Suhra' Almanzil

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Suhra' Almanzil
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  • Location: Mojave Desert
  • Status: REQUEST. More Information
  • Demonym: Jakaliz (Singular), the Jamieat (plural)
  • Languages Spoken: Arabic, Persian, English, Greek, African Languages
  • Influences: something
  • Archetype (Group): Jackals
  • Archetypes (Individuals): something
Statistics & Foundation
  • Foundation: ~1990
  • Species: Jackal-dominant hybrids (~80%) Various dogs, wolves, coyotes, and hybrids (<20%)
  • Population: ~150 (100% Luperci)
  • Leader: The Rayiys
Primary Map
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Suhra’ Almanzil is located in California’s Mojave Desert and is where the Jamieat Jakaliz call home. Primarily made up of jackals and jackal-heavy hybrids who are fiercely protective of their bloodlines, non-jackals are warned to stay away lest they find themselves enslaved or killed.

The inhabitants of Suhra' Almanzil mostly consist of a group of jackals, jackal hybrids, and high-content jackal hybrids known as the Jamieat Jakaliz (referred to as "Jamieat" when referring to the group while "Jakaliz" is more singular) and enslaved non-jackals or low-content jackal hybrids. They are often religious though value other types of knowledge and trading power.

Caravans of traders from the Jamieat travel to the west coast or to the eastern trading ports.


The Jamieat Jakaliz live between two large landforms in what could be considered a valley or in oasis. A river with several offshoots makes for fertile land and there are forests around the river and it is fairly lush by desert standards. The crops are grown on a delta and across the river is the township. Seperated by the larger river is Asmaazi, a mountain-like plateau where sacred ceremonies are held as well as where the Rayiys live.


The lands of Suhra' Almanzil are fairly lush by desert standards and while they do experience periods of drought; basically expectant of a desert. They have an average annual precipitation of five inches a year and experience extreme fluctuations in temperature. The valley is sheltered from the strong seasonal winds though the river has flooded several times during the strong storms. More info: here.

Flora & Fauna

Luperci & Shifting

Entirely Luperci, Non-Luperci are rare if not unheard of within the lands of the Suhra' Almanzil since the virus has taken hold early on within the population. Many may simply think a Non-Luperci traveler is simply one who prefers their Lupus form. Many may be inclined to "give the gift" of shifting as they believe that it is a gift from the gods, even if it's against the Non-Luperci's will.

Optime is heavily used due to how heavily-specialized many of the rank tiers are and it is not uncommon for one to simply never shift down to their feral forms. However, many of the Almuharibun and the Muqadimi frequently shift to their feral forms and some rarely shift to their Optime forms. Khadam are normally restricted to their Lupus forms when they are "not in use" unless ordered to shift to a different form. For this reason, many of the Jamieat do not spend much time in their Lupus forms unless required and the most common feral form to be used is Secui.


The primary language used among the Jamieat is Arabic though many still speak their native languages such as Afrikaans, Xosha, Persian, Hindi, ect. Much of the Eulim and the Altujjar are multilingual in English, Arabic, and many other languages. Most speak Arabic though often other phrases and words find their way into the tongue that came from other languages.

Fishing and Hunting

The hunters of the Muqadimi may travel far to catch these animals.

  • Bighorn
  • Mule Deer
  • Pronghorn
  • Rodents such as squirrels and mice
  • Birds
Animal Husbandry
  • Horses are primarily used for travel though not everyone owns one as it is often restricted for trade or for selected Jakaliz.
  • Livestock such as sheep, goats, and cattle are common along with chickens and quail. Some may also farm rabbits
  • Tamed avians are commonplace. Often used for hunting as well as scouting and companionship. Since Avinalora Phoenix's arrival, an avian alert system was set up due to her knowledge of ravens.
  • Keeping felines and snakes as companions is common.

Style and Fashion
  • Primarily light fabrics
  • Some tiered members may wear leather armor, but only at night
  • Khadam must wear collars and are restricted to the most basic clothing
  • In mud and brick houses
  • Abandoned structures
  • Tents
  • Caves

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Practices and Traditions
Gender and Sexuality
  • Men and women are equal for the most part, though more power is given to women when it comes to the family and as priests. Men often are the fighters due to often being larger in size.
  • The Rayiys is seen as both male and female.
  • Same-sex relationships are about as common as heterosexual pairings. Same-sex couples are encouraged to adopt or find a surrogate to keep the Jamieat strong.
  • Polyamory is also common and multiple mates, sexual partners, or romantic partners isn't uncommon.
Families and Family Structure
  • Typically family names are not as important and more is placed in the standing or respect of the Jakaliz, though some respect may be given depending on the Jakaliz that they are related to.
  • Mateship officiated by the Rayiys is encouraged to be only after extended courtship as separation is frowned upon.
  • The female is often the head of the house as she is the one to give birth to the children. Oftentimes, the status or ranking of one's mother rather than their father. Single fathers are rare.
  • In some cases, children born in the Jamieat that look less jackal at birth may be cast out or killed at birth depending on the parent. The birth of a less-looking jackal can be a stain upon the family.
Vices & Hedonistic Behavior
  • Hallucinogenics are primarily reserved for the Alsahara
  • Alcoholic beverages are open to all except for the Khadam

