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by Nina! <3

Iorek is currently a Sworn of Casa di Cavalieri and its Master of Tooth and Claw. He holds two co-ranks, Healer and Groundskeeper.

The son of Lyra and Ragnar Raknison, Iorek was raised by his mother and aunt, with no contact with his father. Ragnar had attacked the formerly Non-Luperci female and impregnated her against her will. Lyra raised her son alone and often in isolation from other canines, especially Luperci. She was only visited by her sister, whom helped whenever she could. He was the only child of the litter and it was a difficult pregnancy for Lyra, rendering her sterile and slightly weakened from then on.

Iorek's first shift was rather traumatic for the child since he had been left alone and didn't know about shifting. He managed to only transition to his Secui form before he freaked out and stopped. He never went back to his Lupus form after that. Since his first shift, he has served as a protector, protecting his mother from hostile males. But one day, he failed. When he was only a year old, Iorek and his other had been separated from each other for only a few minutes before a pair of Luperci jumped her and fatally injured her before her son arrived. Iorek doesn't remember much of the incident, but he killed both males in an enraged fit. But he does remember his mom dying in his arms.

Iorek wandered away, getting into trouble with others at times. They always let him go with warnings, knowing that he was just a kid. He made it to Nova Scotia. As a loner, he had trouble hunting and mainly scavenged off of kills but was half-starved until he joined Casa di Cavalieri after having good interactions with many of its members. He came just in time for the Syndicate Conflict. Iorek was caught in several traps and had to be helped out multiple times. When patrolling with Teagan Stryder, the pair were attacked by three Syndicate loners. Seeing one of his pack-mates pinned by two of the attackers made Iorek go into a fit of rage, his mind connecting it to his mother's death. He killed one of the loners and almost killed another before Teagan stopped him. Unable to distinguish friend from foe, he lashed out at her. That incident scared him and he began to fear himself. Iorek suffered from nightmares and anxiety after the incident. He also made a new friend, finding a young magpie stuck in a flower bush and named him Birdflower. Birdflower decided to stick around and rode on his back. Then, Iorek met a loner named, Riley Rockateer and later rescued him from two Syndicate members. Iorek was slowly starting to recover, but being assaulted by a demon scarred him badly. It took a while for him to recover, but he did managed to fight in the attacks, but was wounded in the second attack and this set him on the path of a healer.

Iorek has two half-siblings: Iofur (twin) and Cerise Rydia Rose (Half-Sister)






  • Birthplace: Yellowstone National Park
  • Pronunciation': your-ik
  • Species: Wolfdog
  • Subspecies:
    • 50% Wolf
  • 50% Dog

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Casa di Cavalieri
  • Rank: Sworn
  • Co-Ranks:
  • Previous ranks:
  • First Officer (December 2017 - January 2017)
  • Second Officer (November 2017 - December 2017)
  • First Cadet (September 2017 - October 2017)
  • Second Cadet: (August 2017 - September 2017)
  • Recruit: (June 2017 - August 2017)
  • Casa di Cavalieri members may reference seeing Iorek doing the following:
    • Around Casa di Cavalieri, particularly in the Medico Office, Library, and in the Courthouse.
    • DM Silver for general convos and maybe healing?
  • Plot opportunities: Healing, scavenging, etc

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • A massive hybrid of large dog breeds and large wolf subspecies, Iorek is an enormous Luperci with a broad build and thick fur. He is built like a tank, a lot of muscle and some fat coats his frame and his thick fur only exaggerates his size. His deerhound blood gives him somewhat longer legs and his malamute blood gives him a bit of stamina. His muzzle is broader than a wolf's due to his mastiff heritage, but to untrained eyes he looks like an oversized wolf. He has a short bob for a tail; he was born with this trait. He also has shorter, rounded, smaller ears that make him seem very bearlike.
  • His Secui form is a colossal creature with a lot of muscle and thick fur that further exaggerates his bulk. Easily the size of a pony, Iorek is a rather massive in this halfling form. He has a thick mane and large paws which causes him to be mistaken for a bear at times. He has thicker limbs and is very strong. His Secui form is rather fluffy and has soft fur due to his dog blood. He is rather intimidating in this form, standing over four feet tall and more than six feet long.
  • His Optime form is a hulking individual and take up a lot of horizontal as well as vertical space. He is a large, standing at 7'5 at full height, but his feral, hunched posture lowers his height a little to 7'2. His fur is still thick in this form and only serves to make him bigger. He is a big and bulky figure that is very bear-like. He is quite muscular and has a healthy layer of fat. He has been known to drop down to all fours, but only for very short lengths of time.
  • His humanization is medium. He wears simple clothing and accessories. He can read, but doesn't use any weapons and goes between Optime and Secui equally.



