Priya Ulrich-Lykoi

by Jmonster

Priya Romi Ulrich-Lykoi was born in February 2017 to mates Elody Lykoi and Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi in Salsola. She was ranked as The Family within the pack but also spent a lot of time marauding outside of Salsola. She retains the rank of The Family in the Salsola Outpost, where she serves as spy, merchant, and spiritualist.

She is the most distant family member in the Valkoich family, enough to where she almost does not accept them as her own. She considers only the sons of Till whom she was raised with to be her family, while anyone who is born from Till's new relationship to not be her kin. Priya does not talk to any of her half-siblings that may visit the outpost, but she does keep in contact with her older brother, Coaxoch, as they were very close in their youth.

She was sent to the Outpost in late 2018 by her father to make room in the Ulrich household for her growing siblings, she did not mind this, for she wished to create a life for herself, and she felt as if the chains of the packlands was holding her back. She spent a long time alone at the Outpost, and trained one of the resident Great horned owls to become her messenger. In mid-2019, she is reunited with her former slave, Phobos Erebos and rekindled a strong friendship between the two.

Outside of Salsola and outside of the Outpost, she goes by the name "Romi", which is her middle name.

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  • Family: Ulrich, Lykoi, Damaichu, Sadira, & Kimaris
  • Birthplace: Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Species: Coyote-dominant hybrid
  • Subspecies:
    • 54.685% Coyote(hybridized of subspecies)
    • 29.69% Wolf (hybridized of subspecies)
    • 15.625% Dog (hybridized of subspecies)

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Salsola members may reference seeing Priya doing the following:
    • Previously lurking around her older brother, or talking to herself/Valtin while wandering the Blackwoods.
    • Sneaking around Salsola's borders, scouting, and "taking care of intruders"




A basic summary of everything physical, all in one place! Pelt, mane, clothing, accessories, scars, tattoos. Bullet points for now...will fix later!

  • Dreadlocks styled in a bun
  • 00 Bone gauges in ears.
  • Probably will have Hand of Eris somewhere someday
  • Mother's amethyst necklace
  • moooore


 Muddy Waters (#b88a62)
 Spicy Mix (#8a6341)
 Black Marlin (#422d1b)
 Mikado (#332213)
 Karaka (#20140A)
 Acadia (#0A0602)
 Cod Gray (#191919)
 Flame Pea (#d4532a)
 Buttercup (#f2c20d)
 Buddha Gold (#c89206)


  • Fur: Primarily Black Marlin and Spicy Mix.
    • Markings: Brindled patterns in Acadia, her coat has a sort of gradient affect as it gets lighter as it descends to her toes and darker along the ridge of her back. The exception to this is the edge of her toes, or fingers in Optime form are a dark Acadia
    • Saddle: Acadia, flecked with Buddha Gold
    • Underbelly: Spicy Mix.
  • Eyes: Primarily Buttercup with Flame Pea around the outer edges of her irises.
  • Optime Hair: Acadia with streaks of Buddha Gold.
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Cod Gray.

0 lbs (0 kg)
0ft 0in (0 in / 0 cm)

0 lbs (0 kg)
0 in (0 cm)

0 lbs (0 kg)
0 in (0 cm)



TL;DR: A basic summary in paragraphs or bullet points.


  • Speech: how does your dude talk, son?
  • Scent: i hope you have a smelly, smelly coyote~~
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: oh man what a weirdo
  • General Posture and Body Language: do you have an imposing bro? or a meek and mild mouse?



  • Outlook: Pessimistic
  • Sociability: introverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Alignment?
    • "Relevant excerpt."
    • "Relevant excerpt."
    • "Relevant excerpt."
  • Tropes:


  • Self-preservation, finding direction and purpose, self-growth, defense of values



  • Likes: things, things, things
  • Dislikes: other things, but also, stuff


  • Packs: Salsola is da bes. Priya is, however, curious about other packs just because they are different/less talked about.
  • Species: Has no negative bias towards any specific species, but has a more positive bias towards hybrids because she is one!
  • Non-Luperci: Priya grew up with Salsola's biases, non-Luperci are generally seen as lesser than Luperci.
  • Gender: Although her mother was absent for her childhood DONT READ THIS, IT'S A SPOILER , Priya has many strong, female role-models all around her in Salsola. She has a slight favourable bias towards women.
  • Color: Nah
  • Sexuality: No?
  • Age: ??


Priya is a babby, this is TBD


  • In early life, Priya was introduced to ideas of Paganism and Norse faiths and had firmly believed in the Gods of Old. She believes in many gods, and invokes their power when she feels that they are needed. Unlike her brother she does not believe in the Khalif Gods, or the other gods of new that she knows that he follows.


She smokes tobacco, marijuana, and regularly gets a supply of Psilocybin mushrooms from her older brother, Coaxoch. She is an experienced "tripper" and often had many trips with her older brother.



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  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).
  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).
  • Weakness: Brief description of a characteristic shortcoming (e.g. bad at scouting, language barrier, zealot, frail).




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Priya lives in a small wooden cabin that lays on the edge of the Outpost. The outside of the roof is growing moss from lack of upkeep and the moistness of the area, but it does it's job and keeps her dry. It's tiny, and has a chimney that she uses often to keep her home cozy and warm. There is only a small front room/kitchen area and her bedroom.

Residence Inventory


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Character NPC

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Minor NPCs




Can be Referenced...

Tasso (American Badger)

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC (Companion)
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: American Badger
  • Date of Birth:
  • Onboard?: Not yeeet
  • Appearance: Kinda chubby, stout, and stripey. He is a baby right now so he's super cute.
  • Personality:
    • Likes sleeping during the day, table scraps, treats, ear scratches, Priya.
    • Not usually friendly towards strangers. Kind of grumpy, not the pet to be petted!! He's only really friendly to Priya.
  • Found by Phobos Erebos in the Salsolan Pine Barrens as a baby and gifted to Priya when she was sad.
  • Accompanied So-and-so to Packs

Around Salsola:

  • Salsolan woods, digging or eating when not with Priya.
  • Being grumpy.


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