Madness Manifest


Madness Manifest was a non-canon LASKY posting contest akin to Matchmaker where, rather than being paired with a romantic partner, characters were suffering from a reality-bending "ailment" and had a thread where it was in effect. Each character was assigned a random "ailment" and a random partner. Each ailment could be assigned to only two characters so as to prevent too much overlap, unless the amount of participants required an adjustment to this rule. The threads that occurred thereafter were then voted on in a series of categories.


  • Worst Ailment Luck
  • Most Accepting of Their Fate
  • Biggest Meltdown
  • Most Likely to Become a Recluse
  • Most Likely to Take Advantage of their Ailment


  • Wakes up in the body of a prey-animal (capable of canine high speech)
  • Wakes up as a ghost (capable of being seen by anyone they encounter)
  • Wakes up as an inanimate object that rolls/hops/drags, etc. itself around (player decides object)
  • Wakes up with an extra pair of limbs that seem intent on doing their own thing
  • Wakes up much older than they were
  • Wakes up much younger than they were
  • Wakes up with a body of the opposite sex
  • Wakes up being followed by their own doppelganger who critiques everything they do and say
  • Wakes up having switched bodies with their assigned partner
  • Wakes up twice the size they originally were
  • Wakes up half the size they originally were
  • Wakes up as a non-Luperci OR permanently transformed into an Optime form canine, if already non-Luperci
  • Wakes up fused at the hip with their assigned partner
  • Wakes up completely hairless beside their mane in Optime form


Winners from each category received an icon on their character profile with hovertext indicating which category they won in!


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