  Indian Khaki (#C6AC94)


  Linen (#F9E9DA)
  Zeus (#1E1814)
  Zeus (#1f1814)


  Taupe (#4a3d34)
  Taupe (#3D312A)
  Zeus (#28201B)
  Cocoa Brown (#31241F)


  Maroon (#7C0000)

Nose and Pads:

  Cod Grey (#110F0E)

Simplified Ref \\ Detailed Ref

150lbs - 180lbs
43 in (101.5 cm)

220lbs - 250lbs
54 in (134.62 cm)

320lbs - 350lbs
7ft 5in (89 in / 218.5 cm)

1.2  Jewelry and Accessories


Iorek primarily wears simple accessories, not actual clothing. He prefers to be able to simply shift and feels that clothes would hinder him in doing so. He could wear clothing, but prefers pretty objects instead. If he was to wear clothing, it would be loose but flashy.

Daily Accessories (Always Worn)


Seasonal Accessories

Warm Weather:

  • Multiple flower crowns Ex. 1, Ex. 2, Ex. 3
  • Flowers woven into mane
  • Feathers in mane (Cardinal, magpie, etc.)
    Cold Weather
  • Jewelry woven into his mane
  • Feathers in mane (Cardinal, magpie, etc.)
  • Trinkets woven into his bandages


  • Speech: Iorek speaks in short sentences that are simple, stuttered, and often have pauses between words as he tries to figure out what he is going to say. When he is talking to patients, they do seem to be longer but there is still a stutter and a few pauses. His voice ref is Stephen Amell
  • Scent: Wolfdog, flowers, Casa di Cavalieri, herbs, feathers
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • In Optime form, Iorek tends to hunch low and sometimes curls his hands towards his chest. He isn't very expressive in this form.
    • In Secui form, Iorek is a bit more playful and affectionate.
    • Please note that Iorek doesn't normally have his claws out in his Optime or Secui forms almost like a cat.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Despite his size, Iorek is quite submissive and he often has his head low and cowers.

1.3  Images

2.  Personality

Iorek is a gentle giant through and through. He doesn't seem to have a violent bone in his body and he doesn't seem to act his size. He knows his strength and handles things rather delicately for a man of his size. He doesn't seem to have that much confidence and wouldn't use his height to intimidate others. He is quite affectionate towards friends and can probably worm his way into anyone's heart.

A benevolent creature, Iorek will go out of his way to help anyone in need. He has a big heart and cares for people he doesn't even know. A friend to all living things, Iorek considers almost everyone he meets to be a friend and is loyal to them. He dislikes violence and would rather not let things escalate that far. He is a sweet and kind individual that only wants what's best for others.

A quiet individual, Iorek isn't much of a conversationalist. He is quite shy and wary upon meeting but warms up to people rather quickly. He like calm and quiet situations and isn't a fan of large gatherings and loud noises. He tries to be polite, but sometimes he doesn't know certain rules of etiquette due to his feral upbringing. Even if he dislikes the person, he will try to be polite to them unless they cross the line.

Iorek's speech pattern is rather jerky and can be simple at times. He might seem unintelligent and maybe even stupid to some, but he is rather intelligent. It's just that he wasn't exposed to that many things when he was growing up. He is capable of picking up skills quickly and is a quick learner. He is observant and quick to notice things.

Iorek was raised in a feral and isolated lifestyle. Since joining Casa di Cavalieri, he has become slightly more humanized, but still somewhat feral. He also wasn't exposed to as much growing up and is baffled by families that aren't just mother and child; and he doesn't know about family names. He is very curious and ask a lot of questions about things he doesn't know about.

