Sobek Phoenix

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Sobek Phoenix is the son of Avinalora Phoenix and Alarick Lyall, born alongside believed to be full siblings, Nemeris Phoenix and Anubis Phoenix

Sobek Phoenix

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Biographical Information
  • Date of Birth: May 9th, 2019
    • Age: 2 years
    • Human Age: 25 years
  • Birthplace: Suhra Almanzil
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species:
    • 50% Jackal
    • 37.5% Wolf
    • 12.5% Dog
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Physical Description


  • Lupus: 40 in ↔ 95 lbs
  • Secui: 50 in ↔ 165 lbs
  • Optime: 7 ft 2 in ↔ 275 lbs
  • Sobek’s appearance takes from his jackal blood with the long ears, face, and legs. However, he has thicker fur and a large size due to his wolf blood.
  • His Lupus form could be described as just an oversized jackal with thicker fur.
  • Sobek’s Secui form favors his wolf blood as his fur thickens significantly around his neck and he becomes muscular and strong. He favors this form for its size and strength.
  • Sobek's Optime form is more muscular with significant height. Obviously leaning towards his wolf heritage with leanness to his body and wiry muscel. His mane is long and cascades down his back in something similar to a mohawk with the aid of waxes.
Reference Image

by Sie

Coloration Palette


Grey Chateau (#9CA4B0)
Monsoon (#8D878D)
Crater Brown (#482924)
Dorado (#72615E)
Concord (#7D7B7A)
Black Haze (#E9EBEA)
Bombay (#B7BABE)


Screaming Green (#8FFC6E)


Malachite (#0BDA51)


Dune (#292726)


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Sobek could be described as unstable. He can be very impulsive and often needs someone else to reign him in. He can be explosively violent and has a bloodlust that comes into play when he is in fights. He has a noticeable love for fighting and enjoys the thrill and adrenaline rush. Sobek relies on his instincts and is noticeably more feral than his siblings. He is best when being directed by someone, though there are few that can reign him in.


  • Species: Aligned with Suhra' Almanzil beliefs; pro-jackal and treats non-jackals as lesser beings. Will easily turn violent towards them.
  • Non-Luperci: If he is angered by one, he will attack and turn them.


  • Sobek has a high libido and will screw anyone when he has the urge. He is a rough and wild partner and doesn't tend to form relationships with those he sleeps with. He tends to prefer females, but has slept with men.
  • Has a thing for his sister.


  • Believes in Egyptian gods and to some degree the Greek pantheon. He primarily sees himself as Sobek, the crocodile god. He may also worship Set and Montu.

Skills & Hobbies

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  • Strength
Due to his large size, Sobek is very strong.
  • Feral Combat
Sobek is a strong fighter and is deadly when in the heat of battle. He tends to get into a frenzy the longer the fight goes on. He uses his teeth and claws to slash at his enemies -- and has been known to accidentally injure his own allies. He uses his size and strength combined with a usually unpredictable attack style. He's usually hard to read. He fights this way in both Optime and Secui.


If there's nothing to fight, one can usually find Sobek hunting. He's a bit more controlled, but once he goes in for the kill, the prey will probably be mangled. He sometimes plays with his catches, not letting them die a quick death. He hunts in Lupus form, usually going after large game.


Sobek enjoys the water and is a strong swimmer. He usually keeps his head close to the water and may dive under the water to catch fish or to conceal his approach. He will also fish in the water or at the water's edge. He may also hunt prey close to the water.



Italics indicates an unknown relationship
* believes they are his full siblings


  • Nemeris Phoenix: Sobek is very close to his sister. He loves her in his own twisted way. She is one of the few who can reign him in and he would do anything she asked.
  • Avinalora Phoenix: His mother. Sobek isn't as close to his mother. He carved his own path away from her despite her efforts.
  • Anubis Phoenix: Sobek loves his brother, though not as much as he loves his sister. Anubis does patch him up, normally the one who could get close to him as he came down from his bloodlust.
  • Siamak Phoenix: She is distant from him and he doesn't regard her as much.

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