for Thanksgiving 2007[1]. Twelve different icons of various Thanksgiving foods were hidden around the board. Amazingly, Shannon-Lucifer found all of them within 24 hours, making it pretty much the shortest contest ever. She chose the taco icon as her prize.

2.3  Holiday Icon Hunt 2007

Because the Thanksgiving hunt was so alarmingly brief, another Icon Hunt was launched[2] not long afterwards for the holiday season. This time, fifteen different icons were hidden between the board, the website, the RP Guide, and the pack websites. Starting with this hunt, not all of the icons are hidden at the beginning of the contest. Instead, ten of the icons were hidden with the rest to be hidden by a certain date. This was to give everyone a better shot by preventing one crazy nutter from finding them all in too short a time. This time, no one found all of the icons by the deadline, but Akumu had the most and instead of choosing one of the new holiday icons, she opted for the Corn on the Cob icon from the Thanksgiving hunt.

2.4  Halloween Icon Hunt 2008

Ten Halloween icons were hidden on the forum[3]. Erin was the winner.

2.5  Lucky Clover Hunt 2010

After a year and a half break, the Icon Hunt returned for St. Patrick's Day 2010[4] when fifteen clovers were hidden around the board, RP Guide, and pack websites. In a small twist, fourteen of the clovers were three-leafed and one was four-leafed, which was worth the same as three three-leafed clovers. The first person to find fourteen clovers worth of clovers was the winner, giving more value to the lucky clover. Since the lucky clover was released early, Marit managed to find eleven normal clovers and the four-leafed clover in two days, winning the four-leafed clover as her icon prize.

2.6  Mysterious Icon Hunt 2011

The icons were hidden in mid-March and the deadline was March 31st at 11:59 pm. The catch? No one said what the icons were! When it was finally announced, it was said that the icons were invisible! Kiki found all ten, earning herself the pot of gold icon, and Meghann and Noelle also found a bunch, earning them invisible icons.

2.7  10th Birthday Icon Hunt 2011

We threw another icon hunt for our BIG TEN celebration. Appropriately, 10 birthday cupcake icons were hidden. Sylvey was our winner, as the first to find them all!

2.8  Summer Icon Hunt 2013

In June 2013, we hid 15 flower icons on a delayed release, with 10 hidden initially on June 9th, and the rest hidden by June 15th. Miyu was the winner, being the first to find all 15 flowers on June 16th. Their prize was a choice of any of the flower icons, and they choose the wood sorrel. Kels?, Kitty, and Sylvey also found them all, but note quite fast enough!

2.9  13th Birthday Icon Hunt 2014

For our thirteenth birthday, we brought back those bunny icons from ten years ago and hid 13 of them around the board. There was no missing bunny this time!! Shockingly, no one found all the bunnies and Sylvey was our winner with just five icons! Sie might have been the real winner though, for successfully hiding icons where no one would ever find them!

2.10  Secret Seed Icon Hunt 2017

In late January, Sunny mused that it'd been a while since the last icon hunt. Without prompting, Kiri concocted a secret, unannounced icon hunt for 10 seed icons which spiraled into a crazy Neopets-style puzzle and plot. No one stopped Kiri, so the contest rolled with the February newspost, but no one noticed for a long time. Ultimately, there was one winner, Myst, though valiant attempts to solve the puzzle were made by Kite, Vida, Lin, Despi, and Kitty, all of whom received consolation prizes.

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