Iorek is rather protective, almost possessive over people and things he considers to be "his" due to his guard dog ancestry. He will protect those people and things with his life and be rather mood if he isn't allowed to see them for a while or if they are hurt. He is particularly possessive over his items and shiny objects, and may not react well if someone comes into his room without permission.

He likes pretty objects and is a bit of a magpie. He loves flowers and makes a lot of flower crowns. He also collects items such as nice rocks, shiny pebbles, and feathers that he hoards like a dragon. He also likes shiny trinkets such as jewelry, despite not being able to wear them or anything. He just likes them and would be hard-pressed to let go of any pretty objects he finds. With an eye for pretty things, he is quite the scavenger and collector. He is rather protective and will growl and act like a mad cat if he perceives that someone will take his jewelry. May seem out of character for him but he does not handle percieved threats to his finds well.

There is a dark side to the normally peaceful healer. Iorek does have a temper and has been known to go into a berserker-like rage, normally connected to memories of his mother's death. He may also lash out or damage items due to his strength. For him, grief morphs into guilt and that guilt often morphs into rage. He is learning other ways to control it and use it with restraint. He does fear himself and is insecure about his abilities. He worries about how he affects things and doesn't seem to trust himself at times.

Captain America, Superman, Stitch, Toothless

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook:
    • Optimistic with a hint of pessimistic: Iorek can be an optimist since he holds a positive outlook on the world and thinks that most people are good. But, he has been known to be a bit pessimistic when the situation calls for it,
  • Sociability:
    • Introverted: Iorek is not one for large gatherings or parties. He is most comfortable with one on one interactions. He doesn't want to be lonely, but he is used to it.
    • Submissive: Iorek isn't one to dominate any interactions and would rather listen to the conversation rather than talk. He is quiet and submits to others rather easily.
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Myers-Briggs Type: The Mediator (INFP, -A/-T) and The Advocate (INFJ, -A/-T)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with some Neutral Good characteristics.
    • "Good is best defined as whatever brings the most benefit to the greater number of decent, thinking creatures and the least woe to the rest."
    • "He will never attack an unarmed foe and will never harm an innocent."
    • " Life and the assurance of other creatures' rights take precedence over all else."
    • "He will help those in need and works well alone or in a group."


  • Protecting, helping others, learning, family and friends, pack


  • Losing loved ones: Iorek lost his mother at a young age. He is afraid of losing his friends now and holds them close to his heart. Most people he has interacted with are considered his friends and he does not want to lose them.
  • Losing Control: He knows that he is capable of destruction and danger, and fears that losing control of his emotions or his strength could hurt others or affect them. He is shaken when he loses control and may spiral if he does.
  • Killing: Iorek's fear of losing control ties into this. He is afraid of killing someone as well, having seen the light die from someone's eyes and being the cause of it. This fear may not extend to prey animals, but with animals he has formed close bonds with and animals he likes may also affect him. He doesn't like seeing people being killed either.
  • Himself: Iorek is afraid of himself and what he is capable of with his strength and size.


  • Likes: Flowers, Jewelry, sparkles, helping, learning, friends
  • Dislikes: Violence, bullies, rudeness, stupidity, drunks


  • He acts rather feminine at times though uses he/him pronouns. He is rather peculiar with his mannerisms and could be seen as both male and female. He doesn't bother himself too much with gender and feels comfortable where he's at
  • Iorek often doesn't act entirely Luperci. He has a couple of catlike mannerisms such as licking his paw and rubbing up against people like a cat. He also has some distinctly birdlike mannerisms such as tilting his head rather owlishly and having an almost magpie-like obsession with shiny objects.


