Zibiah de le Poer

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  • Date of Birth: 8 Feb 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Pack: Pack? (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Rank: — (DD Mon YYYY)
  • Nickname: Zibi
  • Meaning: "gazelle"
  • Origin: Biblical, Hebrew
  • Chaza'el (golden eagle)
  • Lysta (horse)



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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Although she is a coyote-dominant hybrid and identifiable as one, Zibiah's muddled heritage lends her a rather well-blended look. She favors the coyote, but her wolfish features are not altogether out of place, either.
  • Fur: Zibiah has thick fur, oddly well-suited to colder temperatures and definitely more wolfish. Her ruff has especially thick fur, accentuating any gestures involving her hackles by quite a bit.
    • Her upper body is Muesli in color, while the lower is Makara. Her legs are tinged with Copper. Tea colors her inner ears, lower jaw, cheeks, throat, chest, bottom of lower legs and rear leg feathering.
    • Optime Hair: Very short-cropped, otherwise ignored hair in Optime form. It is Muesli in color.
  • Facial Features: Zibi is very coyote in her facial features, excepting her ears. Smaller and higher-set than most coyote ears, this feature marks her most clearly for a hybrid. Her muzzle is tinged with copper. Her ears are both Bull Shot colored.
    • Eyes: Thunderbird
  • Build and Size: Although Zibiah is relatively slight of frame, favoring the coyote in size and shape, she is very well-muscled thanks to busting her ass and working hard on her physical form. She will never be a hulking monster layered with rock-hard muscley-muscle -- but she is in very good shape and it shows. Her body is defined and athletic. Due to her encounter with a bear, she now has only a short stub for a tail.
  • Humanization: Varying level of humanization, normally wears accessories which have practical uses.



Muesli (#A9875F)
Makara (#877C6B)
Copper (#AC6E34)
Bull Shot (#845025)
Tea (#C1B9AD)


Thunderbird (#DF2A13)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Face, right side of muzzle: parallel, slightly curved scars on her lip
    • Left ear: Notch and a patchy-looking scar on the inward-facing outer part of her ear
    • Back: Four scars that stretch across her back, ending at the edge of her left hip and right shoulder.
    • She has no tail.
  • Piercings: Both ears pierced -- upper inside cartilage.
  • Tattoos: No.


Zibi is generally found wearing some sort of accessory. Any clothing she wears has a practical use, and she will rarely wear clothing just for show. She normally carries with her various different weapons.


  • A fur-lined poncho, worn during the winter seasons.
  • Simple leather chest piece, worn on occasion.
  • A leather belt, worn almost at all times.
  • A leather knife sheath, worn on her belt at all times.
  • Simple, worn leather arrow quiver worn on the side of her right leg.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • A crudely carved bear, made by her, hanging from a leather chord. Normally wrapped around her right arm.
  • A leather arm guard worn on her right arm.



41 lbs (xx kg) — 24 in (xx cm)

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132 lbs (xx kg) — 39 in (xx cm)

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187 lbs (xx kg) — 5ft 8in (68 in) (xx cm)


  • Speech:
  • Scent:
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
  • General Posture and Body Language:


2.  Personality

  • Zibi seems to have two separate personalities: the one she enacts when "on duty" and the one she enacts when "off duty."
    • Off: She is warm and friendly, often engaging in (seemingly) friendly competition. Despite her friendliness and extroversion, she is a difficult friend. She has high standards and is not hesitant to critique others: she won't tolerate laziness, etc. She's still very military-minded even when off: she'd turn a friend who betrayed the authority/order over in a second.
    • On: She speaks only when spoken to with superiors; she speaks only to deliver orders to inferiors. Her body language changes dramatically -- relaxed alertness characterizes her. She is not "tense alert" as in seconds from exploding into violence -- but she is definitely checking out her surroundings, assessing threats, and ready to spring into an explosion of violence if her surroundings or situation deem it necessary.
  • Zibiah is the most military-minded of the first litter born to Ithiel and Alma. She is overly appreciative of order, organization, authority.
    • Zibi is almost certainly the type to do terrible things because she was ordered to do so, under the guise of "just following orders" type justifications.
    • She is not especially moral or driven to obey any particular code, but neither is she the type to do terrible things just because, or even with reason. She'd kill in self-defense, but she wouldn't murder unless ordered to.
    • She is very loyal to her own group. This does not translate into hostility/generosity toward inferiors or questioning/fawning toward superiors: she finds it very easy to fit into hierarchies, whether strict (ranks) or informal (social groups).
  • Zibiah is highly competitive, but not in an especially overt way. She is concerned with politeness and giving off a particular air: she wants to be a detached, indifferent badass... but finds herself giving way too much of a shit about everyone else.
    • She can sometimes get very wrapped up in competition. If this happens and she's highly involved in a competition, jokes or breaking the rules of the competition (unspoken or not) will throw her into a quiet, seething rage.

