Jezbel, by Kiri
PlayerNone; she is an open character. Contact Mel to adopt.
Date of BirthSept 12, 2005
Age4 years
'Souls Profile

Jezebel was a member of Inferni. She was originally from the Zion area, and participated in the war that occurred there.


Jezebel was born alongside three brothers in a extremely male influenced family and was not exactly cherished by either of her parents, ignored by her father and becoming the outlet for her mothers rage. So it wasn't a surprise when she left her childhood home at an early age, struggling to survive. She does not remember much of her youth except for the abuse she experienced and did not find trust in others until the age of one, when she became part of a group of coyotes and hybrids, and participated in the Scintilla War. She was under the leadership of Gabriel de le Poer, and through her work as a field medic, interrogator and torturer she worked closely another coyote named Eli, and was introduced to the concept of religion by both him and Gabriel. Until the end of the war, when a fire—unknowingly started by Gabriel—destroyed most of the survivors.

Luckily Jezebel escaped, though lost contact with both Gabriel and Eli, and has traveled alone since, searching for Gabriel whom she had grown attached to during the war and secretly loved. Now after two years of searching she has found Gabriel and joined his clan, slipping back into her previous friendship with him with ease, the feelings she held for him before blossoming once again, and finally coming out. She and Gabriel consummated their mutual attraction the night she left, perhaps because of this.

Jezebel returned to Scintilla, discovering on the journey westward she bore the children of Gabriel. Arriving in Scintilla, she birthed Ithiel de le Poer, Aemon de le Poer and stillborn Athai de le Poer. Jezebel raised her sons to the age of approximately five months. She succumbed to fatal infection following her wounding during a wolf attack in Scintilla.



  • Parents — Ithobaal l'Obscurité and Moriah Soule
  • Siblings — Ahaziah l'Obscurité, Jehoram Soule and Ahab l'Obscurité
  • Children with Gabriel de le PoerAemon and Ithiel


Jezebel is a small, curvaceous angel with dark ashy fur that is flowing and soft to the touch. An off white can be found on her chest, on a half mask upon her face and her inner ears, with a light dusting of off white freckles just below her ruby colored eyes. Also her ears and tail are both tipped with a jet black and she is never found without a plain black cross attached to a cord around her neck.

Her Lupus form continues to embrace the slight build that is characteristic of the melanistic woman. A blanket of black fur begins at her nape, and fades down her sides, and just before her tail. The cross hangs from her neck, but the chord is tightened significantly so it will not slip off. This form is quick, perfect suited to sustain her for long distance running, but it lacks the strength of her other forms. As such, it is used minimally; usually while scouting, or traveling.

Secui is similar to her Lupus, but she gains a great deal of strength and stamina over her smaller build. This is her primary build for combat situations. Whereas her smaller lupus shift is more built for scouting, this form was designed with brute force in mind. This form is swift, powerful, and lethal. She only uses this when faced with a formidable danger.