Winter Phoenix

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Winter Phoenix is the son of Avinalora Phoenix? and formerly the step-son of Maelyx Nocturne?, fathered by Malik Crane. He has two full-blooded siblings, Alvira Phoenix? and the late Ghost Phoenix? and formerly the step-sibling of Jaketta Einar-Nocturne?, Elias Einar-Nocturne?, and the late Zea Einar-Nocturne?. He has half-siblings he has yet to learn of.

His childhood was relatively peaceful though he lost one of his siblings at a young age to mercenaries and later witnessed Anathema's fall before he was five months old. His life in The Circle of Ravenshadow was a peaceful period before his step-sister and step-mother were kidnapped and later on his step-mother returned blinded. He went through a peaceful month when he learned to shift. And then his step-mother took his sister and left with only a note. This led to the breakdown of his mother and the coven fell apart. He followed his sister to Halifax, bringing his mother who was in a delicate state. And then his mother took him and his sister aside and told them that she was leaving. He was left in the care of his aunts, Adrian Raven-Shadowryn? and Kitiara Birch.

Later on, the family of jackals left for Portland and bartered for passage on a boat to Europe. In Europe, the Phoenix family came across a powerful trading family, the Koronis?. Alvira and the heiress, Desponia Koronis? hit it off. The women fell in love and were soon married. With Winter's help, the couple had a child, Adrestia Phoenix?.

Winter Phoenix
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Biographical Information
Physical Description
  • Sex: Male (He/Him)
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Jackal Dominant Hybrid
    • 72.5% Jackal
    • 25% Dog
    • 2.5% Wolf


Physical Description


  • Lupus: 24 in (61 cm) ↔ 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 120 lbs (54.5 kg)
  • Optime: 6 ft 0 in (72 in / 193 cm) ↔ 150 lbs (68 kg) (Preferred)

Winter exceeds his mother and father's height. He has the fox-like tail that is common in the Phoenix line and the jackal-like features. He has the doggish coloration and his fur is influenced by his father's blood.

He is lean and lithe in his Optime form. He has wiry muscle on his frame and is fairly quick in this form.

He is very humanized and wears clothes and uses weapons.


By Corie

Coloration Palette


White (#FFFFFF)
Dove Grey (#696969)
Silver Sand (#BBBDBD)


Jungle Mist (#ACC9CF)
Ziggurat (#BFDADF)


Dune (#35312C)


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  • Motivations: ---
  • Fears: ---
  • Likes: ---
  • Dislikes: ---

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November 2017
  1. [M] The phoenix rises from the ashes in the dawn's light (yNPC)
    Alvira and Winter are born!
  2. You'll never know the freakshow sitting next to you (yNPC)
    With Serana Leishman. Avinalora introduces her puppies to another pup.
December 2017
  1. I've got those jetpack blues (yNPC)
    With Auspicium.
  2. Life's Blessings (yNPC)
    With Maelyx Nocturne, Jaketta Einar-Nocturne?, Elias Einar-Nocturne?, Zea Einar-Nocturne?.

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