Leitha Stormfast

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Leitha Stormfast is the sister to Lyra. She and her sister were the runts of a larger litter and were small despite the large wolves in their bloodline. She was Non-Luperci like her sister and pitied her sister when she was changed into a Luperci. She still stuck by her sister and helped to raise her nephew, Iorek.

She came and went sporadically but visited every so often. But, one day she came to find both mother and child gone and the ground wet with blood. With a heavy heart, she assumed both Iorek and Lyra were dead. And then she continued her life until she was transformed into a Luperci.




OOC Info

  • Date of Birth: June 13th, 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Verto
  • Pack: N/A



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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

  • She is rather normal sized and slender. Leitha is pure wolf through and through with a light-colored pelt. She is normally in her Lupus form which is a small specimen with a slender body, but does see some use in her Optime form and may use it to collect herbs or set rudimentary traps. Her Optime form is small with a slight hourglass figure,
    • Lupus: 85 lbs ↔ 30 in
    • Secui: 120 lbs ↔ 42 in
    • Optime: 150 lbs ↔ 6 ft 0 in

1.2  Colors

  • White Rock (#E7E7D0) -- base coat
  • Tallow (#A29C87) -- Markings
  • Merlin (#474542) -- nose and paw pads
  • Aqua Island (#A2D4D9) -- eyes

1.3  Miscellaneous

  • Leitha has a couple of scars that are hidden when she is in Lupus form.
  • She is most commonly seen in Lupus. But, she my shift into Optime form if needed.
  • Leitha smells like forest, moss, and floral

1.4  References

Lineart by Kipine, colored by Silverfrost

2.  Personality

2.1  Details

  • Sociability: Introverted
  • Values: Family, tradition, healing
  • Vices: ....
  • Motivations: Family, survival
  • Fears: ....
  • Biases: Stays away from most Luperci, especially strangers that are male.
  • Sexuality: ?
  • Spirituality: Believes in spirits.

3.  Assets

3.1  Skills

  • Hunting (Skilled): She has had to hunt by herself for a while and is skilled at taking down rabbits and other rodents as well as the occasional deer. Primarily hunts in Lupus form.
  • Healing (Skilled): Leitha knows about herbs and dresses wounds with cobwebs and moss.
  • Trapping (Apprentice): Leitha learned to make crude traps from a kind woman. She can make snares to catch rabbits and small rodents.
  • Skinning (Apprentice): Leitha sometimes skins her kills and uses the pelts as bedding and what not. She can sew as well.

3.2  Family

  • Mother: Lovetta Stormfast
  • Father: Faolan Stormfast
  • Siblings: Lyra, Lyall Stormfast, Lycidas Stormfast, Maera Stormfast, Marrok Stormfast, Minigan Stormfast, Bleiz Stormfast, Katria Stormfast, Bestla Stormfast, Faelan Stormfast, Freki Stormfast

3.3  Residence

3.4  NPCs

  • birb?

4.  History

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