Asra Nejem is the Abyssinian Jackal mother of Seneca Rose Lykoi. She was killed by her abusive lover, Josias Lykoi, after urging their children to leave them.

By Nat


Loners Josias Lykoi and Asra Nejem conceived a litter together, though there was no love between them. They planned not to stay together, but after Asra became pregnant he grew extremely protective and possessive of the girl. He was proud to have a son and daughter born of him, but he was losing interest fast. He was often violent around his family, many times threatening the mother of his children, chasing them off and then disappearing for weeks.

Asra was strong through all this, and protected her children fiercely showering them as much love as she could to make up for Josias' absence. She taught them to appreciate the world as much as she could, put as much happy things into their young minds as she could. Josias in the meantime was more and more ruthless when he came around, beating their mother and coming after Seneca and her brother. This was just a month after the children's first shifts, so she urged them to take their horses and leave as quickly as they could. Afraid that Asra would end up killed, Sen hesitated. But hearing her father fast approaching, Sen and her brother fled. True to their fears, Asra did not survive.