Ilusion Lykoi

Ilusion Lykoi is the littermate to Helotes Lykoi, Jacinto Lykoi and Columbine Lykoi, born to Kerberos Lykoi. She currently resides in Inferni.

Ilusion Lykoi

by Sie



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Date of Birth

28 Feb 2007






Birth place





50% Northeasetern Coyote?
18.75% Dog
18.75% Common Gray Wolf
12.5% Red Wolf




Current pack Inferni
Current rank Tiro Lumen


Pack Ranks
11 Nov 2011 - Present

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1.  Appearance

1.1  Lupus

1.2  Secui

1.3  Optime

xx lbs (xx kg)
20 in (51 cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
34 in (86 cm)

118 lbs (54 kg)
5ft 9in (69 in) (175 cm)




1.4  Modifications

  • Chaos star, lower back
  • Ears pierced twice -- large gold hoops in ears

1.5  Accessories

  • None

Build & Species

Taking after her mother the most out of all her siblings, Ilusion's coat is made up of blacks, dark browns and tans. She has a dark mask on her face which ends at her neck and a blanket of this same dark fur going down her backside. Her underside it tan and she also has tan splashed under her gold eyes. She has a dark orange splash of color on the bridge of her nose, common among Lykois.

Ilusion has inherited the sloped back of a German Shepherd, a gene that she inherited from her mother who was a coyote/german shepherd hybrid. This sloped back does not hinder her in any way and gives her a unique gait.

Unlike her brothers, who were branded with the Lykoi chaos star on their shoulders, hers was tattooed on her lower back. Ilusion likes to wear two large gold hoops in each ear but other than that has no accessories and rarely wears clothing.


  • Ilusion's coloration is primarily Cape Palliser (#967449) -- this same color is streaked beneath both eyes and on the top of her head, as well as the insides of her ears. A streak of this same color separates the darker color on her nuque and throat.
  • Her underbelly is Laser (#CFB073).
  • Zeus (#2F261B) colors most of her head, her throat, neck, spine, streaks on her shoulders, and the tip of her tail.
  • Fire (#A43B07) is streaked boldly on her muzzle in the typical Lykoi muzzle streaking.
  • Her eyes are Tulip Tree (#E4BD34)

2.  Personality

Ilusion is sarcastic, sly, and uses her womanly wiles to her advantage. She is somewhat haughty and aloof, but can bond quickly to those around her and values friendship deeply. Because of her experience with her first mate, she has been somewhat distrustful of men who want long term relationships and would rather stick to one night stands. She also can become quite jealous of other females who have pups, but is incredibly kind to the pups themselves.


2.1  Interests

  • Likes: Young puppies, horses, music, dance, flirting.
  • Dislikes: Pregnant females, mated females, jerks, sexist pigs.

2.2  Traits

Anxious, dramatic, hot-headed, flirtatious, kind hearted

  • Outlook: Pessimistic - Ilusion doesn't have much hope for the future, and so lives day to day.
  • Expression: Extroverted - After the death of her brother's ex-mates children, she was became an extreme introvert. But after some cajoling from Helotes, she's regaining her extroverted, saucy self.
  • Alignment: True neutral

2.3  Fears

  • Death (especially miscarriage), worthlessness, barrenness, loneliness

2.4  Motivations

  • Family, beauty, happiness.

2.5  Biases

  • Gender: Ilusion doesn't really like other women, especially those who are pregnant. However, she adores puppies, so tends to get along with new mothers strangely enough.

2.6  Sexuality

Heterosexual - Ilusion is heterosexual, but she's been without a lover for quite some time.

2.7  Substances

Like her brothers, Ilusion commonly partakes of alcohol and marijuana.

2.8  Spirituality

Illusion is Catholic, though not as devoted as Helotes. She usually only finds herself turning to God in difficult circumstances.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Helotes Lykoi: Ilusion gets along swimmingly with her brother Helotes, and she adores his children. She also is thankful for him for getting on her ass about getting out of her dingy room after her bout with depression.

Family: Lykoi, Damaichu

4.  Interaction

  • Speech: Spanish accent, purr~ (Think Catherine Zeta Jones from Zorro)
  • Language: English and Spanish, both fluently.


by Sie

4.1  D'Neville Mansion

A cold, dilapidated room with the southern facing wall rotting and filled with mildew. When Ilusion finds the will, she fixes up what she can.


