Nemeris Phoenix

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Nemeris Phoenix
Date of Birth: May 9th, 2019
Age: 3 years (30 human years)
Gender: Female
Luperci: Ortus
Species: Hybrid

  ➤ 60% Jackal, 15% Coyote, 12.5% Dog, 12.5% Wolf

Family: Phoenix
Birthplace: Suhra' Almanzil
Pack: The Jamieat Jakaliz
Rank: Alkhana
Creator: Silverfrost

Nemeris Phoenix was born to Avinalora Phoenix in Suhra' Almanzil alongside brother, Anubis Phoenix and believed to be full-blooded brother, Sobek Phoenix. She is the mate of Bastet Ansari and Isidore Bensalem. She is the mother of Thoth Phoenix, Neith Phoenix, Osiris Phoenix, Chaos Phoenix, Ammit Phoenix, Pakhet Phoenix, Sekhemet Phoenix, and Seth Phoenix.

When she was a year old, she met Bastet Ansari, a beautiful witch who studied alongside her as she joined the Alkhana. The women fell in love and were soon wed. With the help of Bastet's brother (and the help of Nemeris's brothers), Nemeris had four children. Another woman was added to their marriage, Isidore Bensalem. While having two wives, Nemeris also has an ongoing affair with her brother, Sobek Phoenix. She's been able to keep her affair under wraps, giving birth to another litter sired by her brother while lying to her wives about it being sired by a loner.

She is currently a well-respected member of the Alkhana.

By Players

Physical Description

Nemeris is a beautiful woman and she is well aware of it. Her coloring is a throwback to her dog blood, but every inch of her looks to be jackal. She looks like her mother with her strongly jackal features. She has a bottlebrush tail that is foxlike. Her fur is short, like a jackal's and her structure is slender and graceful. She does have a notable bust and an hourglass figure.


  • Lupus: 19 in ↔ 20 lbs
  • Secui: 39 in ↔ 90 lbs
  • Optime: 5 ft 5 in ↔ 135 lbs
Coloration Palette


Alto (#DBDBDB)
White Lilac (#FBFBFE)
Redwood (#5B1C0D)
Woodsmoke (#101012)

Eyes (Right then Left)

English Holly (#033A03)
Deep Fir (#002900)


Woodsmoke (#100F11)


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Nemeris is a cunning and ambitious woman. She is a pathological liar, able to manipulate others and deceive those close to her. She enjoys the feeling of control, it's like a drug to her. She will stop at nothing to get what she wants. And her morals are questionable at best. She has something of a god complex and believes she is infallible and she thinks that most moral standards don't apply to her.


  • Species: Has a favorable bias towards jackals and will be more likely to aid one. She does have a bias against high-content hybrids that are non-jackal and due to her experience with the enslavement of non-jackals, she may talk down upon them or be less helpful and expect them to do tasks for her.
  • Non-Luperci: She will try to infect a Non-Luperci if they provoke her.


  • Nemeris is bisexual. She has a preference for women when it comes to companionship. She has slept with a few men, most notably being her own brothers. She prefers to sleep with her brother over all other men, though enjoys being dominant when sleeping with women.
  • She is polyamorous and is normally the dominant partner.


  • Nemeris would consider herself to be a spiritualist and is knowledgeable about Greek, Egyptian, and Jamieat deities. She invokes them in her prayers and everyday life though prefers to use Greek because of her name coming from Eris and Nemesis. She is also fairly superstitious and frequently practices rituals. Nemeris also crafts totems, necklaces, and other religious items and frequently blesses them. She also carries around her own and wears many of them for protection, luck, and other attributes to help her.

Skills & Hobbies

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  • Crafting (Master)
Arguably her most honed skill, Nemeris has always had an eye for detail and love for creation. She makes jewelry and religious totems using wood, scavenged items, and natural materials. She often carves wood and then uses natural adhesives to make small animal totems or uses simple macrame to make bags to hold gemstones or other items.
  • Manipulation & Deception
A natural skill she honed through practice and teaching.
  • Literacy:
Nemeris can read and write in Arabic, English, and Greek.
  • Languages:
Nemeris speaks English, Arabic, and Greek fluently.
  • Combat:
Nemeris has some combat training with knives, though will use her teeth and claws if she is in a bind. Doesn't use this very often due to reliance on others to protect her.



Italics indicates an unknown relationship
* believed to be full sibling


  • Sobek Phoenix: Sobek is her favorite brother and he feeds her ego with her unparalleled sway over the giant. She tells herself that he has the best genes and is the best option for a sperm donor. He gives her what she is missing.
  • Avinalora Phoenix: Her mother. Nemeris isn't as close to her mother as Anubis is.
  • Anubis Phoenix: Nemeris is somewhat jealous of how close he seemed to her mother. She did sleep with him to see if she liked it.
  • Bastet Ansari: Her first wife. Bastet and Nemeris are witches and work closely together. Bastet is a loving partner though the two strong women have their moments of disagreement.
  • Isidore Bensalem: Her second wife. Isidore is another witch who tends to balance Bastet and Nemeris's personalities. She is a caring wife and an attentive mother.
  • Thoth Phoenix: Thoth is her studious firstborn son
  • Neith Phoenix: Neith is her adventurous firstborn daughter.
  • Osiris Phoenix: With his dark pelt and eyes, she knew from the start that he is Anubis's son. He also seems to be taking after Anubis.
  • Chaos Phoenix: Chaos's change in gender was unforseen, but they are obviously Sobek's son so some favoritism is involved. They are also becoming a witch like mommy which gives them brownie points.
  • Ammit Phoenix: Another of Sobek's daughters, she is shaping up to be dangerous woman and making mommy proud.
  • Pakhet Phoenix: Pakhet is Sobek's daughter and it shows with her taste for blood.
  • Sekhemet Phoenix: Sekhemet is Sobek's daughter and she loves hunting.
  • Seth Phoenix: Sobek's son and a powerful, if not a bit flawed. She loves him regardless since he reminds her of Sobek.

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