Spike is an English Bull Terrier dominant crossbreed from merry ol' England. His real name is Samuel, though he much prefers to be called Spike, the only others to know his true name are his immediate family, such as his twin brother, Ricky?





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  • Date of Birth: 24th May 2011
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Government Estate, Sapient
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Sapient
  • Rank: Sodalis
    • Co-Rank: N/A
    • Area of Study: N/A

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Sapient members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Spike around packlands;
    • scavenging building materials and metal.
    • with Ricky.
    • out with Ginny
    • fixing tools, tack and trinkets.




  • Species: Spike is 100% dog and this is overwhelmingly evident in his features.
  • Fur: Very short and fine, though coarse and slightly waxy to the touch. Thinner and softer on the lower belly where pink skin shows through.
    • Optime Hair: In Optime form his mane is a short and naturally erect mohawk that starts mid-forehead and extends to the nape of his neck.
  • Facial Features: As per his mostly Bull Terrier heritage Spike possesses a remarkable face; it slopes smoothly to create a 'roman nose' with little visible stop to his muzzle, only the slightest drop just beneath his eyes betrays any other heritage. His face is broad and generally jovial, though due to the strange shape and overall largeness he often looks intimidating without meaning to. His jaw muscles are well defined and quite blocky.
  • Build and Size: Spike is short and stocky, his lifestyle and work shaping his body to be quite heavily muscled, especially around the upper back, shoulders and thighs. Despite his short stature he is broad and therefore seems larger than he actually is. This and his strength has led him to be extra gentle with his movements. He does sometimes still blunder, but is often gentle and careful with his movements.
  • Humanization: Spike is very humanised, he very rarely uses any form other than Optime and when in Optime will almost always be found wearing Clothes and Accessories.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat color: White
    • Secondary coat color: Black
  • Markings:
    • Black tipped tail
    • Black mane on top of head and neck.
    • Black goatee on chin.
  • Eyes: Dark shades of brown, almost back in some light.
  • Optime Hair: Black
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Pale pink.


Old Lace (#FEFDF6)
We Peep (#F7D9E2)
Cedar (#3C2315)
Zeus (#291E19)
Rangoon Green (#060604)


85.9 lbs (39 kg)
23 in (58 cm)


In Lupus he looks very much like a stereotypical English Bull Terrier, though is slightly larger and has short tufts of longer black fur on his tail tip, chin and along the top of his head and neck. Broad chested and front legs slightly bowed. Rarely in this form.

100 lbs (50 kg)
30 in (76 cm)


Large and muscular, muscles are clearly defined under thin coat. Muscles, skin and fat thickens considerably over his shoulders and neck creating a very front heavy look. Rarely in this form.

160 lbs (72 kg)
5 ft, 11 in (180 cm)


Tall for a Bully but short compared to most other canines. Is broad in the shoulders, chest and back. Well muscled all over. Short fur thins even more over his chest and stomach allowing his pinky pink skin to show through. Mane is short, erect black mohican. Chest tattoo usually visible unless clothed. Is often clothed (Cargo pants and woolly jumper)



  • Piercings: Often changing ear piercings.
  • Tattoos: Celtic knot type Bull head on left pectoral.
  • Scars:
    • Multiple small shiny burn scars on hands and lower arms.
    • Multiple small cut scars on hands and lower arms.


  • Silver and Steel piercings.


  • Almost always wearing some clothing of some sort:
    • Handmade canvas trousers, either grey or black.
    • Woolen jumpers, Navy blue, Dark green, or grey.
    • Long Green woolen scarf. (only in winter or cold weather)
    • Dark grey beanie hat. (only in winter or cold weather)
    • Scarred leather tool belt.
    • Scarred and singed leather apron. (when working)


  • Speech:
    • Has a deep, mellow, gentle voice with a mild to strong Somerset accent.
    • Often uses British West Country colloquialisms such as ee (he, you), mate (friend), gwain (going), gurt (great).
    • Example
  • Scent:
    • Pack: Sapient; Metallic, Tule, Oregano, Salt, Moineau family.
    • Families: Shepherd family; Livestock, earthy, loamy soil.
    • Individual Traits: Metal, singed fur, woodsmoke, oiled leather.
  • Body Language:
    • Holds himself with confidence and an air of jolliness; head is often held high and shoulders relaxed, walks with an easy gait.
    • In close proximity to others his movements are slow and careful, but not hesitant or cautious, he strives to be gentle, but is still confident.
    • Due to the odd shape of his head and the placement of his eyes he sometimes has to turn or crane his head and neck to look at things.
    • Also, due to his slowly failing hearing he sometimes focuses on others mouths and hand gestures to try and interpret the context of things said or misheard. He also often re-positions his ears to try and hear better.
  • Residence and NPC's:
    • Currently lives in a shared room in the Government Estate with his brother.
    • Is accompanied by his twin brother, Ricky?.
    • They co-own a shire type horse Ginny?.



