Vindicate de le Poer

Vindicate de le Poer

Date of BirthOctober 13, 2007
Age> 2 years
SubspeciesWolf, coyote, dog
Birth placeFrance
Current packInferni
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Membership spanJanuary 27, 2010[1] - March 2010

Vindicate de le Poer is the son of Conway and and Anathra de le Poer. He was a member of Inferni from January until March 2010.


Vindicate was born in France and learned of his parents' heritage in America. He decided to return to the homeland of his family, in pursuit of further information on their history, and because he wanted to see the Inferni lands that his father had spoken so fondly of in stories.


Loyal to family, but otherwise mostly selfish. Tendency toward being untrusting/untrustworthy when it comes to others, particularly wolves. Intelligent and crafty, perhaps slightly insane, generally a bit of a rabble rouser. Troublemaker.



  • Parents - Conway and and Anathra de le Poer
  • Sublings - Iris, Lilac, Vesuvius, Tandem and Classica de le Poer
  • Extended Family - de le Poer or Lykoi families


Overall, he is not a thickly built or overly muscular creature. Vindicate leans more toward the sleek and slim look, in line with the coyote heritage of his parents. He also has the overly large ears of the coyote, as opposed to the more thin ears of a wolf. His tail is fluffier than the average coyote's. His coloration is a dark version of the coyote's, with primarily darker tans, gray, and black, as well as a bit of a russet color that he inherited from his mother. He has bright gold eyes.

There are some scars across his front legs that appear to be self-inflicted, as well as a significant scar on his right hip that is clearly not. It appears to be a bite mark, faded to a point that it seems to have been there at least a year. His left ear is pierced, and usually has a silver hoop in it, though he does have other earrings as well. Unless otherwise specified, he is always in Optime form.

In Optime form, he has longish russet hair that extends to his shoulders, but is usually kept back in a ponytail, except a few stray strands that are usually falling into his eyes. He doesn't tend to wear clothes, as he finds them cumbersome and annoying. He does like bandannas, though, and some other forms of jewelry. As of yet, he has not gotten any in America, though, and left his stash behind with his sister Iris in France.

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