  • Packs: Iorek hasn't met many packs. Though, he is a part of Casa di Cavalieri. He considers it his home. He has had a good interaction with an Anatheman but was assaulted by an Anatheman male, though he hasn't figured out that the male was from the pack.
  • Species: Iorek has been around mostly wolves and dogs for most of his life. He recognizes them easier. He has had an interaction with a coyote and learned about them. He also had limited knowledge on jackals. All interactions have been positive, so he holds little bias.
  • Non-Luperci: His mother was Non-Luperci, and she used to talk to him about when she was a "non-shifter" and seemed to resent how she was changed. Because of this, Iorek does not support the infection of Non-Luperci without consent. He treats Non-Luperci politely and has a slight idea about how they are infected.
  • Gender: Iorek has been raised to respect women. Older women and smaller females do remind him of his mother. Iorek's understanding of gender and gender roles are sketchy at best.
  • Color: Iorek is wary around black-furred males with yellow or amber eyes.
  • Sexuality: Iorek doesn't know much about mateships or anything. He has learned about his own sexuality and may feel comfortable with same-sex pairings, though flirting flies over his head. He doesn't know what polyamory is, though he would be confused by it. All that really matters to him is that it's consensual.
  • Age: Iorek doesn't know much about older people, though he thinks of them as frail and needs protection. He does respect them.
  • Loners: Iorek does not react well to unknown loners close to Casa di Cavalieri. Meet him anywhere away from Casa and he will be fine, but find yourself wandering too close to Casa's borders and not looking to join an you will be met by a furious Iorek. He was short of traumatized by loners during the Syndicate Conflict and now distrusts most loners wandering close to Casa.


  • Iorek is a 5 on the Kinsey Scale. He is attracted to males. He is still quite young and doesn't have a good grasp on his sexuality yet. He doesn't really understand flirting and may feel awkward or confused if advances are made towards him. It is likely that he will be the submissive partner.
  • Iorek doesn't fully understand romance and may not recognize himself starting to fall for someone. He is rather affectionate towards his friends and some people may see it as romantic, rather than platonic. He is more affectionate in his Secui form for certain reasons.


Iorek doesn't exactly know much about religion and spirituality. He does believe that trees have feelings though. He does have some belief that spirits either go to the stars or the earth. He thinks that spirits may become stars or might just run through the sky. He has yet to learn more about spirts.


Iorek dislikes alcohol after accidentally imbibing some, passing out, and getting a massive hangover. He dislikes the drink and doesn't understand why people drink it. He may become disappointed by people who drink it, especially people who become drunk with it. Iorek has no knowledge of any other substances and can be easily tricked into taking them, but will probably dislike them.

2.2  Assets

Dabbler > Apprentice > Competent > Journeyman > Skilled > Expert > Master


  • Education and Learning: These are Iorek's natural attributes. These are the skills that come naturally to him; he is a master of these skills.
  • Strength: Iorek is very strong and sometimes doesn't know his own strength. He is capable of throwing people around and can pull and carry heavy things if needed.
  • Stamina: What he doesn't have in speed he has in stamina. He can run for quite a while.
  • Durability: Iorek is quite durable. It could be the thick fur than he has, protecting him from much harm and can clog his opponent's claws.
  • Speed: Iorek doesn't have much in the speed department. He can't run very fast because of his heavy build.
  • Heat: Iorek is vulnerable to heat in the summers because of his thick fur.
  • Easy to track: Being so big makes him easier to track. He leaves fur around and snaps and breaks sticks and branches.


  • Education and Learning: Iorek’s mother, Lyra tried to teach her son how to survive in the wilderness. Though, she was frailer and wasn't able to fully teach him these.
  • Swimming (Skilled): With water dog in him, Iorek enjoys swimming. He often uses it to escape the hot sun
  • Shifting (Journeyman): Iorek shifts between Secui and Optime daily and is becoming a faster shifter. He takes anywhere from three to five minutes to shift and is starting to learn how to multitask.
  • Hunting (Apprentice): Iorek hunts by wearing his prey down. He is fairly good at being silent and ambushing prey that is chased towards him. He was taught by his biological mother though she couldn't teach him everything.
  • Tracking (Dabbler): Iorek knows basic tracking. He can sniff out a scent and follow it for as long as he can.
  • Prey: Iorek has problems with different types of prey. Small prey like rabbits prove to be too hard for him to catch. And very large prey are also a bit too hard for him to catch.
  • Inexperience: Iorek isn't very good at a lot of things. He doesn't have as much experience as he should.
  • Tracking: Iorek doesn't track well. He can't track scents that are old or if they run through water.
  • Distractions: Iorek still has some trouble multi-tasking while shifting. He has to focus in order to shift and probably has a hard time keeping a conversation while shifting.