Born into the working class Spike strongly believes that working and working hard is important and this is reflected in him and his everyday life. He is driven and determined and will often be found at work of some sort, even if it is menial labour often maligned or over-looked by others. he enjoys work and will set to a task with a smile on his face and a sense of ease, especially if it is something that will benefit others. He has often been referred to as a workaholic, but he also does know his limits and will never drive himself to illness or injury, for if he did he would be of no use the next day for the work that needs to be done.

His work hard attitude also stems from a strong sense of duty, though this sense of duty also applies to other aspects of his life, such as his charitable demeanour and his zealous care for his disabled brother. The Bull Terrier man believes that it is the duty of the young and able-bodied to aid the elderly, infirm and the handicapped in any way that he can, he will go out of his way to help others ad believes it is only fulfilled duty. Though his dedication to his brother stems from love and affection as well as a seed of guilt.

Despite being dedicated to work and his inherent sense of duty he does not come across as sere or foreboding; he is jovial and open, often sporting a goofy smile and ready with a laugh. He enjoys the company of others and conversation when not working, though can become silent when working in his forge due to focus. Spike has always enjoyed a good gossip, but also loves to listen, given the opportunity he will listen to others talk and tell stories for hours, though is not much of a story-teller himself as he tends to become distracted and waffle on with unnecessary facts.

Aware of his size and strength he takes care around others, especially the old, young or the dainty as he knows how easily he could damage them. His gentle movements were cultivated alongside an impressive amount of patience, as he was taught that handling with care was only effective if one could also keep their temper in check. His patience is extra-ordinary and it would be easy to believe that nothing irks the Bully bloke, but he does possess a temper, it just has a very slow burn. Yet when the fuse reaches its end his ire can be explosive and dangerous, akin to a flash fire. He rages hot and fast, often burning out in a matter of minutes. Temper flares leave him drained and emotional, wracked with guilt, though they are very rare.



  • Likes: Work, chatting, animals, work, livestock, work, his brother, work.
  • Dislikes: Laziness, disrespect, discrimination, feckless people.


Laid-back, Jolly, Dutiful

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Expression: Extroverted
  • Alignment: neutral good


  • Failure, Loss of family and friends, his burgeoning deafness.


  • Work, duty, loyalty, fun fun fun.


  • Packs: Is loyal to Sapient, friendly with Krokar due to trade relations. Willing to trade with any pack.
  • Species: Non-biased, though feels a natural affinity with other dogs.
  • Non-Luperci: Cannot understand why one would not want to be Luperci, loves the Luperci way of life and the benefits it grants. If he was to come into contact with a non-luperci would likely opt to discuss their way of life, and perhaps offer the infection.
  • Gender: non-biased, respects all genders.
  • Color: non-biased.
  • Sexuality: Accepting and understanding of sexualities and relationships, though is disgusted by incest.
  • Age: Believes that the old and very young are to be cared for, is generous and charitable to both age groups.


  • Bisexual - Kinsey 3 (Equally homo and heterosexual)
    • Charming and gentle-manly during initial flirting and encounters
    • Once more comfortable and flirting established he can become cheeky and playful
    • When truly relaxed and comfortable his dirty British humour reveals itself.
    • Dominant but gentle in relationships.
    • Prefers individuals that have their own strengths yet is sometimes drawn to those that need protecting.


  • Has drunk and will drink alcohol; likes cider and some ales, though is not a fan of spirits.
  • Smoked tobacco while on the Jolly Cauliflower but quit when they made land, is impartial to smoking.
  • Has no desire to try any other substances but is not overly judgemental of those that do.


has no belief, is atheistic.


* Does not know this person by name.

Family: Shepherd/Jenkins

  • Mother: Gertrude 'Gert' Shepherd (Nee Jenkins)
  • Father: William 'Billy' Shepherd
  • Siblings: Richard 'Ricky' Shepherd, Elisabeth 'Lissy' Shepherd, Charles 'Charlie' Shepherd, Jethro Shepherd, Dennis 'Den' Shepherd, Thomas 'Tommy-boy' Shepherd, Joseph 'Joe' Shepherd, Jeffrey 'Joff' Shepherd, Genevieve 'Jenny' Shepherd, Martha 'Marty' Shepherd, Margaret 'Gary' Shepherd, and Nancy Shepherd.
  • Grandparents: James Shepherd, Victoria Shepherd, Lloyd Jenkins, Harriet Jenkins.
  • Extended: Unnamed nieces and nephews.


