Create a Territory Contest

Create a Territory V

Once again our map has been expanded to include most of the rest of Nova Scotia! The port cities of Yarmouth and Barrington are now playable, but they aren't very interesting without any sub-territories! There's also the matter of that "unknown" section which could use a name and a description, don't you think? We also think Halcyon Mountain could use a bit of spicing up with sub-territories -- it's such a huge chunk of land but hardly anyone ever roleplays there. :O We're hoping you guys can help us out!

Things We're Looking For

  1. A name and description for the "unknown" territory on the map.
  2. Up to five (5) sub-territories for the "unknown" territory.
  3. Up to five (5) sub-territories for Yarmouth and Barrington.
  4. Up to three (3) sub-territories for Halcyon Mountain.
  5. Sub-territory submissions for other territories are welcomed, but they're not as high-priority!

Important Dates

  • April 5 Open for submissions!
  • April 18 Submissions are closed! Polls created for each territory/sub-territory section.
  • April 22 Polls closed.
  • April 25 Winners announced.