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1.  About

Hot Potato is like a game... sort of! It's actually just . It's a ~*total mystery*~ as to how this tradition originated or anything, but administrators have been randomly putting it into people's titles for like, three years or something. It is faintly reminiscent of the Title Wars, in that it's basically just the SA messing with our heads and our titles! >:|!!! The Hot Potato has been likened to an "STI of 'Souls" in that it is randomly afflicted on unsuspecting members of the board. NO ONE IS SAFE. And, uh, I think when it originally showed up, someone thought it was a turd?! XD

On 9th February 2014, members noticed a NEW POTATO making the rounds! A LOADED POTATO!

2.  History

OKAY SO. Sie found how the Hot Potato was begun. Sit down, my children, for it is an epic tale of epic. In April of 2005, Caroline was in the 'Souls Assemblage, and she came up with a game for us admins to play (come on, we had like nine at the time, we were freaking bored). Here is a direct quote from the thread for you:

"I thought of a fun game for the SA to play. 'Title Potato.'

"Basically, one person starts with a potato icon in their title. As soon as they notice it's there, they have to move it to somebody else with admin powers (somebody who's in town, you filthy cheaters). One person (the loser from the previous round, or if we actually do this, I'll start) is in charge of starting it, and they are also in charge of stopping it at a random point in time, without paying attention to who has the potato.

AND THUS, THE HOT POTATO WAS BORN. Eventually, this went from an admins-only game to something that the admins randomly inflicted on everyone else... and uh, yeah. So it continues to today!

3.  Why is there a Scribble

There is Scribble because there is a scribble.

It was a prize for an early contest and the hover text for it got mangled at some point and one day the owner looked at their titles and went 'wtf is that' and lo, everyone shrugged and replied 'who tf knows' and then someone took this poor, unwanted scribble and moved it somewhere else and thus, it also became a thing to pass around!!!

Look, these sorts of pointless things just happen when the board is almost two decades old ok.

4.  Hot Potato Spottings

  • Forever
    • It was on DaVinci for like, ever. :I
  • April 2010
    • Alex had the hot potato for a short time!
    • Sie had the hot potato!
    • Libri had the hot potato!
    • Gwen has the hot potato!
    • Kei? was given the hot potato on her very first day of joining. XD [1]
  • March 2010
    • Kiri had it at some point in March. I think.
  • July 2010
    • Anna had the Hot Potato, and it looks like the waste from her duck icon. :I
  • September 2010
  • November 2010
  • December 2010
    • Saraqael/Morgan had the hot potato!
    • Cei has the hot potato!
  • January 2010
  • June 2012

Insert Potato Victims from June 2012 - November 2013 here!