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Date of Birth: September 9th, 2015
Age: 6 years (42 human years)
Gender: Male
Luperci: Verto
Species: Hybrid

37.5% Dog 1, 12.5% Coyote, 12.5% Wolf 2, 12.5% Jackal 3

Residence: Areas
Creator: Silverfrost


Cobalt was the companion of Adrian Raven-Shadowryn. He was in Midnight Shores for a short time. He left Midnight Shores to travels with Jarix.


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Physical Description


  • Lupus: 42 in ↔ 100 lbs
  • Secui: 52 in ↔ 160 lbs
  • Optime: 7 ft 3 in ↔ 220 lbs

Cobalt is very tall because of his long-legged build. He also is quite lithe but has lean muscle on his frame.

Cobalt's dog heritage is shown in his long legs and soft, fluffy fur. His jackal and coyote heritage is shown in his muzzle with is narrow and tapering. His ears are like a coyote and his wolf heritage is shown in his thick fur.

Reference Image

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Coloration Palette


Cola (#3F2500)
Coffee Bean (#2A140E)


Cobalt (#0047AB)




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Cobalt is more of the quiet type. He doesn't really speak despite being capable of it and prefers to have Adrian speak for him. He is straightforward but can be slightly sarcastic and has a dark sense of humor. He is very loyal to Adrian and protective of her. He is a cunning tactical thinker and he is somewhat of a pragmatist. He is respectful towards those of a higher ranking due to being raised in a traditional pack. He is quite wary of others and doesn't really like human items. He s quite paranoid and distrusting.

  • Likes: Hunting, Adrian, Learning, Silence
  • Dislikes: Optime form, Pointless actions
  • Spirituality: He believes he will go to some sort of heaven or paradise when he dies.

Skills & Hobbies

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  • Running: (Master): Cobalt is very fast because of his sighthound blood which is further aided by his husky and malamute blood which gives him a lot of endurance.
  • Hunting (Feral) (Master): Cobalt is a capable hunter and learned at an early age. He prefers to run down his prey.
  • Combat (Feral) (Master): He and Adrian have gotten into many fights and he is well-practiced
  • Tracking (Journeyman): Cobalt normally tracks using scent and looking for clues.



  • Mother: ?
  • Father: ?
  • Siblings: ?
  • Half-siblings: ?
Italics indicates an unknown relationship
* indicates adopted


  • Adrian Raven-Shadowryn: He thinks of her as family.
  • Name:




1 12.5% Borzoi, 12.5% Irish Wolfhound, 12.5% Taigan, 12.5% Malamute, 12.5% Husky

2 12.5% Arctic Wolf

3 12.5% Variegated Jackal

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