Decorate the Map Contest

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  1.   1.  Premise
  2.   2.  Winners
    1.   2.1  Best Photo Manipulation
    2.   2.2  Most Artistic
    3.   2.3  Best Social Commentary
    4.   2.4  Funniest
  3.   3.  Honourable Mentions
  4.   4.  Prize
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1.  Premise

Provided image for editing

Members were asked to take the current map showing the current packs as of August 1 (Dahlia de Mai, Esper Hollow, Phoenix Valley, Shadowed Sun, and Twilight Vale) and redecorate it. Entries were judged based on the following categories: Best Photo manipulation, Most Artistic, Best Social Commentary and Funniest.

2.  Winners

2.1  Best Photo Manipulation

Mel's entry

2.2  Most Artistic

2.3  Best Social Commentary

Swiftclaw's entry

2.4  Funniest

3.  Honourable Mentions

Erin's entry

4.  Prize

A customizable title was awarded to each entrant.

Akumu's entry

Sara's entry

Shannon's entry

Vannah's entry

4.1  Links

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