2.1  Ideals


Competitive, obedient, neutral morality, group-loyal

  • Outlook: Pessimistic or optimistic?
  • Sociability: Extroverted
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: IDK


  • Obedience
  • Hierarchy
  • Competition
  • Being the best


  • Failure
  • Loss of family


  • Scintilla pentecostalism. Although baptized, although a believer -- religion does not play a central part in Zibi's life. If pushed hard enough, she would find it easy to abandon spirituality altogether. In truth, she feels nothing from religious practices, and finds them a little absurd.


  • Species: Wolves!


  • Something


  • Likes: Archery
  • Dislikes: Bears


  • Something

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family Heritage: Lykoi, de le Poer

Zibi is aware of her extended family. She's curious, but not especially driven to find or connect with them.

3.2  Relations

* Does not know this person by name.

Key Relations

  • Ariel de le Poer: Zibi has always viewed Ariel as her best competition. She has teased him -- sometimes affectionately, sometimes cruelly. Although she loves her brother best of all her siblings, she worries for him. She knows Ariel is less inclined to obedience, and thinks his religious studies have given him "too much of a brain."
  • Dorcas de le Poer: Although Dorcas commands more respect as a sister than Moriah, Zibi looks down on Dorcas and considers her physically inferior.
  • Alma: Although Zibi loves her mother, she is easily frustrated by Alma's laziness and does not understand it. Zibi has a strong desire to protect her mother, though the drive to obey is not as strong as with her father.
  • Moriah de le Poer: Zibi looks down on Moriah, considering her too girlish, weak, and even useless. Moriah's attack instilled a deep respect for authority in Zibiah, and Zibi views what happened as a consequence for disobedience.
  • Ithiel de le Poer: Zibi loves her daddy and tries to emulate him. He was not the warmest of fathers -- particularly to his daughters. Some of Zibiah's fondest memories, nonetheless, are training with her father. She has an extremely strong desire to obey her father.

Positive Relations

Neutral / Negative

3.3  Minor Relations

  • Sex: None
  • Friendly: None
  • Enemies: None
  • Murders: None

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

  • Hawking (Apprentice): Zibiah is an apprentice in the skill of hawking (both for hunting and scouting purposes). She has dabbled in training birds, but knows very little about this.
  • Horseback Riding (Apprentice): She began learning when she became an Optime for the first time. She's not an expert rider, but she can get from A to B. She only doesn't fall off of Lystra or lose control because she's really, really nice to Lys (gentle riding, always giving treats, etc.).
  • Reading (Apprentice): She learned basically only to read the bible, and has let the skill rust. She was never especially good at it to begin with, but could learn again.


  • Education and Learning: Scintilla and training and stuff. She is still young and developing this skill, though she has already proven an excellent hunte
  • Shooting (Journeyman): Zibiah is best at shooting on the ground, but she can manage from horseback, too.
  • Arrow-Making (Journeyman): Can make various fancy arrows of different types
  • Bow-Making (Apprentice): Was learning when she left Scintilla.
  • Currently has no real combat experience. Although she has trained extensively and hunted a bunch of stuff, she was not employed in actual combat defense of Scintilla.
  • Funnily enough, Zibiah has crappy (and perhaps, later in life, deteriorating) eyesight. She's very squinty when she shoots, and her far-range accuracy leaves something to be desired. She has been able to, thus far, mostly play off her eyesight as boldness. Rather than shooting people far off, she lets them gain some ground on her. She made a fairly big name for herself in her ability to draw, set an arrow, and shoot very quickly and at close range.

4.2  Inventory

4.3  Residence

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4.4  NPCs


  • An eagle! You decide the details.