4.2  Arcomia Ares

Arcomia Ares was shortly found after the siblings left the coyote clan by Ilusion, the two seemed to slowly create a bond of friendship though the equine was much closer the her mother. Arcomia was named by Ilusion and her mother conjointly when they gave him conflicting names, later calling him by both to avoid confusion. The stallion is very strong and tends to be larger than the stallions around him, though they do not know his breed. All siblings ride him, though as their mother was dying she rode him until her dying days. Ever since their mother died he has grown more attached to Ilusion who cals him by the name she gave him, Ares. Ares is often rode bareback and sometimes without his reins.

  • Dark black stallion with white on his left back leg and a star on his forehead
  • Often seen wearing a lead bridle made of black and red leather braided together, sometimes has a lead rode attached to it.
  • He does not take to kindly to strangers and would rather be around the Lykoi siblings: Ilusion, Columbine, Jacinto, and Helotes.


4.3  Strengths

  • Dance (Flamenco, Salsa)
  • Speech (Spanish, English, some French)
  • Charisma (very flirtatious)
  • Horsemanship

4.4  Weaknesses

  • Hot headedness
  • Fear of miscarriage
  • Bias towards women; cattiness


4.5  Trade

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  • Offering: something
  • Accepting: something

4.6  Items

  • something

5.  History


Ilusion Lykoi was born in the cold months of 2007. She was third in a litter of four, three brothers. She was raised by father Kerberos Lykoi and her mother Leticia Lykoi. Her mother was caring yet harsh in her discipline and her father had a quick temper and was distant from the pups. Her puppyhood was typical and she fit in well with the rest of her family.

Being the only girl in her litter, Ilusion was always doted upon and spoiled.However, instead of this making her stuck up, she tended to rebel and wanted to be treated as equals with her brothers. To prove herself, Ilusion would often go looking for trouble and would often have to be saved by her brothers. However, as she matured, she became quite vicious when it came to fighting and could hold her own.

In adolescence the family began to move about and they were joined up by several other canines, all with coyote blood. Kerberos, the leader of the group, took upon another a mate, a young purebred coyote girl named Valla. By this time, Ilusion’s mother Leticia was too burdened by tending to the need of her and her siblings to really care. But when Valla became pregnant, Kerberos became increasingly hostile towards Leticia and the pups, sometimes violently running them off before cooling and accepting them back into the pack again.

Disgusted by her father, Ilusion tried to distance herself from her family by taking on a mate within the pack, however it did not last long for her first litter was still born and her mate abandoned her. This made her return back into the fold of her family.

One day, when Kerberos was being especially vile to her mother, Ilusion's brothers attempted to defend their mother. They succeeded in driving off their father but they knew they could no longer stay within the pack.

Before Valla came completely to term, Leticia and the siblings left the group on their own. Ilusion's brother Helotes decided to head towards ‘Souls lands to find his relatives, of which his father spoke often while Ilusion and her other two brothers stayed with their mother and promised that they would one day follow.

In the time after Helotes left, Leticia grew ill and Columbine grew more violent. He attacked his brother before abandoning them and Ilusion and Jacinto watched as their mother slowly succumbed to her sickness and died. It was then that the two siblings decided to head to 'Souls to join their brother. They became separated, as Ilusion decided to try and go after their father, to no avail. Jacinto arrived in Inferni first, and a few weeks later, Ilusion followed.

Things seemed good for Ilusion, she began to settle in Inferni, but then Jacinto's new mate, Omni, miscarried their first litter. This brought up Ilusion's own traumatic experience, and she became a recluse and fell into a deep depression for many months. She let herself and the state of her room fall to a dismal level. It was only until Helotes came to her with the prospect of mating their horses that Ilusion began her recovery.


5.1  First Player


  1. 3 Jan: Better Late Than Never
    Helotes Lykoi, Columbine Lykoi, Ezekiel de le Poer
  2. 16 Jan: aç ayi oynamaz
    Levent Kartal.
  3. 13 Jan: Eye of the storm
    Regner Vilhelmsen.
  4. 22 Jan: New Connections
    Jacinto Lykoi.
  5. 23 Feb: Acidic Morning
    Jacinto Lykoi, Helotes Lykoi, Omni Cadeaux.
  6. 18 Mar: a serpent armed
  7. 21 Mar: thought she'd make things better
    Helotes Lykoi, Omni Cadeaux.
  8. 25 Jan: Hooves and paws, hems and haws
    Helotes Lykoi

5.2  You!

6.  Baubles