Wiki Week

Over the years, we've had multiple initiatives encouraging players to update the Wiki. These events all had different names because staff kept forgetting what we called it the last time.

In May 2015, it was called Spring Cleaning (is May even Spring anymore??), which was a low-key, modest event. Participants were entered into a raffle for art by Raze.

In November the same year, for 'Souls's birthday, it reprised as Wiki ♥ Love, which introduced a point system based on edits and an icon prize for the player with the most points. KING of WIKI.

For the 2019 birthday, the event returned as the Wacky Wiki Update Initiative, which featured a similar point system and a guaranteed icon prize for all players with a certain number of points. your file has been saved.

In 2020, Wiki Week returned as Wiki Week, once again as part of birthday celebrations. Maybe we will stick with this name?? The icon prize was again award to all players meeting a certain point threshold. a stack of burned CDs and stolen music.

In 2021, we kept the same Wiki Week name and the event remained as a part of birthday celebrations! An icon prize was awarded to all players meeting a certain point threshold. digital camera photos with orange timestamps The crown icon KING of WIKI was also brought back for the player who got the most points.