Josephine LaBelle

This character is a Pack NPC of Casa di Cavalieri. For more information regarding pNPC roleplay within Casa di Cavalieri, please see the board-wide NPC procedures.

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Quick Information

  • Has been a member of Casa di Cavalieri since July 2017
  • Josephine played a part in the Syndicate Revenge Conflict
  • Has close ties with Theodore Hudson
  • Is renowned for her cooking, and is a prominent member at the pack's local pub, The Five Shields
  • Rank: First Cadet
    • Co-Ranks: Cook
  • Skills: Cooking (Journeyman), Sewing (Journeyman), Leatherworking (Apprentice)
  • Interests: Homemaking
  • Combat: Throwing knives; Tooth and Claw


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Josephine LaBelle

by Nat

Josephine LaBelle, also known as Josie, is a southern belle who rocks the fence between sickeningly sweet and a snake in the grass. By 3 years of age, she had traveled North America, taking in one adventure after another. Along the way, she picked up Theodore Hudson and has been taking care of him ever since. Her passions include feeding anyone who will let her and making beautiful clothes for trade. LaBelle is a proper lady and caregiver to everyone she meets, but be careful not to get on her bad side. Thanks to her early interest in tailoring, she has a basic knowledge of working with leather and furs, and dabbles in making leather armor, though she has much to learn!






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Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • She lives there
  • Serving food and drinks at The Five Shields Tavern in Casa
  • Interactions around the pack

1.  History

Josie was born in the southern United States of America, to a woman who taught her to behave like a proper lady. When she grew to be a year old, she decided it was time to leave, wanting to take in more of the world. Over the next two years, she traveled throughout North America, eventually coming across a young boy who had run away from his family out of anger, Theodore Hudson. Originally they butted heads, but eager to take the grumpy young man under her wing, she eventually won him over over a few days of home-cooked meals. Together they continued to travel through Canada, until, one day, a group of loners in Halifax picked a fight with them. Josie was taken captive while protecting Theo. With the help of the Cavaliers, Theodore came to her rescue and brought her back to Casa di Cavalieri.

After a few nights rest in the pack lands, the pair decided to stay and help the Cavaliers deal with the Syndicate Revenge Conflict. Once the final battle was done, they decided it was best to stay where they were safe.

2.  Personality

  • Mother Hen: Josephine has a tendency to tell others what to do and when to do it, but in the sweetest of ways. She is very maternal, though she has never had her own children. She believes strongly that it takes a village to rise a proper child, and that she is a key aspect of the village. She can often be seen taking youths away from their fun and putting them to work.
  • Not so Little Lady: Growing up, she was taught what it meant to be a proper lady, and that she was to conduct herself with grace. She does her best to keep up the atmosphere of being a lady, despite her bulkier appearance.
  • Two-Sided: Despite Josie's upbringing to act with grace and be humble, she has a side to her that can be quite harsh and aggressive in nature. If you catch her in the right moment, she can switch from cooking you a proper meal to snarling at you for trying to eat it while it is hot. Thankfully, her bark is worse than her bite, and this southern LeBelle is not a physically aggressive canine.

3.  Skills

  • Cook: Her mother's love of cooking has rubbed off on Josie, who believes there is no hurt soul or argument that can not be fixed by a good meal.
  • Weapon: Josie prefers to use her teeth and claws in a good old fashioned fight, but will use throwing knives to help.

4.  Relationships

  • Family:

None, but can be discussed.

  • Friends:

Theodore Hudson: Theo; travel companion; he came to rescue her when she was kidnapped by the Syndicate.

  • Acquaintances:

All of Casa di Cavalieri.

  • Enemies:


5.  Appearance