Josias Lykoi is the son of Jacinto Lykoi, and brother of Abella Salvador. Through Asra Nejem, he is the father of Seneca Rose Lykoi. He was killed on May 1st 2016 by Elody Lykoi after he trespassed on Salsola's land and refused to leave.

By Nat


The product of a one-night-stand, he never actually got to know his father, other than the name which his mother had tacked on to commemorate Jacinto's memory. Ready to move on with life, his mother moved the family south to Mexico. He was raised in the warm of Mexico, much southern than Nova Scotia. His mother had placed them in a group of coyotes. From there, he learned the ways of life without much social interaction. After all, his only sister Abella was absolutely stunning---the product of much speculation, a pawn in being the alliance-maker between another group. Shadowed by this, one night he simply removed himself from this.

No one really knew of his slipping away, and it's a mystery now to know if anyone searched for him. It troubles him very little to this day. Set on finding his father, whom his mother had spoken well of-Sias decided to go north, in search of his 'copy' as his mother had called him. On his travels, he had found many settlements, but no faces or friends to find himself to travel with. But that was okay, the silence wasn't minded.

Reaching the East Coast, Josias found himself in a very populated place--much to his dismay, and still continues his search for his father. He fell in with a lone jackal named Asra Nejem, and they conceived a litter together, though there was no love between them. They planned not to stay together, but after Asra became pregnant he grew extremely protective and possessive of the girl. He was proud to have a son and daughter born of him, but quickly lost interest in parenthood.

Despite having Jacinto's looks, Josias's personality grew darker -- more like his grandfather Kerberos. He was often violent around his family, many times threatening the mother of his children, chasing them off and then disappearing for weeks. Josias's malicious proclivities became more pronounced as his children grew, and he became more and more ruthless when he came around, beating their mother and coming after Seneca and her brother. A month after the children's first shifts, Asra urged them to take their horses and leave as quickly as they could. When Josias saw that Asra had betrayed him, he killed her.