Key Relations

Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations




  • Education and Learning: Was apprenticed to the village smith in England, picked up new tips and tricks on his journey to Nova Scotia.
  • Blacksmithing (Journeyman): Competent and talented he can build a working forge and use it correctly. Can fix tools and weapons but can also create basic tools and weaponry.
  • Is still learning the more complicated smithing, learning how to make better weapons and decorative items.

Skill 2

  • Education and Learning: Learned as a hobby, self-taught, developed alongside the smithing, experimented with offcuts of leather from the farm and smithy.
  • Leather work (Journeyman): Can competently craft a large variety of leather goods from strips and sheets to clothing, decorative items and even tack.
  • Cannot yet work with the softer leathers like suede.


Spike was born in Somerset, England to loving parents William (Billy) and Gertrude (Gert) Shepherd. He and Ricky, his twin brother, were the youngest of the loving couples litters, completing the large, farming family. Originally the boys were named Samuel and Richard, though their nicknames, Spike and Ricky, were very quickly created and adopted.

Spike and Ricky grew up in a busy family and working environment; they quickly learned their place amongst the many children of their parents, and found their roles on the farm.

Through hard work and good hearty meals the boys grew quickly, finding themselves filling out to fit their Bully bodies and taking pride in the raw strength they possessed. They became adept farmhands, but also developed other useful skills along the way. Both took a keen interest in fixing things, with Spike taking on the larger projects, working on tools like the basic handplows, and Ricky focusing on the more fiddly fixes. These interests lead to Spikes smithing and leather-working, while Ricky took up jewelry crafting.

The boys became well valued in the rural community, well known for their willingness to help out others and their unique skills. Many a farmer and farmers wife went to the boys for tools and trinkets, often paying the dogs with food or clothes.

Yet everything changed for the boys and their many siblings when their father fell ill. Billy, an old dog, was brought down with pneumonia, the illness decimating his body. The patriarch passed suddenly, leaving poor old Gert to look after her large brood alone. She loved them all dearly, but she knew they couldn't all stay as she couldn't provide for all of them. The farm they worked gave them much of the food that they ate, but it wouldn't be enough for all of them anymore, not with her eldest pups beginning to bring home mates and pups of their own. So she called a family meeting and told everyone that she was to trade away the farm.

This announcement caused considerable tension in the family and many of the boys older siblings left there and then, breaking their poor mothers heart. Only three of her pups stayed with Gert; Spike, Ricky and one of her daughters, Lissie. They helped with the trade of the farm, one of the local Collie families offered their old farmhouse in exchange for the Shepherd property. They all saw it as the fairest deal they'd get and promptly took it.

Though tragedy struck yet again during the move; an old handplow that had been left to rust in the yard came loose from its moorings during one rainy afternoon and fell onto Ricky, badly damaging his leg and lacerating his body and face. Spike was the one to find his twin and save his life by cutting off his brothers leg. The wound was terrible, and it was only the quick thinking and strength of Spikes that got Ricky to the village doctor on time. The doctor did all he could and managed to save Ricky, but his right leg was gone for good and the sight in his left eye would always be lesser than that of his right.

Spike blamed himself and was all set to run away from home, exiling himself, as it was he who had left the plow there for so long, it had been his job to fix it or move it and he hadn't, when his mother caught him packing. She sat him down and talked him through everything, convincing the broad young man that it wasn't his fault, and that running away was not the answer. Staying and caring for his brother was the answer. So that's what Spike did. Until his mother passed away.

Gert was old, and she had never really gotten over Billy's passing, it was a blessing in the end for the old girl to go, though it broke Spike, Ricky and Lissies hearts. They agreed that once they buried their mother they would go their separate ways. Lissie travelled off to London and Spike and Ricky got on the first boat out of the country.

They stayed with the ship they first boarded, the Jolly Cauliflower, for a year, learning all they could. On the ship Ricky picked up his skills in tattooing and piercing, with many of the ships crew going to him for their ink and steel. Spike learned how to bare-knuckle box from the Irish crew members and quickly became the ships champion. Yet after a year the boys found that they missed solid land and farming.

The Jolly Cauliflower docked at Freetown harbour and the boys departed, setting off on an all new adventure to find a new home. After mooching around Freetown and acquiring a Shire type horse and a worn old cart they set about finding some equipment. Spike managed to find a very old, medium sized crude anvil and an incomplete set of hammers in desperate need of repair. With the basics acquired they headed off to find a home.