Lux Einar

Lux Einar

by Nat



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Date of Birth

1 September 2013




Birth place




75% Canis lupus (Wolf)
25% Canis lupus familaris (Dog)


75% Timber Wolf?
25% Caucasian Shepherd Dog?




Mate --
Pack Loner
Rank --


Mate Athos
Pack Anathema (?? - March 2018)
Rank Bael

Lux is a Loner. He was previously a member of Anathema until its disbandment.


Lux is a very large, muscled Wolfdog, with a resting bitch face tendency for looking intimidating most of the time, regardless of his actual mood. He has a thick, dark coat with stiff hackles, floppy ears, and takes after his dog heritage, which is obvious in his facial features. Primarily, Lux is black-furred, with dark gray collecting around his underbelly, under his tail, his toes, muzzle, ears, and scruff. There are many scars scattered throughout his coat, mostly on his arms and torso, but hidden by his thick fur. Lux has eyes that have similar hues to the sun - they are bright yellow.

When in Optime form, Lux does not like to wear clothes. They are an annoyance to him due to his thick, coarse fur.


  • Optime Hair: Dune (#33302F)
  • Eyes: Pizza (#B98510)
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Dune (#33302F)
    • Masala (#4E4946) colors his underbelly, under his tail, his toes, muzzle, ears, and hackles.


  • Dark: Under the will of his father and from witnessing many horrible things at his father's claws, Lux adopted a darker outlook on life.
  • Quiet:
  • Stoic:
  • Laid-back:
  • Violent: Due to his upbringing, Lux can get violent if crossed. However, he is almost always remorseful after any violent outbursts because he struggles to remove his tyrant father's influence.
  • Mental Illness: Lux developed something similar to Schizophrenia due to his guilty conscience and anxiety. Quite often, Lux hears voices and sees things ranging from fleeting shadows to full-bodied figures. He is often "visited" by one figure, which he believes to be the ghost of one of the many canines killed by his old pack. However, it is just the figment of his imagination.







Lux was born in the Yukon wilds in a pack consisting of a tyrannical father, a submissive mother, and a few siblings - not all of which were born in the same year. During his puppyhood, Lux was happily oblivious to the goings on of his birth pack. However, that all changed when his father decided that he was old enough to participate in his first raid. When his father found a small pack of light-colored canines, he ordered his family to take what they could and leave no one alive. At his father's command, Lux attacked a female pup with white fur and even though he injured her pretty badly, he let her get away. He was shocked by the morbidity of the situation, confused as to what his father would want from a pack of feral wolves.

Later that night, Lux returned to the scene of the carnage, though when he got there, he found no one with the bodies. Then he thought that maybe he'd unknowingly succeeded in killing the pup after all. Lux was plagued with guilt for the rest of the time he stayed with his father's pack, always moving, taking whatever didn't belong to them, and leaving destruction in their wake. Unable to endure the guilt, Lux finally left, finding himself in Nova Scotia after travelling for a long while. Even though he had mostly turned his life around and avoided the path that his father led him in, Lux is convinced that the ghosts of his past still haunt him.