'Souls Soldier of Love

See Also: Spotlight Soul and Community Soul.

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A new monthly spotlight encouraging topsite voting was introduced in January 2017. It ran until May 2020, when it was retired.

1.  About

This one is plain and simple -- the person who votes the most each month for our topsites will proudly wear the 'Souls Soldier of Love icon for the following month!

Participants can vote daily in a number of topsites just by clicking! If you've only got time for two or three, that's fine! If you've got time to go through the whole list, even better!

Verify your participation by responding to the thread with the number of topsites you voted in each day. If you have a RPGFix account and voted in RPGFix's topsite list that day, mention and link it for an extra point since RPGFix counts votes double if you have an account.

Remember: Topsite voting participation and contests/raffles centered around it has always relied on member integrity and honesty. We don't have any way of knowing whether you actually voted, but there's not much of a point if you don't, y'know?.

2.  Prizes

In addition to the monthly icon, if we're #1 on one or more of our "Super Topsites" for the month they win, our 'Souls Soldier of Love gets an extra prize!

  • #1 on ONE Super Topsite: Custom title
  • #1 on TWO Super Topsites: Custom icon
  • #1 on THREE Super Topsites: Custom avatar

So the more voting, the better the spoils! :)

2.1  Doodle Avatars

Starting in July 2018, the monthly winner will also receive a free doodle avatar from a staff member (rotated monthly and always a surprise!). Winners for SoL must have voted a minimum of five (5) times in the month and cannot be staff members. If a member wins three months in a row, they will be unable to win again for three months.

3.  Winners

3.1  2017

3.2  2018

3.3  2019

3.4  2020