Species Grade horse
Date of Birth 6 June 2005
Gender Mare







that which dissolves or disperses





She is a liver chestnut horse with a flaxen mane; her quicksand mane accents a dorado body. Thick feathering covers her hooves, and she has white stockings and a white blaze across her face. Numerous razor-thin whip scars adorn her back, shoulders, and flanks.

Her heritage is unknown and dubious at best; she displays the small head and arched neck of an Oriental-type horse, but her body is far too large for her to lack draft horse heritage, as well. She stands a massive 18 hands (6 feet) at the withers; her body type is muscular and big-boned.


Lystra has been far more calm and well-tempered since the fall of 2011. She is still an anxious and flighty horse, however, and may be prone to aggression toward strange or threatening Luperci, as well as situations which frighten her.

  • She is not a fast horse, nor one with incredible endurance; however, she is of course capable of sprinting forward at a gallop as any horse.
  • She prefers being laden with goods to taking riders.
  • She must be ridden with a strong bit and bridle. Ithiel used a hackamore, but it provided little control over Lys.
  • She can be hobbled and accepts this readily.


  • Unknown to Ithiel/Zibiah: the horse was once very proud and excellently trained, but her previous owner died and she was recaptured by his killers, traded off, and then brutalized by the man Ithiel won her from. The whip scars are all the man's doing, though they had healed by the time Lystra's previous owner traded her off.
  • Ithiel won Lys in a bet, besting an older wolf in mock combat. While the man he bested said Lystra was "war-trained" the horse was, in fact, ridiculously temperamental and more of an outright danger in battle. Ithiel knows little about Lystra's past other than this.
  • Throughout the fall of 2011, Lystra underwent training with Myrika Tears, and Ithiel de le Poer also learned better riding techniques. Their relationship thereafter has been rocky, but with steady improvement.
  • In the Boreas Conflict, Lystra took a wound in one of the early battles and spent most of the rest of the conflict recuperating.
  • When Zibiah set out on her journey with Ariel de le Poer, Lystra was given to her.




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5.  History

5.1  Achievements


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5.2  History


Former Ranks


some ranks here

Born in 2013 in Scintilla to Alma and Ithiel de le Poer, Zibi was raised in the highly religious traditionalism of Scintilla. Guerilla attacks from enemy wolves are a constant threat in Zibiah's early life; although she is never directly endangered through her childhood, she learns early on to live within strict constraints and obey.

Her sister Moriah slips beyond the outskirts of Scintilla's protection as a child, and is attacked. This instance impresses itself strongly onto Zibiah's mind -- she believes these consequences on Moriah's life were as a direct result of her failure to obey and follow orders, and it shaped Zibi more than anything.

She begins training as soon as she gains the hands to do so. Despite her poor eyesight, she excels in archery. This becomes pretty much her only pursuit. She trains with her daddy.

Cousins Marlowe de le Poer, Agrippa de le Poer, and Kali de le Poer lived within Scintilla with their mother Kastra Hunting. Precise relationship details can be worked out with these characters players by the adopter. During the end of their time in Scintilla, Kali, Agrippa, and Marlowe began experiencing troubles.

Although Ithiel was publicly agreeable to the hostility his nieces and nephew faced, he was privately sympathetic. He does not share this information with his daughters -- rather, he tells only Ariel, just before he and Zibiah depart.

In the spring of 2014, when the children are a little over a year old, Ithiel decides to send Ariel and Zibiah both off for seasoning. He instructs them to remain together and return after about a year in Inferni.

Alma, however, tells them to make their own way and decide whether they want to return or not. This advice sticks in Zibiah's head: she wants to obey her father and Scintilla, but knows Ariel is a lot less likely to return. She doesn't know how to obey her orders and it is one of her chief conflicts entering 'Souls (she can go back to Scintilla, but what if Ariel doesn't want to or won't, etc.).

After leaving Scintilla, her and her brother are briefly separated. While away from her brother she is attacked by a bear and heavily injured. A loner stumbles across her and takes her back to their home and helps to nurse her back to health. Meanwhile, Ariel searches Zibiah, but never finds her. After she is healthy and able to travel, Zibiah sets off to continue towards Inferni, hoping she will find her brother there.


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