Outsider Relations & Travel
Outsider Relations
  • Non-Jackals are not welcomed. If one is found on the territory, they may be chased out or enslaved.
  • Jackals and jackal hybrids are regarded as friends and can safely pass through or even stay in the Jamieat for a while.
  • The Jamieat are tight-knit and welcome fellow jackals with open arms; jackals can immediately be considered family if they decide to call this place home. However, it depends on how jackal the Luperci in question looks.
  • Many jackals go through here on their way since it is very jackal friendly
  • Some jackals may head to the coast to board ships to other lands
  • Caravans from Jamieat travel all the way to New Orleans and anywhere in between
    • It takes about three weeks to head to New Orleans if travels eight hours a day

  • The Rayiys: The leader of the Jamieat Jakaliz and is considered to be the closest to a living god. They are selected by the former Rayiys and train under them. Upon becoming the Rayiys, they are seen as genderless and are rumored to be immortal due to bathing in the hot springs under the mountain. The Rayiys lives at the top of the Asmaazi and is heavily guarded by hand-selected bodyguards and attendants. They rarely come down from the mountain and are only seen at events such as ceremonies.
  • The Makhadi: The head priestess and often considered to be the right hand of the Rayiys. The Makhadi holds a large amount of power and often speaks for the Rayiys.
  • The Sada: The heads of the rank tiers.
  • Alkhana: The order of priests, witches, and spirtitualists.
  • Eulim: The "scientists" so to speak. Within this rank are healers, scholars, historians, and linguists.
  • Altujjar: The traders
  • Hardi: The craftsmen.
  • Muqadami: The "providers", these are the people that provide for the Jamieat through farming, hunting, and gathering.
  • Almuharibun: The warriors.
  • Almuaeawin: Those who have not been chosen for the rank tiers or new members.
  • The Eashira: The protected, this rank is made up of expecting or nursing mothers, pups under the age of seven months, and the elderly.
  • Khadam: The slaves

Rank Table

The Jamieat Jakaliz
Leader The Rayiys ⚥
Makhadi Theoris Qadir ♀
The Sada
Navia Bensalem ♀ Nasrin al Gul ♀ Bahiti M'barek ♀ Ahmad Qadir ♂ Arif Shikari ♂ Fathi Laskaris ♂
The Eumaal
Alkhana Eulim Altujjar Hardi Muqadami Almuharibun

Jezabel M'barek ♀
Raziela Melaku ♀
Nemeris Phoenix ♀
Bastet Ansari ♀
Isidore Bensalem ♀
Shakti Karras ♀
Sapphirah Zeroual ♀
Kanika Karras ♀
Ramla Kouris ♀
Uatchit Albaz ♀
Khalida Melaku ♀
Hafsah Nasri ♀

Avinalora Phoenix ♀
Zahra al Gul ♀
Tahliba Orelias ♀
Kamuzu Kouris ♂
Rehema Zeroual ♀
Sarita Malakar ♀
Anubis Phoenix ♂
Akila Malakar ♀
Hoshea Kouris ♂
Fukanya Zeroual ♀
Harakhty Sahraoui ♂
Astennu Albaz ♂

Layla al Gul ♀
Kamilah Nasri ♀
Aten Orelias ♂
Mahalath Melaku ♀
Hasan Sahraoui ♂
Zoran Paramar ♂
Yousef Sahota ♂
Chenzira Qadir ♂
Jamilah Orelias ♀
Husani M'Barek ♂
Ishaq Darzi ♂
Omorose al Gul ♀

Rabi'a Haddad ♀
Rashid Darzi ♂
Zimri Qadir ♂
Nasir Ansari ♂
Safiya Saharoui ♀
Nephthys Saharoui ♀
Sinem Kabiri ♀
Akhil Haddad ♂
Mosegi Darzi ♂
Thema Albaz ♀
Masud Zeroual ♂
Atarah Haddad ♀

Sabri Kabiri ♂
Bennu Albaz ♀
Nubia Orelias ♀
Jabari Bensalem ♂
Azaria Ansari ♀
Siamak Phoenix ♀
Gahiji Shikari ♂
Zuberi Kabiri ♂
Moswen Melaku ♀
Hari Sahota ♂
Balthazar Shikari ♂
Naeem Malakar ♂

Goliath Kabiri ♂
Vikrama Paramar ♂
Amon Ansari ♂
Asenath Paramar ♀
Aminah Laskaris ♀
Sobek Phoenix ♂
Fayiz Nasri ♂
Mirsad Nasri ♂
Najib Laskaris ♂
Sharifa Kabiri ♀
Berenike Laskaris ♀
Akbar Paramar ♂

