Kastra Hunting

Kastra Hunting is the daughter of Eli Hunting, and the mother of three children by Ezekiel de le Poer: Marlowe, Kali, and Agrippa.

Kastra Hunting

Kastra, by Mel
Date of BirthJanuary 15, 2009
Subspecies100% Canis latrans


Kastra is the only daughter of a lone coyote named Spica, who bore her after a few days of romance with Eli Hunting. After being told the stories that her father relayed, mostly of Scintilla and rumors of his friend Gabriel de le Poer living further north, Kastra decided to go and try and find her own father.

In her travels, she fell in with Gabriel's son, Ezekiel de le Poer (as well as Ezekiel's lover Sirius Revlis, and his own family). Kastra was the first female Ezekiel was honestly attracted to. He fell in love with her spirit and shared many beliefs with her, and they conceived a litter together. Kastra gave birth to Marlowe, Kali, and Agrippa somewhere within the Riding Mountain area. Her children were raised in the wilderness with survivalist skills and combat training.

When remnants of Boreas caught up with their family, they were forced to separate. Ezekiel sent his family away, hoping to draw on their attackers with Sirius, far off to the northeast. Kastra took them to the one true home she had ever known - Scintilla. She did her best as a single mother, but the weight of Scintilla's violent society was not lost on her. Her children grew stressed and unhappy, and finally deserted the warring south to seek out their legacy in Inferni.


With a pelt more typical of northern coyotes, Kastra has gray and white fur, white paws, a white tipped tail, and dull brown markings on her muzzle and ears. Her eyes are icterine. She is by all means average beyond this, with a medium-sized frame and no scars.

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