  • Education and Learning: Following the aftermath of the Syndicate Conflicts, Iorek decided to become a healer. He had learned quite a bit from his mentors and seeks to learn more.
  • First Aid (Journeyman): Iorek learned first aid and can treat wounds. He can sterilize, bandage, and even suture.
  • Herbalism (Apprentice): Iorek can primarily identify flowering herbs and wound-healing herbs.
  • Weak Stomach: Iorek doesn't have a strong stomach and has puked at the sight of gore.
  • Stitches: While Iorek can do stitching, he disliked doing it.
  • Different Types of Wounds: Iorek has little to no experience treating wounds that involve arrows and anything that is bigger than a piece of antler. He also has no experience with burn wounds.


  • Education and Learning: Iorek learned these skills from his new pack mates
  • Flower Crowns (Competent): Iorek loves wearing flower crowns and learned how to make them from his friend, Arlen Stryder.
  • Reading (Apprentice): Iorek was taught to read by Everett. He primarily reads picture books and books about plants.
  • Scavenging (Apprentice): Iorek has an eye for shiny items and hoards pretty items like a dragon. He may also find other pieces of ugly metal or someone useful items. He is learning to figure out where is the best place to find these items.
  • Crafting (Dabbler): Iorek can make simple jewelry like small necklaces.
  • Dexterity': While Iorek does have good dexterity considering his size, he would have trouble doing more delicate things such as flower crowns with smaller flowers.
  • Writing: Iorek can write, but it is crude and he spells things by ear. His handwriting is very messy and big because of his hands.
  • Inexperience: Iorek may not recognize the value of some items and may pass over items such as leather in favor of jewelry.


  • Education and Learning: Iorek was never really trained in combat. He only fought to protect his mother from others. He is mostly self-taught in these, relying purely on instinct. He was later taught by pack-mates and friends.
  • Feral Combat (Skilled): Iorek knows how to throw his weight around when he needs to. He has proven capable of fighting Optime opponents since he is often around chest to waist height. His style would appear catlike to people experienced with cats. He also employs misdirection and brute strength.
  • Optime Combat (Apprentice): Since Iorek has been caught in many fights while in Optime form, he does have some knowledge on it. He slashes out with his claws and teeth and may also use his strength to throw people.
  • Pressure Points (Apprentice): Iorek knows a couple of pressure points such as the armpits, ribs, hip, and solar plexus. He can target some of these pressure points in Secui form.
  • Knives (Dabbler): Teagan Stryder taught Iorek to use knives. He knows only to stab people, but nothing else.
  • Inexperience: Iorek is prone to beginners mistakes and using his instincts more than experience.
  • Weapons: Iorek is not familiar with weapons and sometimes, may not recognize one immediately. He would not fare well against opponents with weapons and seeks to disarm them first.
  • Size: Iorek's height may come to a disadvantage when dealing with smaller opponents, especially when fighting using pressure points.
  • Optime Form: While Iorek can fight in Optime form, many will notice he is much more confident and formidable in Secui form. He is slower in Optime form and seems to be less comfortable.

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

  • Lyra ♰: Iorek's mother, Lyra was a Non-Luperci before being attacked. She was also petite for her breeding, smaller than average. She was beautiful with her cream and brown pelt and blue eyes. After the attack, she chose to raise her son without much contact with others. She was killed in an attack. Iorek loved his mother dearly and blames himself for her death.
  • Ragnar Raknison: A large dog hybrid that attacked Lyra out of hate for Non-Luperci. He forced himself onto her and left the woman to cope. Iorek bears no love towards his unknown father.
  • Littermates: None
  • Family: Raknison,
  • Half-Siblings
    • Cerise Rydia Rose: One of Ragnar's abandoned children. Iorek met her and invited her to CdC.
    • Iofur: Iorek has met his brother and they are very different. Iorek is quite a bit annoyed by his brother.
  • Extended:

3.2  Relationships

Key Relations

  • Riley Rockateer has been with Iorek since July as a friend but the two started a relationship in January. They've been dancing around each other for a while. Riley know Iorek well, sometimes better than even he does.
  • Veri Secanti tried to help him out after the attack. She tried to comfort him, though minor frustrated him. She accepts his wish to be a healer. She later showed him a new fighting style and teaches him techniques.
  • Teagan Stryder introduced him to horses. She also patrolled with him and taught him somethings. He does feel guilty for attacking her, but considers the woman to be his friend. She later taught him how to wield a knife.
  • Everett Moreau taught Iorek how to read and showed him what books were. And then Iorek had to drag him away from the kitchen and into the Medico Office.