Omari Darzi ♂ Hikmat Laskaris ♀ Musim Orelias ♂ Nefertiti al Gul ♀ Kondo Paramar ♂ Chaths Dazari
Dakarai Nasri ♂ Bomani Sahota ♂ Astarte Malakar ♀ Adom Bensalem ♂ Yamina M'barek ♀ Kazmede M'barek ♂
Thoth Phoenix ♂ Neith Phoenix ♀ Osiris Phoenix ♂ Chaos Phoenix Ammit Phoenix ♀ Sekhemet Phoenix ♀
Pakhet Phoenix ♀ Seth Phoenix ♂ Onuris Kabiri ♂ Tarik Paramar ♂ Khafra Sahota ♂ Intisar Kabiri
Aviram Sahota ♂ Luzige Shikari ♂ Kasiya Zeroual ♂ Lapis Zeroual ♀ Maibe al Gul ♀ Metekeret Qadir ♀
Ajwad abd al Kabiri ♂ Njau abd al Qadir ♂ Sakhr abd al Paramar ♂ Chigaru abd al Ansari ♂ Kaphiri abd al Zeroual ♂ Maskini abd al M'barek ♂
Mafauane abd al Darzi ♀ Selma abd al Sahota ♀ Suma abd al Malakar ♀ Kesi abd al Gul ♀ Ubaid abd al Albaz ♀ Lina abd al Laskaris ♀
Azibo abd al Haddad ♂ Zeno abd al Shikari ♂ Rim abd al Sahraoui ♂ Bes abd al Melaku ♂ Mbizi abd al Orelias ♂ Chuki abd al Kouris ♂

The Kl Al'um or the All-Mother is the main goddess.Kl Al'um created the jackals from air, clay, and desert sand. She scattered her new creations all over the lands and assigned each of her five children to watch over them and their fates. The fates brought the jackals to one place in a new land, the Suhra' Almanzil.

  • Masir: The god of warriors.
  • Kismet: The goddess of the providers
  • Qadralmar: The god of the craftsmen
  • Sudfa: The god of the traders
  • Moira: The goddess of the scholars and the healers

In Suhra' Almanzil, there are several religions that many follow. Most are polythestic and the primary religions are Egyptian Mythology, Greek mythology, a Jakaliz religion, and some other pagan groups.

  • Wearing jewelry for the properties that they are believed to possess such as protection charms or items to enhance a certain characteristic. The production and use of these are extremely wide-spread and it is rare to see one without some kind of amulet or totem.

Religious Order

The Alkhana have their own religious order that is


If your canines celebrate particular holidays or religious observances, describe them here. This space can also be used for the description of rituals and the like.

Significant Families

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The Jamieat Jakaliz was formed in 1995 by a group of jackals that found themselves in new lands and banded together in a believed to be hostile environment of larger threats. The group grew in size and laid claim to a large stretch of fertile territory and have grown in strength and numbers since their inception. However, it wasn't until after 1999 when the more xenophobic and religious culture formed.

More religious aspects began forming after several groups from Greece and from the Middle East arrived and with them a group of Arabic jackals named including two men named Al-Owal and Damien. Before they arrived, the Jamieat Jakaliz was nameless and was closer to a pack of jackals rather than the organization they are today. Al-Owal was a charming and charismatic jackal that easily became respected and soon rose to power within the pack. Once he secured himself as alpha, he began to impose more structure onto the group of jackals. He introduced the rank tiers and the titles while another newcomer named Damien introduced the aspect of slavery and Khadam. Soon enough, Al-Owal became the first Rayiys of the newly christened Jamieat Jakaliz.

Damien was his right hand and introduced more religious aspects to the Jamieat Jakaliz and his religious visions and supposed miracles made people believe he really spoke for the gods. He was also considered to be the first Slavemaster and was remembered for his white fur and yellow eyes. He was also the one to discover the supposed water under the mountain that was thought to be the secret to long life 1 He and the current Rayiys used the spring. However, the second Rayiys, Ra's Al Ghul slew him and made sure that the secret of the pits never got to the second high- priest.

The concept of a genderless Rayiys wasn't introduced until the third Rayiys came into power, formerly known as Nyssa, the daughter of the second Rayiys, Ra's Al Ghul. She was the only possible heir and won in a trial of single combat against her challenger, Chase. Her ascent to the title was marked by a "blood moon" which made others believe that they were chosen by the gods. In efforts to make others respect them, they made efforts to appear as both male and female before being considered genderless.

The newest successor was formerly known as Shahnaz and is the current Rayiys today.

Notes & References
  • Creator: Silverfrost — see Wiki page for contact information.
  • Status: REQUEST.
    • I am open to collaborating on characters and families but please ask first if you want a character to come from this area. While I am still fleshing this area out, the most important aspects are of the culture which
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  1. There isn't really an area where it's located, just somewhere in the Mojave.
  2. Assumed a couple of landmarks such as a river, mountain, etc.
  1. any references not included in the index here?
Name Meanings
  1. "Suhra' Almanzil" translated to "Desert Home"
  2. "Jamieat Jakaliz" roughly means "League of Jackals" which was a big D.C. Comics reference.

1 The "Pit of Life" is actual just a hot spring that contains minerals and stuff.

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