Positive Relations

  • Jace Wolfe is a woman that reminds Iorek of his mother. She introduced him to hares and helped him pick up firewood. She did earn even more of his respect (and some of his fear) when she eviscerated a guy in front of him.
  • Night Hushhowl made flower crowns with him. He also knew her mother and respects them both. He also connects with her because they both lost their mothers
  • Arlen Stryder is one of the people that introduced Iorek to Casa di Cavalieri. He also taught Iorek how to make flower crowns and made Iorek a few. They also got stuck in a trap together and Arlen comforted Iorek after the attack.
  • Callum Knight gave him a deer carcass when he was a loner. He also helped Iorek to get adjusted to Casa di Cavalieri and welcomed him into the pack. He also helped him in a fight with the Syndicate.
  • Myra Garcia helped him out of a trap and they scouted for more traps. She also sparred with him.

Neutral Relations

  • Maelyx Nocturne gave Iorek the talk about the birds and the bees.
  • Aniki helped his plant flowers outside the fort.
  • Vesper taught him about coyotes.
  • Lyris Stryder: greeted and accepted Iorek into the pack. She is very scary.

Poor Relationships

  • Lux Einar The man assaulted him and shook Iorek to his very core.
  • The Syndicate: Iorek's all messed up because of them

Notable Associations

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

Layout of H5 by Silverfrost

  • Fort Kingsbury, Casa di Cavalieri
  • They live in a rather quaint house with a stone foundation and ivy growing up the wall. It's a standard three bedroom home with a bath and it's rather spacious. The flooring is hardwood and the walls are light color. There are a couple of skylights to let in light during the day and at night candles are used.
  • Inside is a living room with a small kitchenette and a table and two chairs in the kitchen area. A large couch stands in the middle of the living room and is reinforced to hold larger Luperci. There are a couple of rugs in the living room, some fur and some woven. There is also a medium-sized brick fireplace near the couch.
  • The master bedroom is a bit larger than the other two bedrooms and is first on the right in a long hallway. The master bedroom has a queen-sized bed on one side where Riley sleeps. Piled on the bed are furs and a lot of blankets. In the opposite corner there is a pile of furs on a straw mattress that is vaguely shaped like a nest. Next to Riley's bed is a small nightstand. A good-sized closet holds all of Riley's outfits as well as a small chest of drawers for Iorek's stuff.
  • The room across from it has been re-purposed as an office but has a small twin bed that hasn't been moved. On one wall is a large table that normally has fabrics and leather piled on it as well as clothing scraps and a sewing kit or two. This is Riley's workspace and he sometimes sleeps there if working on late night projects. It's rather tidy except for the work bench having objects strewn across it. There is also a small chest of drawers with other items and a small bookshelf with some books.
  • The bathroom is the second room on the right but it has been gutted. There is a long grey counter, a small toilet on the other side in the left corner. A small tub is at the back. Iorek keeps all of his jewelry, feathers, sea glass, herbs, and any of his odd stuff here. Oftentimes it has all of the belongings strewn everywhere on the counter or it could be hidden away in random nooks and crannies.
  • The third bedroom across from the bathroom is normally storage but has a large bed in the corner. Often used for storage.

Residence Inventory



  • Iorek has multiple pieces of jewelry he had gotten from scavenging. Most of these he cannot wear but it is very valuable to him. Some of the jewlery is in pieces, the elastic or string decaying.
  • Iorek also has a collection of sea glass that he collects from the beach
    • Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Iorek collects feathers and primarily owns them to wear them. He mainly has magpie feathers but also collects feathers made from other birds.


  • Riley often has leather and fabrics for tailoring as well as a multitude of scavenged clothing and scraps
  • Always has a couple of weapons. Bow, arrows, knives, and a pair of scimitars

4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Specific stuff
  • Even animals I guess
  • Don't forget commissions or mentorship is an option

Requested Goods

  • Stuff you want
    • Specifically this maybe
    • But also this probably
  • Thing
  • Thing

5.  NPCs

Character NPC

Youth NPC

Minor NPCs





Can be Referenced...

NPC Name (species)

credit: CREDIT

  • NPC Type: Minor NPC
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Eldritch Horror
  • Date of Birth: 6/16/04
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Appearance: Yo, how it look
  • Personality:
    • Personality traits
    • Likes, dislikes
    • How it interacts with strangers
    • What it does in its free time
  • Birth location, parents if applicable
  • Traded to So-and-so by Datoneguy
  • Accompanied So-and-so to Packs

Around Packs:

  • Location, doing a thing
  • Location, with So-and-So

6.  History

WARNING: This page contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

Iorek's mother, Lyra was a wolf woman whom was attacked by a large dog and was raped by the male. Before, Lyra was non-Luperci and was changed by the Luperci male. When Lyra first shifted, she immediately sought to shift back and she did. She disliked Luperci after this and avoided others. She was a bit petite when birthing Iorek which caused her to be rendered sterile as a result. She loved her child, despite the circumstances in which he was conceived. Iorek was raised in a feral lifestyle because of his mother's non-Luperci upbringing and was visited by a Non-Luperci aunt.

His first shift was rather scary for him as his mother had left him alone to hunt. He was seven and a half months old and was beginning to shift, but his fear and shock caused him to be stuck in his halfling form. Iorek never shifted back to Lupus form after he began to see the usefulness of this new form. He helped his mother with hunting and as he grew older, he defended her from others.

When he was a year old, he was hunting with his mother and they got separated for only a moment. And then two males had jumped her and began attacking her. Iorek arrived to see his mother receive a fatal wound and then he shifted into his Optime form and attacked the two men. He doesn't remember if he killed them, but he does remember crouching over his mother as she uttered her dying words.

Iorek ran away, wandering in a random direction. He traveled for three months and going through some rough times. He had been attacked many times, though by accident. Most of the time, his attackers had let him off with warnings, seeing as he was only a kid. He wasn't a particularly good hunter and had times where he hadn't eaten a meal in a couple of days. But, he made it to a new land, 'Souls.


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6.1  Post Log & Archives

June 2017

Iorek spends time as a loner and meets many Cavaliers. This later influences him to join a pack, mainly because he has a hard time hunting. He learns a lot from his pack mates.


  1. Unsteady
    Iorek meets Hartt Attaya after seeing her take down a deer in Optime form.
  2. And I'm just the boy using too many chances
    With Kiara Amarok. (Dropped)
  3. My insides are copper and I'd kill to make them gold
    With Characters. (Dropped)
  4. What A Catch, Donnie
    Iorek meets Asuilaak and Shtiya. They tell him about Casa.
  5. Another night alone in the city
    Iorek meets Arlen Stryder on the outskirts of Halifax. He tries to explain the city and humans to Iorek.
  6. Sending postcards from space came
    Iorek meets May and her mean owl.
  7. Come on make it easy, say I never mattered
    Iorek meets Callum Knight when he accidentally drives a deer towards Iorek. Iorek takes it down.
  8. [J] Do you have room for one more trouble soul?
    Iorek joins Casa di Cavalieri and is greeted by Callum Knight and is accepted by Lyris Stryder.
  9. He shudders his coat as to throw off flies
    Iorek meets Vesper after he is drawn by a carcass. He learns about coyotes.
  10. Crown fit for a prince
    Iorek is taught to make flower crowns by Arlen Stryder.
  11. The horses are coming so you better run!
    Iorek has his first encounter with horses and Teagan Stryder teaches him about them.
  12. Said I'll be fine till the hospital or American Embassy
    Iorek chases a butterfly through Jace Wolfe's camp.
  13. Darling I wish you were here
    Iorek learns about swords from Grynn Garcia-Knight and finds a room.
  14. Caught between the Scylla and Charybdis
    Iorek wanders into the library and makes a mess. Everett Moreau teaches him about books.
  15. The little engine that could
    Iorek comes back and Everett Moreau teaches him to read.

July 2017

A lot of trauma happens as the Syndicate Conflict happened. Iorek was traumatized many times over and was scarred from the conflict.


August 2017

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September 2017

Summary of this awesome month


October 2017

Summary of this awesome month


November 2017

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December 2017

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